Glory Destiny Online Achv. Badges Guide

Glory Destiny Online Achv. Badges Guide by Laoch

Hello I am sure like many people after the recent maintenances have looked at your achievements and noticed something new as shown and pointed out in the screenshot below.


These badge points are a currency used to buy level 50 Armor Recipes from NPC Laura in Frost Forest. (Screenshot below)


When you access her menu which would look like this (shown below)

You get the option of choosing which classes you would like to get the gear recipies from. On that note these items are untradable period if you purchase one for the wrong class you are S.O.L. no refund and we don’t wanna see a QQ thread here about how you got hosed for not paying attention .

Upon selecting your class that you would like the recipies for you notice that there are 4 different sets this means you should pay close attention to a set you might be interested in. When you highlight the item you will get its stats upon being made (shown below) pay close attention remember no QQ if you screw up.
See when you highlight the item you can see the stats (I know its common knowledge but some people are special)

Now that one knows what these points are used for the next thing to learn is how to acquire them well for starters you gain points by completing the Glory Missions on your achievement list.

You can also obtain these wonderful badge points VIA exchaning marbles from the Arena *will show soon*

To sum it all up going out and exploring the world Glory Destiny has to offer comes with perks by taking the time to get the achievements one can achieve rewards. All in all you only live once so seize the day and have a nice one.

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