Einherjar Gameplay Tips

Einherjar Gameplay Tips by various

-Stone mine does not produce stones instead bronze (weird huh)

-gold is easy to get from expeditions

-expeditions give silver frequently

-silver can be traded for gold in the market at Hedeby city

– do not camp the same zone for expedition as npc degrades in quality of drops/lvl

-the resources from buildings are not by the hour but every 8 hours

-join a guild to borrow each others units

-expeditions need food if u run out your units don’t heal after battle

-to upgrade a building u need to fill up all 10 stars 1.1/ 1.5 doesn’t count and doesn’t change anything

-axes beat spear> beats sword > beats axes

-elves are magic users and sister can heal

-You can only have three of the same structure(ex: maximum of 3 Fields.) – there are some exceptions.

-Priority to structures who produce Food(ex: Field and Farm), it’s not a bad idea to have 3 of each.

-Some structures can be a bit useless on the beginning(ex: Cloth Shop and Leather Shop). There’s also Catalyst Shop, it is not useless if you have Sister and Half Elf(also others) on your army, because this shop can create magic weapons that they use.

-Always carry two different weapons(main and sub), because when your main weapon’s durability decrease to 0 you’ll have a backup one.

-for people having hard time with defeat ** quests, you wont encounter the target enemy at the location stated every time, so keep trying to battle at the location stated.

-if anyones having trouble logging in, should try 1. clear your browser cache, 2. delete cookies, 3. try changing your browser at least this worked for me.

-before you go to bed, set your units to go on harvest for long time, it definitely helps!

-harvest mode is only 60 mins. and 1 min. = 1 exp
Once you reach level 10 or 11 harvest time is increased to 120 minutes same xp rate.

-magic items cannot be repaired and need to be remade

-from lvls 1-5 50 xp is required for a level up and 6-9 75 exp and so on

-only three characters are allowed to harvest/upgrade and the rest would be better if used in an expedition while waiting for their jobs to finish

-Build 2 of a manufacturing building ex. Blacksmith shop to produce superior items
(ex. 1 lv3 blacksmith can make steel daggers 2 lv3 blacksmith can forge steel sword or a claymore)

-Upgrade the lords house quickly for storage as lv1 can store only 50 while lv2 100 and so on.

-Do not waste xp when harvesting as it does not transfer to the next lvl

-Do not sell wood early on they are extremely useful as all building upgrade requires it while gold comes easy.

-Npc always prioritizes killing sister first for melee its spear then sword then axemen last on the kill list.

-beware of durability of equipments when going expedition , make sure you equiped ur best as forging more equipments cannot be brought along ur expeditions therefore you only have what you have equiped and if both weapons are spoilt you are #$#!@#.

-Not recommended to go to the other expedition side after Ragnar … i got raped by a lvl 20 mob

-Melee can hit enemy in four different side, backside got the highest hit rate of your weapon.

-75% of success hit rate will surprise you with a lot of miss

-Do not try to heal the undead for damage (I know its a common rules on rpg but not this one)

-Friendly unit will block your movement, its annoying we cant get move pass trough our own unit

-Subquest gives great items that a blacksmith lvl 4 usually make and also easy to complete doing it in the map of ragnar

-subquest gives great amount of gold (min. 3k)

-can only do 1 quest at a time

-silver value change through time

-spearmen can have a range of 2 pixels depending on his/her weapon

Mistakes to Avoid

-my mistake:use runic proof in battle
correct use: use at althing

-my mistake: equip weapon while changing job
correct use: make sure you unequip yourself before changing job..

-Unequip everything before putting your unit into cold sleep.

-Check if you still have space for more units before having kids.

-most terrifying error to avoid….retreating from a battle, all your unit lose lp. if u take a bug during fight always reload never quit

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