Lime Odyssey Chef Guide

Lime Odyssey Chef Guide by Zeneko

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A chef is a trade class that might be looked at as pointless. However a chef is vital in the world of Lime. For where there is no Cleric let there be a Chef!

To start out everything, a line of work and growing in experience for a chef will take place in a Inn. If you don’t know what to look for when trying to find the Inn, look for this sign

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It is here you’ll find the Innkeeper (will help restore your TS) the Greengrocer (to buy what you need for recipes) and a Chef Instructor (to sell you the recipes)

At the Greengrocer you can buy materials for cooking and materials for refining.

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Note: Refining for a chef is making either Stem Essence, Flower Essence and Fruit Essence. As you level the required Essence materials will change.

At the Chef Instructor you can buy recipes for Dishes and recipes for Tea. If you are looking for recipes for Potions they will be under Tea. When you go to a new higher level map of course you’ll get more recipes for the plants in that certain map. But mind you if you are not the level required to make the recipe, the recipe will sit in your bag. It stay there until you reach the req lvl, just taking up space.

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There are plenty of reasons that make the chef a wonderful trade class, like for such: buffs. A chef’s dish buff can last 30 minutes granting the person a increase in stats, more attack speed, etc. For example: Below is the before and after of a chef Dish Buff. The dish used is call Daisy Steamed Steak, its circle in pink. As you can see the dish increased the Str by 20 pts.

Chefs are not only vital for buffs but for the market of Potions. When going to the General Store the only potion is the Beginner Potion. Yes they are all fine and dandy as a low level but later you’ll need Potions that cover more health. Thus a Chef is in the limelight for this reason alone. Below is the recipe for a lvl 15 Health Potion, recovers 1000 pts of the health.

[Image: Craftingpots.jpg]

But that’s not it for the chefs, a chef can also benefit farming. A chef can make a potion that can increase the growth rate of plant and or animal.

[Image: Chefforthefarm.jpg]

So next time you see a chef…make them your friend.

With a Chef by your side, hunger will never reside. But if you are dead and in need of life, a Chef is a choice that’s not right.
Chefs can not bring you back from the dead

Credit to: Radiata Guild

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