Guild Wars 2 PvP Builds Guide

Guild Wars 2 PvP Builds Guide by Isaiah ‘Izzy’ Cartwright

Main Build

Solo Ranger

Weapons: Longbow & Axe/Warhorn
Heal: Healing Spring
Utilities: Sharpening Stone, Lightning Reflexes, Entangle
Elite: Natures Renewal

Holds the trebuchet by winning 1-on-1 fights with Nature’s Renewal.

Forward Necromancer

Weapons: Dagger/Focus & Axe/Warhorn
Heal: Consume Conditions
Utilities: Well of Darkness, Ghost Armor, Blood is Power
Elite: Lich Form

Holds the furthest capture point and collapses in the middle of the map.

Center Guardian

Weapons: Sword/Shield & Scepter/Focus
Heal: Shelter
Utilities: Judge’s Intervention, Contemplation of Purity, Meditation
Elite: Sanctuary

Holds the center capture point with a warrior.

Center Warrior

Weapons: Sword/Warhorn & Hammer
Heal: Aggressive Refrain
Utilities: Fear Me, Enduring Pain, Frenzy
Elite: Battle Standard

Holds the center capture point, scout on roof and collapse on any capture point.

Back Warrior

Weapons: Sword/Shield & Hammer
Heal: Mending
Utilities: Shake it off, Frenzy, Enduring Pain
Elite: Battle Standard

Holds the closest capture point, supports in the center, or mans the trebuchet.

The above was our most successful build because of its adaptability, as it becomes a strong team-fighting build and collapsing build with a necromancer and a warrior. We often ran an Elementalist instead of the Necromancer.

The weakness of this build is its reliance on the center capture point of the map. If you ignore this capture point completely and focus on the other two capture points, this build becomes a lot weaker. We ended up moving the guardian to hold one of the other capture points, but then the warrior couldn’t respond as well as usual from the closest capture point to the furthest point. You can then trap us in some uneven fights. The second PvP team at ArenaNet often beat us by just ignoring the center capture point, or just keeping it neutralized.

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