Carte Online TCG Story Guide

Carte Online TCG Story Guide by Gitaxia

Chap. 0-1

Magical shards have fallen from the sky/risen from the earth/magically appeared. Each alliance uses them to their advantage. Not much difference between them.

Chap. 0-2

More development towards unlocking secrets of the shards, no difference between 0-1.

The shards are “made” out of remaning power of the gods of Arcadia. Upon leaving of the gods the left power shattered into shards, which can now only be used by demi-gods (ign heroes) to achieve some of the remaining power of the gods.

Chap. 1-1

Tensions are building between alliances, some fear the repeat of “what happened 10 years ago”, whatever that was. Tensions are also building within alliances, from all of the groups, I haven’t read enough to understand it all.

10 years ago, the 3rd Continental War took place. It was started by Belial (Kaideron) and the other 4 unions build an alliance to fight him. etc etc etc Belial lost and offered them a treaty of peace.

Violette kidnapped the ‘holy priestess” out of Saike’s kingdom and Eron followed her. Couldn’t pass the border to Kaideron though. He got the help from Irene who made a alliance with Archan to fight Kaideron.

Chap. 1-2

Full scale war:

Aspire: Pretty much attacking everyone else. General focus more on Saike and Archan. Led by Richard Schimt, Leah Schimt, and some other guy I forgot the name.

Saike: Hitting Kaideron pretty hard. Defending against Aspire. Led by Eron White, Irene Belle, and Chloe Hildyard.

Kaideron: Killing everything not from Kaideron. No exceptions. Led by Bellial, Violette, and a brother of Bellial, again, forgot the name.

Sierron: Playing defense mostly, not focused on conquest, just protecting their lands. I can’t seem to remember any Sierron Hero. They all have such complicated names.

Archan: Defending from Aspire and Kaideron mostly, staying out of the main fighting for now, gathering intelligence, as that is what Archan does. Led by Melina Emmons, Pietro Frigo, and Carla Rossi.

Saike & Archan started to invade Kaideron without any major resistance.

Aspire rejected the treaty of peace made by Saike.

Sierrions opinions are split. The elves,druids and lizards wanted to participate in the war but the naga,dryads and gnomes refused to and meant they should only defend but not attack.

Chap. 1-3

War is escalating:

Aspire: Still hitting everyone, kind of ignoring Sierron, though.

Saike: Allied with Archan now, going to attack Kaideron together. Anis Taylor comes in at this point (probably).

Kaideron: Still attacking everyone, no exceptions.

Sierron: Staying out of it while they can, still playing it defensive. Some person who slept 10 years wakes up, forgot the name.

Archan: Allied with Saike, attacking Kaideron and Aspire.

Saike and Archan tried to attack the castle Kassadin but failed and had to retreat. Meanwhile Aspire (temporarily allied with Kaideron) captured the Cadia-valley which was an important location for retreatments for Aspire/Saike.

Irene went ahead with her wings to attack the army of Aspire firsthand but ran right into an ambush of Aspire and had lost most of their unit. However before Aspire was able to finish off the whole unit of Irene, Sierrion came to support Saike and Richard ordered a retreat.

Chap. 1-4

End of the war, for whatever purpose.

Aspire is pretty much the same, manufacturing weapons and staging fights.

Saike’s angelic force, the “wings” have been devastated, I think Irene Belle goes missing, not sure. Chloe Hildyard is dethroned as a false Saintess, and exiled.

In Kaideron, Bellial goes missing and his brother dies. Violette takes power.

Sierron, I have no clue what happens here, I think there’s some sort of power struggle with the dryads and the elves.

Archan, processing data from the war for whatever purpose they intend. Some conflict with Melina and Pietro.

No comments about Aspire. Saike,Archan and Sierrion are fighting together against Kaiderron at the capital of the land of Saike. Mostly just fighting and Bellial tries to increase his life switching out hearts of the next saintess (a new one after they kidnapped the previous one) and his, but Irene hinders him and kind of mix their power, resulting in some sort of light-explosion, which kills of most of the minor creatures from Kaideron. Irene and Bellial both disappeared with the explosion leaving Iker (kidnapped saintess) alive with a glim of evil and good in her eyes.

Chap. 2-1

Now that the war is over, things are beginning to break up within the alliances.

