Battle Pirates Base Attack Beginner’s Guide

Battle Pirates Base Attack Beginner’s Guide by elttaes

This is intended to be a beginner’s guide to base attacks. Please note that this is an amalgam of advice I have received from multiple other players and things I’ve picked up through my own experience. I did not originate all (or even most) of these ideas, I just want to put them all in one place for new players that want to get a handle on base attacks. Note that you can attack players up to 5 levels above or below you. Generally it will be easier to attack lower-level players, but you will find a few here and there that have weaker bases than their level would indicate (or you might happen to be very good at attacking bases.) Just remember that if you can hit them, they can hit you, and hitting them will definitely get their attention…

Part 1

Understanding Damage Protection, understanding base weaknesses and strengths, and using your bookmarks.

Damage Protection: A base will get a protective bubble of damage protection if it suffers 4 attacks within an hour from the same player or if it receives greater than 25% damage. Knowing these rules allows you to make the most of your attacks, cutting them off before damage protection is reached. (more on this later)

Understanding base weaknesses and strengths: A base with spread-out weapons allows you to ignore some of them, or kill them off a little at a time. A base without a moat will allow you to choose better approach angles. A moat-style base that has more than one entrance will give you an easier path to the good stuff (warehouses and outpost.) Less powerful guns means you can survive longer (or just run past them) while turrets that aren’t as strong mean you can kill them more easily.

Using your Bookmarks: You can record some information in your bookmarks for various bases. You can edit the base so that instead of saying ‘Giblet’s Base’* you erase the ‘Base’ part and write any information you want to remember for them. (Easy or Hard, NE entrance, etcetera.) That way if it has been a while since you attacked that particular base, anything you need to know is right there at your fingertips.

Part 2

Recon: Since we know that 4 attacks within an hour gives damage protection, we can use up to 4 attacks to hit a base. You can use the first one as a quick recon mission. Move in to the base and try to keep your ships away from the turrets while you gather information. Once you are better informed, you can retreat from the base and begin your second attack. Some things to look for…

1. If there is a moat, what direction is the entrance? If there is no moat, where is the best place to attack?

2. Do the warehouses look full or empty? It might not be worth attacking the base if they don’t have much stacked up.

3. What kind of weapons do they have and are they clustered together or spread out?

Weakening the Base: You’ve had your first look and you know a few things about the base, now it’s time to put that knowledge to good use. For your second attack, you are going to soften up the defenses a little. Remember that if you do more than 25% damage to the base, it will enter damage protection. That means you want to hit retreat just before the damage bar reaches the second rivet above it. This time you want to engage the turrets. If they are spread out, remember that you can hit them a few at a time with your whole fleet. Do as much damage to the turrets as possible while doing as little damage to anything else as possible, and keep your eye on the damage bar. When you are almost at that rivet, hit retreat and prepare for your final attack.

Part 3

Getting the Resources: Okay, this will be your full attack. The base should be near to 25% damage, so any more damage will put it into DP. That means you’ve got one shot to get what you came for. You can still take some time to blast those turrets, but remember to leave some time to navigate in to the warehouses and outpost and blow them up for the resources.

Part 4

Possible Alternate Attack Strategies: Once you’ve gotten some experience attacking bases, you may find there are some bases that suit alternate strategies better. One example would be a fast blitz past the defenses if there aren’t too many turns and/or the guns are out of range of the warehouses and OP. The idea is to let your ships weather the hits as they rush by and go straight for the chewy center. A variation of this can be used if they have one kind of base defense weapon (sentinels for example) and you have level 3 armor of that type on your fleet. You will be able to largely ignore their weapons and go straight after the warehouses and OP. You might even bring 2 fleets, each with a different armor protection special, and use the one most appropriate to the base in question.

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