Carte Online TCG Tournament System Guide

Carte Online TCG Tournament System Guide by APRico

Hello Everyone,

Tournament Schedule for CBT:
Every 6 hours (4 Times) at 7:00AM / 1:00PM / 7:00PM / 1: 00AM PST between 2/23~25 US Time.

Tournament Structure:
Each Tournament consists of 3 rounds, and you must win all 3 rounds in order to become the victor of that Tournament.

Anyone who loses is automatically eliminated from the tournament, as you’d guess.

If there is a tie, 2 people with full wins, the win is given to the person who got all 3 of their wins the fastest.

Tournament Signups:
You can register by clicking the button in the bottom left of the screen 10 minutes before the times listed above. It’ll be yellow instead of grey.


You cannot edit your decks after you register, until you are completely finished with the tournament.

I’ll add more screenshots once I get into a tournament.

I was also told you can see your next opponent before the match begins. I was not told how you can though…so uh…yeah.

Will have more images as they become available .

AP Rico

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