Carte Online TCG Higher Resolution Cards Guide

Carte Online TCG Higher Resolution Cards Guide by Zenity

Hi everyone

One of the things i hate about this game is that the cards ingame have such poor quality compared to the original artwork
so i decided to take action by taking the cards from the korean/german site and crafting the necesary files to add them to the game. As a result the game now has higher resolution cards to admire while playing (see pic at the end of my post)

Things to know before downloading

    -the default cards looked ugly because they were forced resized to a power of two size (512×512) which destroyed the original aspect ratio. The developers did that because some video cards(older ATI/Intel) have problems when displaying these kinds of textures. Now because the korean textures i inserted are not power-of-two like the originals you will have to check if your video card supports non-power-of-two texture which is quite easy:
first go to your carte folder, there you will have 2 files fc.log and ring.log, open one of these files with notepad and look for the line  * Non-power-of-two textures: yes. If you don’t have that line or it says no instead of yes then you must not download this.

-because the cards have higher resolution (and because the game isn’t really optimized properly) the memory load will increase, i do not recommend downloading this if your computer has

Known issues

    -the following cards have no hires version i could find on any site so i didn’t change them
rock,paper,scissor cards [Raid_2-2] orobascimejes2_l,  [Raid_2-1] oriax2_l,  [Raid_2-2] orobascimejes1_l , [Raid_2-2] runawayargosian_l, [Raid_2-2] argosianghosttower_l

-if xtrap pops and error that probably means that the game needs to update click start.bat and select option 3) Run Carte launcher do not forget to update regularly

Download and Installation

      1. Download all the required files from my minus profile

      2. There are 2 files (

      that holds the hires card packages and

      that has a bat script which is needed because the game launcher will overwrite the new files otherwise). First extract the

      archive in your carte directory (mine is E:JocuriCarte)

do not open the start.bat script yet

      (the script is a simple text file, you can right click and choose edit if you want to see what it contains). Now go ahead and unpack the

      archive to the


      folder inside the carte directory (eg E:JocuriCartedatacardImage) 3.That’s it click start.bat and choose an option to run the game


      It’s not fun having to press a key everytime you want to start the game so i added arguments suport to the script. What that means is that you can create a shortcut on your desktop for example and pass the options you like automatically like this:
Right click the start.bat file in your carte folder and choose Create Shortcut Move that shortcut to your desktop for example Right click the shortcut and  select Properties The target field should look something like this “E:JocuriCartestart.bat” add a space and the option you’d like to set; so to choose option “2) Start Carte with default cards” change the target field to something like “E:JocuriCartestart.bat” 2 Now rename the shortcut add a icon to it do whatever you like; when you click it the script will launch with the option you have set. You can also create many shortcuts with different options  ;)

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