Galaxy Empire Useful Tips Guide

Galaxy Empire Useful Tips Guide by Evilgood1

Guide – Basics

1) To check a players rank and win/loss ratio simply email a freind or your alliance (which causes you to get an email too) thier name.
For example if you are unfortunate to be on the venus server you could check my rank by emailing @evilgood1 to a friend and have them email you back.

2) To check a planet size BEFORE random colonisation simply email the cords in the following format [1:1:1]

3) until they fix the bug you can hold down two to three reaserach items (on the same screen and if you have the resources) until the buttons turn bright green. If you time your release of the buttons correctly then all the reasearches will be done at same time. The same rule applies to fleet construction.

Guide – Neb farming

1) Ignore other people when they say you need to build cargos and large cargos and send with escorts to the neb. This will only lead you to lose ships and time.

2) Build and send only recyclers as recyclers have an attack score of 1 whilst having 10 in shields. What that means is that when you get hit by pirates (about 1 every ten trips) you will only face opponents of 70% or your attack strength. For example 100 recyclers will be met with a fleet of an attack strength of 70 (30% of 100 x 1) which will not get past your shields of 1000 (10 x 100). Even if you met the aliens which are 30% stronger than you, the maths will mean that the force sent is still not strong enough. The aliens will have an attack of 130 (1.3 x 100 ships x 1 attack) versus your shields of 1000 (100 ships x 10 in shields)..

3) Note on rare occassions you may lose a few ships but not many, it is partially dependant on luck and how much your weapons tech is higher than your shields tech.

4) You are still vulnerable to the black hole which to date has only hit me once in about 1000 trips.

5) Focus all you get on upgrading asto and computer tech first. At astro level 4 you can send 2 fleets per planet and at 9 it is 3 fleets per planet and at 12 it is 4. This also means that you should now split your forces to make as many runs peer planet as possible. The more runs you do the more chances you get of getting 50 dm. My record is 450 in 1 day. Note the average is about 100 per day or 1 every hundred trips.

Guide – Avoiding the big guys.

1) Build your planets in the middle of nowhere at a random cord.

2) Build all planets at same place except one or two ignore the players who tell you not to as they jsut want your fleet separated. If your fleet is in the same place you can jump from planet to planet quickly as the attacks come. People are rarely co-ordinated enough to hit you at the same time.

3) if a big player is hunting you then fleet save. This means you send your fleet out with as many resources as possible (especially metal) and land back on the same planet after the attack hits. They cannot attack your forces again for a few hours.

4) Fleet save at night by adjusting the trip time to 10% of the trip and send your fleet as far as possible. Then when you wake up hit cancell. If you do this right by the time you are ready to play after work or school. If you dont then it will take the same amount time getting back as it did sending out.

5) Planetary defences are not completely useless. Although most players will say not to bother, if you are planning a last stand they do have some benefit. The mk2 canon has more firepower than the bs but they will fall quickly as their shields are much lower. Normally I would say dont bother but in a last stand fight and if you have the engineer employed, the following event will happen. your forces will eventually lose against the numbers. But when you get out of protection mode and the player thinks you are defenceless, 50%! of your mk2 cannons will still be there when they send their reduced farming fleet.

That is all the tips I can give you.

Best of Luck and have fun.

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28 Responses

  1. Artman says:

    I don’t know how to seach for myi.d. and how to send a mail to upper players so they have my i.d. ? can you help me out here thanks.

  2. CrimDelaCrim says:

    700 recylcers to the neb. cargo capacity is much higher than max find. 2 million each res is max res find. you should send as many fleets as you can safely send per day. I am able to send 120 because I have 5 planets. more planets = more available safe explorations.

    moon base increases the space available on your moon. it should be the first thing you build and also every third upgrade ( or build) keep an eye on moon spaces available and always upgrade moon base when you have one space left.

    you need two worm holes for them to work. that means you need two moons. you need to be on the moon to teleport and you can only teleport to another moon (yours).

  3. olysghost says:

    2 black holes in 2 day. Lost about 150 recyclers each time. How unlucky. .. :-(

  4. jules says:

    i send out about 350 recylers (capacity is about 8 million) but i only ever get back 6 million resources (2 million of each) why?
    Also what is the moon base for and how do we use the worm hole generator?
    a proper manual wood be good.

