Zorg Empire Beginner’s Guide

Zorg Empire Beginner’s Guide by decadence


  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. Raiding
  3. Colonizing

Goal 1a : Mines

Click on the Buildings button on the left menu.
The buildings you need are:
Resource producing buildings:
Metal Mine = Produces metal.
Crystal Mine = Produces Crystal.
Deuterium Synthesizer = Produces Deuterium.
*This buildings require energy to function so you will need the,
Solar Plant = Provides a constant flow of energy for the mines.

Construction Yard:
Robot Factory = Reduces construction time of buildings.
Shipyard (Requires lvl 2 Robot Factory) = Constructs ships and defense. Reduces construction time of ships and defense.
Research Lab = Research Technologies

Build them in this order:

  1. Solar Plant (Level 1)
  2. Metal Mine (Level 1)
  3. Metal Mine (Level 2)
  4. Solar Plant (Level 2)
  5. Metal Mine (Level 3)
    *Around this time, you don’t have enough resource to continue building.
    Click on the Resources button on the left menu.
    Here you see the resource production overview for the planet. It shows your resource income from your planet. Visit this every now and then to see the effects of you mine upgrades.
    If you are lacking energy, you can lower the power consumption of a mine by decreasing it’s efficiency. Reducing the efficiency reduces the power consumption and the resource output.
  6. Metal Mine (Level 4)
  7. Solar Plant (Level 3)
  8. Crystal Mine (Level 1)
    *Not enough resource? Play with the buttons on the left menu. See what every button does.
  9. Metal Mine (Level 5)
  10. Solar Plant (Level 4)
    *Have you read the rules?
  11. Crystal Mine (Level 2)
  12. Crystal Mine (Level 3)
  13. Solar Plant (Level 5)
  14. Deuterium Synthesizer (Level 1)
    *Go to the Technologies screen. These are what you can build, research in the game.
  15. Crystal Mine (Level 4)
  16. Solar Plant (Level 6)
  17. Metal Mine (Level 6)
  18. Metal Mine (Level 7)
    *From here on, the wait will be a little longer. Visit our forums and read the stickies on the help section. Be sure to read the forum rules before posting anything.
  19. Solar Plant (Level 7)
  20. Crystal Mine (Level 5)
  21. Deut. Synth. (Level 2)
  22. Solar Plant (Level 8 )
  23. Deut. Synth. (Level 3)
  24. Deut. Synth. (Level 4)
  25. Deut. Synth. (Level 5)
    *You don’t have enough energy, reduce the efficiency of the metal mine on the resource screen. You might have to click the calculate button twice to get the actual result.
    Goal 1a complete
    Goal 1b research and shipyard
  26. Robotics Factory (Level 1)
  27. Research Lab (Level 1)
    *Now we can research technologies. Click on the Research button on the left menu to look at what you can research. Right now it’s just computer tech and energy tech. You can research and construct buildings simultaneously.
  28. Research Energy Tech. (Level 1)
  29. Robotic Factory (Level 2)
  30. Research Combustion Engine (Level 1)
  31. Shipyard (Level 1)
    *Click on the Shipyard on the left menu. Now you can build solar sats and light fighters.
    Then click Defense on the Left menu. You can also build a Rocket Launcher.
    You don’t need them yet :D .
  32. Research Combustion Engine (Level 2)
  33. Shipyard (Level 2)
    Goal 1b Complete
    *Set your metal mine to 100% and reduce the deuterium synthesizer to 80%.
    You can now build Small Cargo
    *You can research, construct building and build ships/defense at the same time.
    Goal 1 Complete
    You can breeze through this steps by using the “Imperial Support” and the “Increase building queue” from the Zorg Empire Plus!

Goal 2 Raid
While waiting for enough resource to build a small cargo click the Galaxy button on the left menu.
This is the Universe Map :D . There are 9 Galaxies with 499 solar systems each (250 systems in standard). Each solar system has 15 planet slots.
Now click on the We are looking for payer with an(i) beside his name. That will be your first raid victim. Find as many as you can.

When you already have a small cargo, go to the galaxy screen and go to the closest player with (i). Let’s attack him.
>>Hover your mouse pointer over the the planet picture then click attack on the pop-up.
>>First screen is the fleet selection. Use only 1 Light cargo then click continue. (You can send 1 light fighter to take the first plunge because it is cheaper. Something might go wrong.)
>>The next screen is the target screen. You used the attack button on the galaxy screen so there should be no problem. Click Continue.
>>Next is mission selection screen. Choose attack then click continue.
>>Last screen Mission Overview. You get a Fleet Error message if the mission is not valid.

Click overview and let’s watch the countdown for your first attack mission. There will be two new lines on the overview screen. The hit time (travel from your planet to the target planet). And the return time.
Your first attack is a gamble. Either you get some resource or your small cargo gets destroyed. If your ship is destroyed, find another player with an (i) The goal is to find a defenseless planet that you can raid.

Let’s review some things about attacking. There are three possible outcome.
a) The attacker won the battle. You have to completely destroyed the defender. If the defender has no defense or ships you automatically win. You will be able to loot the resource of the defender.
b) The defender has won the battle. The attacker’s fleet was completely destroyed. If you loose on the first round, the combat report just say’s so. :lol:
c) Tie. Neither attacker nor defender was completely destroyed. No loot.
The battle (1 round to 6 rounds) is instant.

