Glory Destiny Online Sorcerer Skill Point Distribution Guide

Glory Destiny Online Sorcerer Skill Point Distribution Guide by 水果仔

My opinion of Skillpoint distribution

My path is more towards Ice + Support Build.

Some people might wonder why i did not touch on Renewal such a good skill.
1stly, its too slow. Unless before battle, during battle you won’t have the time to even use it.
2ndly, the heal amount is fixed, as healing has chance of dealing MCrit Damage, meaning if you have 200% Mcrit Damage, by using Invigorate and MCrit occured i can heal double
3rdly, in transform mode, Invigorate can be instant cast and repeatly cast.

My Main skill is Frost bite and Blizzard.
Skill routine
Frost bite -> Blizzard -> Frost bite -> Frost bite -> Frost bite -> Blizzard
By do it this way, the monster usually won’t touch me at all, and even if it does. using Invigorate, i can instantly recover my HP.

The skill column on the right i choose the HP  + Healing rate.
as a support class, without decent HP no matter how much you can heal, no point if you died in 1 hit -.-”

My 2 remaining points is for 2nd job.

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