Bounty Hounds Online Heavy Gunner Hybrid Build Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Heavy Gunner Hybrid Build Guide by Sad

Stats :

DPS build : 150 Accuracy / Remaining points in Reflex
Major stats: DMG, Crit Dmg
Minor stats: Crit lvl, Evade

Evade/Crit build : 154 Reflex / Remaining points in Accuracy
Major stats : Crit lvl, Evade
Minor stats : DMG, Crit Dmg

After 150/154 points in thoses stats (Accuracy/Reflex), you ll gain less bonus by point.
(look at thoses stats lists to understand)
Dont forget, you ll gain free stats point at certain level so dont put 150/154pts accuracy/reflex before Lv 57-60.

150 is the best amount of accuracy (for me) for DPS
154 for reflex (for me)

Difference between thoses builds :
+3% Evade/Crit Lvl; +4% Block rate (dont dream ^^); -20 dmg~, -5% Crit dmg for 154 Reflex build.

So at this point, you see the point : the game is equipement based.
Stats will help you but it wont be the best way to win.

Equipement :

(chip rules : 1 ultra chip by equipement maximum)

Weapons : add range chip for both weapons, use elementals weapons for best damage weapons (but lesser green stats than SI55 weapons atm)

Shotgun/Cestus with Cognitive attack effect gives “silence 12sec” on the target (player/monster)(12s for elemental weapons)

Crossbow/Dualblade with Snatchng Consciousness gives “dizzy(paralyze) 8sec” on the target (8s for elemental weapons)

Armor : you can add Crit level chip in Helm/Chest/Glove only (normal one only for gloves)
Remaining piece of armor depend of your choice, you can go for Crit Dmg chip/Evade/Hit rate
(you can get Hit rate bonus from Advancement on each weapons, for my opinion)
Crit Dmg = no need to explain (max your critical damage)
Evade = its not fantastic, but personaly I like to be lucky and evade a big skill in PvP

Dictator SI55 Set will give you more Defense than Avenger SI55 Set, some pieces of Avenger Set gives Evade bonus.
You can mix both set to get some bonus defense + evade stats, or not ^^.

Jewels : Depends of you, yellow device (SP empowerment effect) gives +20% range attack, +7% regen max sp/3s, +5% max sp, personaly I prefered Jewels with Evade bonus.

Sad Hybrid Skill Build (link):

Pros :
– Instant cast Thermal Meteoric Debris(TMD) (800% Dmg Lv4) with Conductron Activation System Lv2
Cyclone Acceleration gives a sprint to run away from your ennemies
Thermal Fusion Interference Strike to break cast of engineers/secondary boss/others HG
– Knock Back skill (Lv1 only, but it can interrupt players/secondary bosses too)
– All High damage skill usable (one 800% (instant cast), one 900%, one 5×500%)
– Low hit rate buff (+4%)
– Many skills to use, in many situations PvP/PvE
– Dispel slow debuff (for your target (can be you))
– Same DPS as full left branch build

Cons :
– Many Skills to use.

From my test, dmg lost on Thermal Conduction Shot and Micro Thermal Hydrogen Bomb are retrieved with Thermal Meteoric Debris (with instant cast ’cause it takes you no time to launch it for 10K+ dmg with Elemental weapons) and you gain 2 interrupts skills, 1 sprint, 1 instant aoe, 1 remove-slow.

In duel (personal opinion) :

If you have the same equipement/advancement lvl with your opponent.
If your opponent has Dizzy/Silence weapons, you can pray… It ll depend if they debuff you or not, if yes you are die (mb not if its an engineer, Do**a? ^^)

Only Shock trooper Berzerk (see Selsius guide) can kill you with one skill only. (Anti gravity Light Guided Blaster +800% dmg + critical and instant skill with less restriction than TMD)
But with your instant TMD (+critical), you can also one skill him, so at this moment it depend who hit the first (and crit the first ^^)

For others classes, you can knock back them, cast Hummingbird while ennemy are on the ground, while ennemy is knock backed because of Humming, you can unleash instant TMD. (if you dont miss, its a deadly combo in pvp)

If your opponent is an engineer, you can interrupt his skill with Thermal Fusion Interference Strike or with your knock back skills.

Thermal Meteoric Debris (instant) can help you to run away from a melee class because it stun 2sec ennemies in the range.

You also have a slow skill to control your opponent.

PvE :

You are the best damage dealer of the game, you can take over boss aggro on chemical tank/dps build (less on dps build) after a moment, so be aware of it if you dont have a good healer.
Dont forget Hellfire skill has a low range so dont be too far of the target.

With this build, you can easily farm monsters and secondary boss in SI 55 alone.
You can kill SH 40 bosses and SH45 bosses (big boss with buff potion for SH45)

Others :
TMD = Thermal Meteoric Debris (Skill)
SI55 = Stardust Island (Difficult) Lv 55
SH = Searock Hamlet (instance 40/45)
Elemental weapons = weapons from cambria instance, lower green stat than SI55 weapons but higher dmg
Dizzy = effect weapon paralyse (doesnt interrupt target if you debuff with it)
Silence = effect weapon/skill which disable skill using
Left branch build = All skill points at left branches (known as easier PvE leveling build)

CTU : personaly, I see them as “more DPS” so I prefer to use Range CTU type (in every case)

At final :

With cambria weapons so +156 elemental damage + SI55 Armor set (Crit level + Evade armor chiped)

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