Galaxy Empire Best Troop Composition Guide

Galaxy Empire Best Troop Composition Guide by SpaceKid

here is best set of army troops out of 100…
30- light fighter
10-heavy fighter

i set his up not for max attack power but for best results in winning a battle, they all have there own special ability within a battle and in this percentage is best all around army ratio.

light fighters
are sent in first to attack the enemy troops at the front of the line: they act as troop fodder so they take more loss in troops than your other unit types.

heavy fighters
are sent second and although better at attacking than light fighters they are much slower and they are more for a defense ship there bonus stats give plus in enemy probes, cargo ships which are what the enemy send to you so if your looking for good defense troops against probes and enemy taking all your resource this is the troop you need.

cruiser ships
are third in line of your fleet, if the enemy gets through first 2 troop types this is where you need to kill them off: they have the best attacking stats for troop to troop basis; they have a bonus to rockets, and light fighters which is most commonly used troop types, they also fight against solar satellites so if your enemy has any this will kill them off ( if the enemy uses them for a large amount of power and you kill them all off you could send there production rate to 10% if there energy is low enough!) so make sure to stock up on these trust me not only are they strong but also move fast.

are at the end of the attacking line, but even though at the end they have i longer range attack and can attack (depending on tech level’s) at other battle phases before the enemy can reach you (think of them a little like archers or snipers in a way) although they don’t give good bonus in attacking they have amazing strength and shield power to help fight off any last enemies they encounter, very costly in resources but in the long run pay off, they also have 1,500 cargo capacity which is decent in a way since its the highest cargo capacity for any troop.

cargo ships
(although not added in troop ratio) are at the very very end of your fleet and they are your last resort to attack or defend, although very weak in attack they have descent strength to uphold enemy attacks to help protect your defending troops on bass ( rocket launchers and etc)

defense troops
such as lasers and rockets i believe all get attacked at same time in a battle but some have longer range in fire and shoot at the enemies while they still might be fighting off your ship’s, so keep in mind if upgraded enough and in large numbers they can be very helpful!

that basically raps it up here, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask

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7 Responses

  1. Win says:

    How is a moth constructed? Ty

  2. Anonymous says:

    All together my friend

  3. RCC says:

    How we send the atack? First light fighters, then we wait some time and send the 10-heavy fighter Then we wait some time and send the 40-cruiser, or all together???

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes adding Dreadnoughts and Bombers would be appreciated.

  5. Very helpful, but how about dreadnoughts?

  6. Anonymous says:

    neb farm with only recycles and keep in mind that your weap. tech. must be lower that you shield and str tech. after a couple of runs, you will get "infinite" resource!

  7. Anonymous says:

    amazing, really helpful. Can you do one on how to specifically invade other peoples planets for resources? I've been having a hard time with neb running because my fleet is always either half dead of doesnt come back. i usually send around 30 l cargos with level 6 strength 7 shield and 6 attack. my only option to gain resouorces is to plunder other planets with my fleet of 10 bs, 20 cruis, and 10 hfs. help!? i really dont want to plunder buts its my only option.

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