Glory Destiny Online Juggernaut PvE Tank Guide

Glory Destiny Online Juggernaut PvE Tank Guide by Edan Fernandez


Hi im known in game as Juggernaut. And i’ve been tanking since day 1 in GDO.
Now im here to share my pure Tank build for PVE.
You have to understand that being a tank is a selfless job.
You have to be a teamplayer and your mindset must always be thinking about everyone else.
Tanks in this game cannot solo and if you want to be a farmer then this is not a job for you.

The build i am providing right now is a combination of PARRY,DEF,HP, and EVA.
This tank can take dmg, parry and evade at the same time.
The following build will allow you to run 47 and 50 dungeons without healer just you and a dps.
[imagine all the reflect this HP can do

-You can tank all world bosses for you and your friends to kill
-You can run 5 man dungeons to the last boss with ease. [example of this would be during the 45 cap where people are having a hard time with aida. 3 man dungeon runs are a diff story since they are easy to do]
-With the right gear you can grind without using any potions.

-You need healers to run high tier dungeons running without them is wasting gold.
-Killing world boss or running 5 man dungeons EAT YOUR DURABILITY and burns your gold in the process.
-Inferior damage compared to the rest of the classes.


Thats my awesome build that allows me to tank anything in PVE.

Taking the 2 passive trees allows you to have EVA, Block, Def

Max Doggedness Tree

-This tree defines the tank. It provides HP and Defense. Whats great about this tree is that it provides you all the needed defense for the entire game thus u can focus more on evasion items.

Max Frenzy Tree

-This tree provides you evasion and at the same time a nifty damage boost which would help you grind, farm, or duo dungeons with your healer/dps.

Max Challenge

-It generates more aggro [whoever said it doesnt lied]
-huge aoe for taunt. this allows you to control the boss well my moving him. You job is to make sure the boss doesnt face the dps. And since there are alot of idiots who cant understand “do no use bombardment” you have to be really good at facing the boss away from dps and ur carebears [healer/s]. ive used lvl 1 and lvl 5 taunt and lvl 5 is awesome not to mention ur dps can deal more dmg to the enemy while it has the taunt status.
-Spam Taunt like there is no tommorow. It is the bread and butter of our class even the warrior aggro skill pales in comparison to this skill.  [howtotank]

Max Iron Soul

-Every HP counts. It is important for you to take as much damage as you can since most bosses will throw DOTS and these dots really kill you and not just you but your team as well. So you have to let you Shaman debuff which will take around 5-10secs max. Now in this time frame you will have to rely only on yourself and no one else hence more HP.

Max Innate Awareness

-In this game tanking is never the amount of def you have. Its about 2 things HP and Resistance. Getting that 15% elemental resist is what defines a Fighter tank from any other tank in game. Fighters have the highest passive elemental resist. So take it.

LVL 1 War Spirit Transformation

-It only adds def and atk and as i have been stating over and over again you dont need def nor attack since you are a tank. Also if you need attack there is the passive eva tree that i took which adds to attack as well.


-There are times when you get stunned and its not debuffable. So tendency would be is that the boss will change target the moment you wake up from that stun. So charge allows you to quickly get to the boss, taunt it, and then face it away from your dps.

LVL 1 Jab

-Never Max Jab
-Using Jab while tanking a boss while someone with +10 epic weapons DPSes is risky the boss might change target due to the amount of aggro they produce.
-10% PHYS dmg reduction is crap in tanking since getting the 2nd tree with +5 lvl 50 gears can already get you 50%+ PHYS dmg reduction.
-its phy reduction and u dont need it phys = evade/block if u still get hit take it like a man with 8k+ HP and 50%+ dmg reduction. What hurts in tanking is the DOTs that the boss gives u and its magic attacks. Well xept for hammerbear which has alot of phys atks but nevertheless hammerbear at lvl 50 is easy.

LVL 1 Whirlwind Fist

-This is for duo/solo dungeon runs. This allows you to lure and kill faster. Unlike your DPS counterparts they cannot lure as much as a tank can but they can kill fast, as a tank we can kill fast but not the same way as they do since we cant dps as much. To cover for the time we take to smack a mob all we need is to lure up and aoe.

Max Strength Training

-It has 3 uses. Adds more DMG for your solo needs. Adds more Parry. And adds more Evasion if u use the str to eva sigil on your belt. This passive allows you to get 40%+ parry combined with the Block Strategy and with the right gears you can get 50%+ evasion.

Block Strategy

-Adds more parry enough said.



Unmerciful King Set[lvl 50 Dungeon Set]-Provides STR to Eva passive
-Adds 20 str at +8 per piece compared to Duel Set [lvl 50 PVP Set] that adds SPR.


Guardian [lvl 50 TG Neck]
-Provides HOT

Highland Ring [lvl 45 TG Ring]
-Provides HOT

Ocean Etched Ring [lvl 40 TG Ring]
-Adds both Def and Evasion

Herb Expert of Snow [lvl 50 Artifact]
-Adds alot of Evasion

Pet Merge

Rock Sand Spirit or Tree Trab


HP 5%
Defense 5%
Evasion 5%

-It has the essentials to to better strengthen the build. It adds HP and Evasion.


Defense 5%

Block 5%

HP 5%

-If you think you already have enough evasion you can switch to this. This merge adds 5% more parry.
But of course lets not forget my favorite merge


HP 5%
Block 5%
Reflect 10%

-With the Unmerciful king set, +8 weapon,Reflect sigil on ur body, and a huge HP you can duel people and watch them kill themselves. and yes for those who ive dueled and is wondering how i killed you with my crappy dmg this is what i was doing. Atm my kazi has lvl 3 reflect at 14%.

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