Digimon Masters Online Level 46 to 75 Guide

Digimon Masters Online Level 46 to 75 Guide by skeith092

First off, there are a few things you need to know before you start whacking some digi senseless.

A. your digi’s abilities
B. your enemy’s abilities
C. how long will it take to kill one
D. the chances you’re gonna die by an aggro ambush.

so keep these in mind so that you can plan ahead

now, we all know the drill:
Metalgreys from 46-51,
Dark tower skulls/ skullmeras from 51-56 or 58,
Dark veemons from that level to 64 or 65,
then Gizmon till 75.

there are a handful of digis that can level at Gizmons at 46, but I’ll talk about that later.

what I’m gonna talk about here is what you should be doing when fighting these digis, what to bring, and what skills to level up and spam. you’re not required to have AT/DE plates, but they make the process easier.

I. Mgreys
they have pretty high hp and def, so if you have plates, better equip them now. Digis with AS below 2.000 are better off with 2 AT plates while those with an AS above 2.500 might want to equip 2 DE plates instead. those in the middle have the choice of either pure AT/DE or half AT/DE.

fortunately, DE does not reduce the damage from skills, only skill elements do (you know, the symbol on your skills and the thing under your enemy’s name and the third tab on your digi’s status).
so what you should be doing is to have a good grasp of what skill cancel is and who can do it.
I’m not gonna list all the digis that can and can’t do that, but feel free to post here to ask me.

against Mgreys, those that can skill cancel should stick with their low cooldown moves rather than spamming
their power moves while those that can’t should stick with power moves and their normal attacks.

what to bring: bread and ds drinks, duh. but not just any bread or drink. the ones I would recommend are the bread
that costs 30b and the drink that costs 48b. bring lots of it, maybe around 600-800 each. that should last you for
about 4-8 hours of non-stop hardcore grinding. so why did I recommend these? because they’re the most cost-effective
hp/ds items there are. you can use the money you save for buying stuff you want or buying more ds disks.

as for the hp/ds disks, I recommend you buy the D disk for HP and the C disk for ds. same reason as the food items
and you can spam your skills non-stop for 1-3 hours if you have around 100-300 C ds disks. now I’m not gonna recommend
how many you should buy, that’s up to you. if you want to get more bits, then dont buy ds disks and sitck with de-digivolving
to recover ds. if you don’t mind getting less money and want to help your party level faster,
then buy a lot of ds disks and spam skills.

length of battle
: normally for a below 2.000 AS digi, an Mgrey should go down in 6-8 seconds if your
digi is properly equipped with AT plates. for a digi with an AS above 2.500, it should take around 5-9 seconds–it’s
much more varied because of how some of thse digis are built. I know its confusing, so feel free to ask me about this part.

chance of getting killed by an aggro: it depends on your current level, your digi’s type and its DE and HP stat. the closer
you are to lvl 51, the higher the chance you can run away or kill the aggro. if your digi’s an SA and has 2 DE plates equipped,
then you can tank it out and kill the aggro with the help of HP disks. if your digi’s HP is below 2000 and you were pretty much
beat up by the last Mgrey you fought, then you’re in trouble. everything else is pretty much common sense.

II&III.; Dark Towers
I’m not gonna focus that much on this part, because its not that hard to begin with. there are no aggros inside the tower, so
you’ll only die if you’re careless; enemies are weak and easy to kill (some types might have some difficulty though).

what to bring: same bread, drink and disks. if you equipped your digi with 2 AT plates, you’ll kill faster and probably won’t
need to use skills so you won’t use ds drinks. while if you have 2 DE plates, they’ll barely scratch you so you’ll probably use less

length of battle: 6-12 seconds. nuff said.

do note that going through the dark towers will net you some pretty big amounts of bits. you’ll barely spend on anything
yet you gain around 100M-200M per training session.

IV. Gizmons

now the problem here is that they’re lvl 72~75, while you’re probably just 64~65. so that means they’ll deal more damage
and crit a lot while you’ll miss and deal pathetic physical damage. obviously, you’re better off with DE than AT plates. they’re not
required, but this time, DE plates will help a lot in keeping you alive.

what to bring
: the usual. but if you don’t mind spending some cash for training, you might want to buy the 330b ds drink and the 900 hp bread. my advice is to scan the white bordered eggs from Veemon and Gizmon because they’ll usually net food worth more than what it costs to scan them. it’ll cost you, but it can help make leveling faster and easier.

length of battle: 1-4 seconds. because almost everyone is aiming for a ohko or a quick kill. after all, you don’t want to mess with these guys at a low level.

chance of getting killed by an aggro: pretty high if you’re not careful. my advice is to stick with the wide open area and only go to the bridge if all of your partymates are there. if you can, memorize the Gizmon spawn points so that you’ll know where to and not to fight.

Special Methods for leveling:
there are a few unorthodox methods to leveling a digi from 46 to 75. most of these are limited to certain digis, so read carefully.

I. Early dark tower leveling: dobermon, dogmon, starmon, deputymon, kiwimon and all other digis with no rookie can start leveling here at level 36. The downside to that is that there are barely any level 36~46 parties here. so unless you can find a party at that level, I’d advise against this. You’ll notice that because of the level gap, enemies will deal a lot of damage to you. but with the right plates, it shouldn’t be a problem. just bring the usual hp/ds food, disks and you’re all set.

II. Early Gizmon leveling: this can be done with a mega that has a skill damage above 1850 or can reach that damage through skill ups. I’d recommend you equip yourself with 2 DE +31 plates and stick close with your party. this is a pretty fast method of leveling if you know what you’re doing and not dying all the time. scratch that, as long as you don’t die that much, only your tamer level will be stuck. I’m not gonna discuss this in full length, cause there’s a lot of guides talking about this leveling method.

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