Galaxy Empire Increasing Your Score Guide

Galaxy Empire Increasing Your Score Guide by Giftedstorm

– M C G resources mine level
– metal – 15-20 / – crystal 12-17 / – gas – 5-10
– storage capacity around 500k resources will do

– espionage 1st-increases chances of getting res from nebula
– astrophysics *2nd-enables you to build more ships for nebula

– Nebula runs – 1 planet 2 fleets / 3 planets 6 fleets
– Astrophysics lvl 9-3 fleets per planet.

— Research + Shipyard Tips—
You can upgrade either 2 research OR 2 ships at the same time by:
– Holding the start buttons until green light high lighten and letting them go at the same time.
– worked within 10 tries.

– All the LF HF C recycle colonize probed put in on your main planets for defend invader
– start with a main planet cannot be given up.
– set new main planet on far a way system where no 1 can be found and start expanding nearly
– if u wanted to attack some1 or having a war between alliance, do it by sending all your extra combat ship and recycle
to the main planets Where u first started without disturbing nebula explore. This way able to hide all your planets from battle

– LF = light fighter / HF = heavy fighter / C = cruiser / bs = battleship / LC = large cargo / SM = small cargo
– SM have a bigger output from nebula as greater number of ships provide greater output (SM : LC / 1 : 5)

– early nebula exploring
– after completed all your task should have 2 planets and some dark matter left
– by this point should have a level 6-7 shipyard on a single planet , use all dark matter on LF and LC
– split all your LF and LC to the other planet and both of the planets should build LF at all time to keep up losing ships from nebula
– keep running until u have dark matter from nebula and spend on shipyard level and LC even LF
– free HF from nebula keep for the higher stage
– 20-40 LF = 20 LC per fleets

– higher nebula exploring
– at this stage should have 3-4 planets and able to run 2 fleets on a single planet
– At this point should able to get at least 100 dark matter per day from nebula
– spend all dark matter on LC even LF if needed and shipyard with a level 8-9
– after u have enough LF + free HF from early nebula to keep 1-2 day run on nebula
– start building Crusier at this point
– 100-150 LF = 50-75 LC per fleets

– expert nebula exploring
– should have 5-6 planets and astrophysics level 9-10 and able to run 3 fleets on single planets
– at this stage should have unlimited resources from nebula to spend
– able to get at least 200 dark matter per day from nebula
– dark matter speed up research lab and on shipyard level between 10-12 on all planets
– after have enough C to spend on 1-2 day start building BS
– save up all the BS from nebula exploring
– max resources 6 millions / 200 cruiser = 250 LC
– 50-100 cruiser = 100-200 LC per fleets

– master nebula exploring
– 99 BS = 222 LC
– 77 BS = 333 LC
– 55 BS = 444 LC
– 33 BS = 555 LC
– 11 BS = 666 LC

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19 Responses

  1. TheBest says:

    I am running 17milio probes per one nebrun. And i am running 3 nebruns from 2 planets (so 6 in total) it is giveing me between 800k-10milions different ships 1 on every 10 runs. I also tryed to send into nebula 100milio cargo and 100 milio lf and i tryed one milion destroyers. I mostly loose ships even with powerfull 6 star stones. it is no worth to send any other ships except probes.

  2. Chillzone says:

    I hear that metal mines reach their lvl cap at 99. It hasn’t been proven yet. Still, reaching lvl 99 (or 250 lol) would be very tough. The cost of a metal mine increases by 50% each lvl. Crystal mines are 60%. By the time you reach lvl 41 metal mine, the costs start reaching into the billions.
    The cost of these basic buildings double each lvl:
    Research Lab, Ship Yard, Nanite Factory, and Robotics. There are probably others, but those are the ones that I know off the top of my head.

    If you know how to use a calculator, you can guesstimate your next upgrade cost and time.

    See you in game!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome I want to try reach metal mine lvl of the size of the planet like lvl 250 metal mine and use satellites for energy + planet temp most be near 200 not -200 so maybe 1 satellite produce like 300 energy

  4. Smart Peace says:

    The ratio 200C=250LC works amazingly for me.

  5. sorry says:

    you guys make no sence.. i play this game and have around 10k recyclers.. i send 700 on each planet and do around 3 fleets per planet, i get around 250 runs per day and get around 200 runs where nothing happends.. it says stuff like you dont find anything or winds catch you and you get home faster empty handed.. and 50 times out of 200 i get attacked maybe 10 times i get resources at max… and 1 or 2 times at max i get dm… so u guys odds are way off!

  6. Ray says:

    Rookie lissen

    Everyone has his ow way but,
    Im top 30 player everywere.
    I use between 667/700 recycles for the nebula with a probing tech of lvl 14/15/ 16 without commander you will get mostly 2m off each res and alot off times 50darkmatter a day somethimes get between 100 and 500 dm try it

  7. Rookie says:

    So i know everyone here is an expert, but i don’t, what is the best way to use the nebula and also how do i get dark matter in the nebula? .. some help please?

  8. Salfordreidy says:

    Chill you devil I found your secret site haha I’m chasing you on the mines ;-) level 30 and climbing

  9. bf says:

    49g321f is my bonus code for free bonus resources when you register

  10. Use says:

    I am Moon(new) from the server carrera. Please use my invitation code: 82g1030 when registering to get rewards

  11. Chillzone says:

    I have a unique score building style. Most players beleive the neb is the best ways to get res. Although you need the neb for Dark Matter, i produce most of my res from my mines. It has taken a few months of investment, but i now have 7 metal mines producing 953k/hr to 1.39M/hr. That adds to over 1.4B metal per week that I get for doing nothing. Add in my res from neb runs, and you’re looking at quite a bit of res. Play however you like, but dont be so quick to lable mines as useless. ;)

  12. Silk says:

    You need large cargo in the game. Use it to move your resources and when attackin you send with your battle fleet to rip more…Lc are a must….that’s y u send to the neb…

  13. Lye Siang Ooi says:


  14. Lye Siang Ooi says:

    11bs get 666 lc?? Really? Lol

  15. Anonymous says:

    Why would we want to get large cargo ships from the Neb…. This doesn't make much sense… Please explain… Also 697 recyclers to the Neb can result in 2mil of each resource. So why bother trying to get LC?

  16. Anonymous says:

    only 11 bs?
    we only need send lf? 20-40 LF = 20 LC per fleets
    – 100-150 LF = 50-75 LC per fleets

  17. Pancake Mix says:

    If you send 11 Battle Ships to the Nebula, you are likely to get 666 Large Cargo from Nebula.

  18. Anonymous says:

    What does it mean by 11bs = 666 LC?

  19. Anonymous says:


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