Aspire: There’s a rebellion going on now that the war is over. Richard is meeting up with Melina in secret, and someone named Erwin Von Bergman is mentioned quite a lot, I think he may be the rebel leader or something. Hard to tell because of the grammar usage.

Saike: The true Saintess returns and Chloe Hildyard is driven into exile. Her brother Jamie Hildyard helps her out, and actually creates an entirely new faction within Saike- the Heretics, basically the people who still believe that Chloe is a true saintess, not the only one, but still real. Eron White declares war against the heretics and the slaughter begins. Meanwhile, Saike is still reeling from the loss of Irene Belle and most of the wings (Saike’s angels).

Sierron: Anil Luleci, some eft who fell asleep 10 years ago has woken up and is taking charge of Sierron. Also, Serya is being put on trial for illegally leading Sierron’s forces into battle. I think the trial went well, since a card flavor text said that Anil forgave Serya or something, but forbade Serya from leaving the forest again.

Kaideron: Belial has disappeared completely, and so has his reign of authority. Violette has taken control and exiled the vampires. Belial’s more loyal followers have begun to rebel against her reign, also most of the ghosts that had relied on Belial’s power have gone mad, namely the Argosians. Violette is taking countermeasures, reconstruction the spirit restraining obelisks. Meanwhile, the vampires seek the moonladder in Archan to fufill their clan’s desires.

Archan: A 3-way break between the Moonshadow- supporting the vampires in taking the moonladder, the Moonwitches- guarding the moonladder from the vampires, led by Tatiana (forgot her last name), and supporting Melina, and the truthseekers- led by Carla Rossi, trying to turn the struggle to their advantage.

Chap. 2-2

Aspire: The rebellion is under way, looks like a fight between Erwin and the royal family, who has employed Richard to kill the rebels. Richard seems very conflicted about this, as shown in many card flavor texts. Archan sends their compliments with a deal regarding the Giants (whoever they are) on the borders.

Kaideron: The vampires are making their way towards the moonladder, and are plotting something to thwart Melina and the moonwitches (more on that in Archan). Meanwhile, Violette has assumed her full control as she has successfully killed off Belial’s remaining followers and sealed their spirits inside the obelisks as well as the ghosts. Violette now has the decision whether to keep up Belial’s original plan (something to do with “the emptiness”), or rule for herself.

Sierron: Apparently, Serya failed in the trial and was exiled, as were most of the elves. Yeah, not good. Someone named Omar Onarn has become leader of Sierron. Dantallion (no clue who he/she is) has gone berserk and died, leaving a lot of confusion and predator beasts behind. Some elves want to attack Aspire to recover the prisoners of war.

Saike: Heretics are increasing in number, but still being slaughtered. Chloe Hildyard is healing many of them, and apparently can turn humans into angels, a feat no other saintess has achieved before. Jamie Hildyard is holding up as best he can against Eron.

Archan: Moonwitches, led by Tatiana Camoranesi, are hunting down the vampires and guarding the moonladder as Melina climbs it and gains the knowledge flowing from it. Vampires are recieving assistence from the Moonshadow as they fight the moonwitches. The eye of the truthseeker is experimenting on combining the power of Mia with that of Yeva (or Yerba. Not sure if that’s a typo or another god).

Chap. 2-3

Aspire: No update on the rebellion. The Giants are storming in and most of Aspire’s resources are dedicated to defending against them.

Saike: Still killing the heretics, but as more and more people join the heretics, it seems that the odds have finally evened up.

Kaideron: Umm… all I’m reading are Aspire flavor texts about how Erwin is assembling his force to attack the capitol. Weird… I’m assuming everything in Kaideron is generally the same.

Sierron: The dryads are assembling in the garden of Syrr in the center of Sierron for some unknown reason. There are much fewer cards in this chapter, so I’ve got less flavor texts to work with.

Archan: Melina has successfully climbed the moonladder, but the vampires have stolen the knowledge crystal. No telling what they’re going to do with it. It looks like more flavor text confusion with Saike and Sierron, giving opinions on the dryad situation and heretics.

Chap. 2-4

Yet to come.

All of this is my impressions from the flavor texts. If you notice something wrong with the storyline, feel free to correct me.

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