You can only raid 50% of the defenders’ resources for every attack. That is 50% metal , 50% crystal and 50% deut. Not the 50% of the combined resources.
1/3 of your cargo space will be used for metal, another 1/3 for crystal, and the rest deuterium.
Crystal can can take up the cargo space for metal if there is not enough metal filling up to 1/2 the cargo space.
Deuterium can take up the cargo space for metal and crystal if there is not enough metal or crystal filling up to 100% the cargo space.
So if you use 1 small cargo, you will be getting 1.666 metal, 1.666 crystal, 1.666 deuterium at full load.
If the target does not have enough metal or crystal to fill the cargo, they will fill up the space with deuterium. (50% rule still applies)

Let’s get back to the game. Did your fleet arrive at the target planet? If yes, click on the messages on the left menu. Then combat report. You can view the Combat detail by clicking the “attack report”. If you lost, find another target.
If you won. Wait for your ship to return and send another cargo ship. Keep doing that until you don’t get a full load of metal. Build and send more small cargo to increase your load capacity. When you don’t get a full load of metal, find another target. Remember our target are the inacatives (i).

What will you do with the resources? Here is the list:
>More small cargo ships.
>Research Computer Technology. It increases your fleet slots,(fleets you can send at a time). You don’t have to wait for your fleet to arrive before sending another fleet.
>Espionage Technology (Requires Research Lab lvl 3) = Read the description of Espionage Technology. You might want to raise it to lvl 8. Not yet a priority though, but you need at least lvl 2 for the Espionage Ship.
>Espionage Ship (Requires Shipyard lvl 3 ; Combustion Engine lvl 2 ; Espionage Technology lvl 2) = Probe other player’s planet. No more blind shots.
*How to send probes. On the galaxy screen there is an icon for espionage on the far right of every planet. Click it. It automatically sends an espionage ship to that planet (that is if you have an espionage ship). You can change the number of probes it send at the options on the left menu.
>Some Light Fighters to destroy defenses. With the probe to see how much defenses they have, you can match it up with LF. Place them at 1:2. For every Rocket Launcher or Light Laser, send 2 LF. Don’t touch anything with Cannons yet. It will minimize your losses. Remember to do it only when the profit is worth it.
*Defenses rebuild at 70% every after battle. So don’t think of sending some LF followed by SC. Send them together.
>Upgrade your mines. Don’t forget the Solar Plant.
>Rocket Launchers = Spend surplus metal here.

That’s the basics of raiding. It is a lot more fun raiding the active players. But most active players have some defenses, try gaining more ships through researching . Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons / shields / armors. (Effecivity/Cost coming soon.) Try doing some trial and error with the COMBAT SIMULATOR. (Maybe someone could create a quick pointers for the simulator? XD)
If there is profit, TAKE IT! Though you should keep in mind the profits vs the rebuild vs security vs whom are you attacking (they would either curse you (get used to it) or appraise you.)

Time to find an Alliance.
There are lots of alliance out there. Go to Ranking on the left menu. Change the Show Ranking to Alliance. Pick which classroom you want. :D
I advice you pick an alliance with less than 30 members. They are usually more organized, less chaotic, and they can continue guiding you until you can stand on your own. (Although it’s a lot more fun doing trial and error with someone to learn things. :D ) Click on the Alliance name. Then Send an Application. —!!!Application Guidelines—

Colony Ship
Ship Yard (Level 4)
Impulse Engine (Level 3)

How to colonize another planet. Zorg Empire Getting Your Colony Ship and New Planet Guide

Some Tips in colonizing:
You can have 20 colonies at max for extreme and 10 colonies on standard.
Slots 4-9 generally have more fields.
You can set up in a cluster to take advantage of the early cost/efficiency ratio of mines. (It is more cost efficient to distribute resources and upgrade mines equally than to concentrate on a single planet.) It is also easier to manage.
Or you can spread your colonies greatly increasing your hunting range.
Distance between galaxies is equal to the 184 systems.
Hotter planet gives more energy from solar sats but gives less deuterium.
Colder planet gives more deuterium but less energy from solar sats.

—!!!Fleet Upgrades—
—!!!Fleet Saving—
—!!!Fleet Crashing—

How to send fleets.
Fleet select screen (fleet menu) > Target screen > Mission select > Mission Overview
Attack – Send attack missions to a hostile planet or moon.
Deploy – Move/station/relocate fleet to that planet. Can be used as a one way transport. You can only deploy fleets to your own planet or moon.
Transport – Send fleets to another planet or planet. They will unload the cargo and return to origin planet. No combat will ensue if you send it to a hostile planet.
Recycle – Recycle debris at target coordinates. DF must be selected on the Target Screen. Only recyclers can collect debris.
Espionage – Probe other player’s planets using espionage ships. Ships other than espionage ships will disappear if you send it for espionage mission.
ACS Defend – Defend someone else’s planet from attacks. The player to be defended must have an ACS Depo. You can adjust ACS defend stay time on the Mission Select screen.

Mission Shortcuts
Click the espionage icon (far right side of planets) on the galaxy screen. It will automatically send espionage ships to the planet. It is also the same as clicking the Espionage button on the pop-up that shows when you move your mouse over a planet.
You can change the # of probes it send on the Options,

Move your mouse over a Debris Field. Click Recycle on the pop-up. It will automatically send enough recyclers to collect all the debris.

This pop-up will appear when you move your mouse over a planet in the galaxy scree.
Phalanx – Only if you have a sensor phalanx in range.
ACS Defend

Clicking attack , ACS defend, transport, will direct you to the fleet screen. The coordinates of the planet will automatically be the target planet.

There is also an Attack shortcut on the espionage reports.

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