Glory Destiny Online User Interface Guide

Glory Destiny Online User Interface Guide by Laoch

Yo! One thing I feel a lot of people need to learn as soon as they enter the game is the user interface and its numerous properties. Knowing the basics really helps in the clutch and knowing how things work will go a long way in making your gaming experience in more enjoyable. On that note lets begin.

Below is the interface.

There are 5 things on the UI I feel everyone should know the fullest details of how they work.

The Black Arrow is pointing to one’s Life/Mana bars (Below is a Close Up)

One thing that this game offers is an auto potion notice the jug on the side of the bar click that to enter the Auto Potion Interface. (Screenshot Below)

As you can see you can see one can set a lot of pots to use at proper times quite handy for the mindless grind one often does in an MMO.
Another tip about the user-bar is if you right click your name (This is useful for dungeon runners and parties) One can reset their dungeon/leave a party(when in one)/or reveal the party distribution method (make sure you are in a party knowing you will get drops).

That sums up the Health/Mana bars in a nutshell.

The yellow arrow is pointing to the minimap this is a central hub for a lot of the functions this game has to offer.

Here are the functions by number.

1. Item Mall also accessible by pressing I.

2. Events one can click this to take a glance at all the daily events/promo events/etc. going down in the game .

3. Camera clicking this allows one to shift between the different camera options.

4. This is the Queue Instance icon this is basically a way to join randomly created parties for those who are shy, etc., etc. one simply has to click this choose the instance along with their role and wait for the game to create your party. (No one uses this in GDO that I know of it would be nice to see such a cool feature used properly here.)

5. This is the menu icon also accessible through the ESC key.

6. This is the capsule machine icon a graveyard to many a soul this is for those with capsule coins to take a shot at winning some prizes. (Parents make sure your kids don’t get addicted)

7. This is the Twilight Arena icon throughout the day the arena will be opened for those level 40+ click it to enter the Queue and have fun.

8. The Battlefield icon this is for the time of day in which groups are placed into 3 teams and basically play domination for rewards and such.

9. Map also accessible through M.

10. Mail *Usable at level 6+* Great thing about the mail system in this game is that one can use it for trading item to gold with the cash on delivery option.

11. Teleport (This is the ingame teleport function make sure to talk to the wind guard at every city in order to have places to warp to no cash item required although you need telefeathers to warp to specific places.)

The next part of the UI portion of this guide will be the Userbar/Hotkeys.

The icons from left to right represent….

Personal Info(C), Inventory(B), Skill(K), Mission(L), Community(O)(this is the hub for searching out players, soulmate levels, and friend’s list, Pet(F), Clan(G), Collection, Achievements, and last but not least Item Crafting.

Your hotkeys are 1-0 you can also use Shift+1-4 to switch between your Hotkey Bars.

The SP gauge is your Sprit Form bar one simply has to fight monsters to fill it. The center icons are your attack and skill double left click to engage monster right click to use the active skill. One can also switch their double left click to a skill.

The blue arrow is your quest log accessible with L there isn’t much to say about it except you can only track a certain amount of quests on it and you can undertake 20 max at one time. However when undertaking a quest one can right click the objective to auto-run to the location also if one has telefeathers they can check off the option and use it through right clicking as well.

The white arrow and also the last one is the chatbox.

The Icon next to your current chat is the chat options this will allow one to see exactly what they want from their 2 chat boxes.
Here is a list of quick commands for the Chat Bar.


Below are the Emotes

(Bummed from the GDO forums)

Well this about sums up the UI

Ok time for the Little Things about the game .

This section will explain the Monster UI, Backpack, Achievements, and their functions

Here is a look at the monster UI.

This is the monster interface the binoculars emblem is what you click in order to access the monster drop list menu which looks like this.

Not only can you see what a mob will drop but you can also see the monster’s skills (useful forfirst time bossers don’t get reflected)

The peach emblem  by a monster means that it can be captured no peach emblem=not capturable also pet dangos (item to catch pet) can only be used once per mob.

Next up to the plate would be the backpack along with the mini map and user-bar the backpack is a host to many cool functions.

Things to know about the backpack.

*It can be expanded with backpacks the item mall sells the 4 slot ones and one can acquire the 8-12 etc slot manuals from the capsule coin or events.

*The icons in the backpack from left to right represent

Item Stacking-Self Explanatory

RecycleScrap Certain drops for stardust.(stardust hasn’t really been added in GDO however from what I understand it has something to do with the sigils)


Personal Vending


Item Alchemy


Backpack Helper

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