Lime Odyssey Cleric Skill Build Guide

Lime Odyssey Cleric Skill Build Guide by RacialCrafter

Presetting my Skill Build for OBT when ever it may be. I really like palying Cleric(derp who dosn’t), but i am however usualy faced with a dilema. Cleric are usual healers*Derp* and sometimes Fighters with the advantage of buffs*derp* that sometimes act as secondary healers.

Most of the time I am either Full Support(actualy rather rare of me), or I am a Battle Cleric(Who works under the assumption that mine having buffs will put me on par enough with other battle classes)

For CBT i wanted to try something a little different specific to LO’s class and skill system. Been playing alot of EE so to hear that your char is based on gears, not stats, what actualy a pleasant surprise. Having to deal with 3 not 1 but 3 armor types as well as weapons for each and every class was very tiering(No way a perfectionist like me could not level every class ect. ect. blah blah) Im excited, b/c it will give me the opportunity to use my gear mongering abilities developed in EE and apply them to LO without having to worry about other forms of gear.

So I came up with (atleast I think) and intersting gameing strategy for my LO cleric. It seems to be that Clerics, even Full support ones can hold thier own soloing(with Traning Clerics obviousley being better), I however do not like to play a Battle Cleric if it means the loss of alot of my buffing abilities( Not healing ones.. those i really don’t care about why b/c i would be a battle cleric anyway) To me it seems to make being a Battle Cleric pointless, when you can’t hold buffs over thieves and worriors head. I know im kinda rambling but hang on.

More to the good stuff. Since I wanna keep my buffs, and enjoy playing full support, a standard Healing Cleric would suffice. This however is not the case. Just by judging from what I have seen i thought it would actualy not be that hard to make a slightly hybrid Healing Cleric. I figured it would work, since healing clerics alrdy have semi-decent solo (Not neccesarily damage dealing) ability it wouldnt really take all that much to amp it up a little bit… I could go on about my logic but here was my game plan

All I did was make a pure Healing Branch Cleric, get rid of what ever skills i though useless(or could do without) and put them into training skills. What i came out with, is what I think would make a good Soloing( Not neccesarily damage dealing) Heal
ing Cleric build( with circumstantial party healing ability). My logic will follow.…5305155211

Now let me see If i can explain this.
Meta-Obvious its a passive
StarDust-Does less damage than Stigma, but it is instant cast so imo better.
Moondust-Decent damage, but not instant normaly i would leav it, but i need it for Sanctus
Stardust– more def, nuf said
Blessing Mast-Passivee Int=more damage, and 20% healing is really alot.(Considered taking this out as well, but its final level was quite appealing.
Holy Prayer- This skill seems epic, but really to me it depends on how long it last 15seconds?( most likely since other spells cast time is half the cooldown) Meh I would still keep it. Say 30 seond? (That’s really quite good looking at its cooldown anything more than that is unlikely). Something els i considered was that it is a top tier skill so its more likely to be usefull.
Intergal– Instant, however longish cooldown, not really a problem if soloing( Since it is one of the few skills(and by exstention very few healing skills)that basses it effect with the addition ot your Int it has alot of potentional, the cooldown is quite long for a healing spell.
Spirit Solstace– Upper tier 1 time use instant cast OP healing skill. I could give this up for some other things, but i figured it may help if i wanted any chance of being a party healer, as well as having atleast 1 max tier skill (for some reason the link is kinda screwed up, so there should be a maxed spirit solstace)
Remedy– Minor heal skill nuf said
Blind Eye– This one was pretty iffy, but again there wasnt anywhere els to put these points where they would be as usefull.)

O.K. Now for the more oppinionated parts, the things I left out (please remember this is a soloing build with emphaise on buffs)

Ressurection– I can’t ress myself unfortunetly given my builds purpose this one is kinda obviouse
Consecrate and Soulsand– Ok this part is very liable to change and could potentionaly screw everything up. Both are instant cast, and there effect seem pretty decent, this was just a personal call, that i wouldnt need them. Most debuffs can be delt with easily, and if i come across one that stops you from casting, I’m screwed anyway. Or, the really scarey debuffs only come from boss monsters, and many of them(I’m going of of EE here) cannot be removed, makeing these skills useless.
Medica and Holy Reign– This is where my build gets really iffi, taking out what appear to be two major healing buffs. My thinking is, I already have remedy, witch can hopefully last me untill Intergal and Spirit, but this is also where I potentionaly throw any chance of being a main healer out of the window. For soloing, I do not think the lack of these skills will be all that terrible.
*****( there is a possibilty that i could completly ignore the top teir skills (Spirit and Intragel and use Medica and Holy Reign instead, witch would definetly make this build viable for a Full Support in party situations)

Now lets talk about what I gave these skills up for.
Mace Mast– Need it for req purposes, and IDK how strict useing healing or Traning skills is depending on the weapon type. Hopefully, I can use a Mace and still use healing spells(Yet another thing that could make me throw this build out the window. There are however someways to get around this, such as speed weapon changing via hotkey bar)
Blessing– This is actualy a skill many Full Healing Clerics may have, due to the two left over points. Since its low tier, you can get it very early on, without anyother Traning skills. More damage will be great, especially since any Pure Healling Cleric will also have access to it, provided this skill simulator is correct, and no changes will be made
Tenet– Ok this is really what i was kinda aiming for with a Soloing Cleric build. To many the total effect (500damge) over 10 seconds may seem like much, but it is instant cast. Looking at the descrition I can’t tell if It ONLY does 15% M-Damage when its Cast, Does 15% MORE M-Damage when casted, or If it ADDs 15% M-Damage to the DOT. the First possibilty I listed I think(by the descrition) is most likely. I picked this skill b/c again it’s instant cast and does 500damage (provided M-attack does not effect it) over time witch is actualy about what a normal damage spell does. So to me in a 1 vs 1 position, its a very good spell.( this is yet another uncertanty that could make my whole build blow up)
Health MasteryThis skill could potentionaly be my saving grace. In the discription i think it limits the spell to only partie member, and not the caster, however dissappointing as that may be, it is still a skill that most other Healing Branch Cleric will not have access to at all. Ideally I would have been able to get the skill that leads to Tenet, but unfortunetly it’s req is 15 Traning points spent, and i dont have anything els to cut from Healing.

So there are alot of variables that could make this build blow up in my face, but its just an at a glance(although well thought out if i do say so myself) idea. I also dont know if not haveing those two healing skills will kill me as a Party Healer. I lose a AoE heal, but unless its like EE and your a complete morron, no one but the tank should be takeing damage.

I have been useing EE as a refernce, but I am in no way implying that they are so much alike. It is simply the most recent MMORPG that I have played(and farthest I got in), Its hosted by areia, and atleast appears to have some similarities. And im pretty sure I only refrenced to it, when talking about variables that could make or break this build.

In the end, what i hope i created, was a Healing build, that takes the Cleric(atleast in this game) soloing ability and brings to fruition even though I’m really only adding 1 damage skill (a DoT one at that) and the ability to use a Mace for extra damage) ^^
Thoughts comments concerns Be my guest.…5305505010

This what my build would look like, if i went with no top tier skills, took out blind eye, and left health mastery slightly lacking. This too seems like a very viable set up, and more oriented to party play.

There is another variation I came up with that could give me access to Repent, but It is unlikely I would use it, but what the hell.…5305005000

This one, is keeping Party Heal on lowest level simpy to have it, and opens up Debuff cancel skills.…5315105010

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