  5. Bertho says:

    Recyclers are the way forward – 650 per fleet is good for max resource harvesting, although I have had reports of 620 maxing out as well.

    I am however experiencing terrible problems logging in and don’t know whether its effecting everyone.

    Thoughts anyone?

  6. Quocmanfu says:

    Addictive but highly unstable game. Lots of bugs. Have to exit the game and log back in many a times, which is even more frustrating when you have to respond to an attack. Doesn’t seem like Tap4Fun is interested in maintaining their servers or fixing bugs, just wants you to spend money on buying DM and credits.

  7. Moron says:

    @Rincon: i thought the same thing, but after a bunch of testing i lose a lot less ships by sending recyclers. Plus, technically if someone elses ships die in a battle in the same neb, you can collect the resources.
    Plus if your ships get attacked, you pick up resources.
    Sending waves and waves of recyclers is the way to go.
    As far as expensive materials: mining with recyclers will get you millllliiions a day. easy 5 to 10 mil a day of everything. You’ll never have to worry about materials.

  8. Rincon says:

    I like the guide but im not sure about sending recyclers to do neb runs, because large cargo ships have 5 attack and shield 25 and cost cheaper metal and they dont need any gas. So yeah I think im gonna use large cargo ships instead.

  9. Dieco says:

    Anyone know why Galaxy Empire is not working on the Galaxy S4?????I Had it on my old and lost Samsung s3 but now the game says its not compatible with my device. I have written to t4fun a dozen times but they keep sending messages that they will fix the problem which has been months now. Very good game but very poor game support.

  10. kb says:

    use code 49g7ded for extra resources in the beginning

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tyvm for all the info

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am EI Gordo from the server avi873ce. Please use my invitation code: 16g116f7 when registering to get rewards

  13. armor says:

    my code 84gb87 please add me

  14. bf says:

    You can also use this code. 49g321f which will get us both free bonus materials

  15. Anonymous says:

    don’t use the invitation codes. there is no advantage except to the one who owns it.

    You are giving them extra DM when you buy some

  16. Jim says:

    Galaxy Empire was a good game. BUT it has really gone done hill. In the past 3 month, I have lost Resources, ships, and planets due to a “computer” error.
    I wrote to Tap4Fun and as of today, they have done nothing about it.

    I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone. and more and more people are leaving the game for the some reason.

    GOOD LUCK !!!!!

  17. Random says:

    Use this code for a gift! Please use my invitation code: 82g1030 when registering to get rewards

  18. shadow says:

    Echo, you can send email to GE support team to retrieve your account details back. I remember their support email address is support@ Welcome back to Galaxy Empire world.

  19. Anonymous says:

    You certainly helped a lot. Thanks for your tips.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Another tip is to use invitation code of 42g47ad for an extra advantage.

  21. Jeff says:

    Send email to your alliance

  22. echo says:

    I’m trying to log back in the game on galaxy empire 2 but it says invalid password or user name. It also says something about CD debug. Don’t know what that means but if you could help me get my profile back that would be much appreciated.

  23. Sybill says:

    Problem with checking planet size….it randomizes. You can colonize a planet tht say for instance was a size of 206 when you checked it via alliance mail only to find you have a small 120 size. They do not stay the same until colonized

  24. Anonymous says:

    U wrote "2) To check a planet size BEFORE random colonisation simply email the cords in the following format [1:1:1]", but to whom send this Email?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Great guide.Stumbled upon it after trying to figure out my planet size issue (couldn't upgrade buildings)

  26. Anonymous says:

    how many recyclers should you try to send out at a time?

  27. Anonymous says:

    yes! i agree, well done! it helps me alot! but i cant send 4 fleets to neb from each planet even i got astro on level 12… nerf by new update? and yes.. i dont agree about the metal part cos everyone got metal and especially when you are neb farming, metal is the biggest procentage of your cargo… i'm actually aiming more for crystal when the updates is so expensive!

    i dont understand the part with "checking the planet size before colonizing"… can you tell me more about it?

    anyway, THANKS alot for this guide!

  28. Anonymous says:

    quite nice! Well i dont 100 % agree with you what players are after when they are raiding (Metal). Usually when im probing people im looking for how much crystal they got and gass. Metal is so easy to get if you have a lot of planets since the upgrade scales so well – and gass is used everywhere if you want something. BUT great guide! Very usefull info about the nebs!

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