Tribes Ascend Infiltrator Guide

Tribes Ascend Infiltrator Guide by MasterInferno

I play infiltrator a LOT. My favorite class. Hence I have gotten pretty good at it. My highest score has been 33 Frags. I see the forum is littered with Infiltrator posts and that they are underpowered. I will offer my guide and I hope it helps.

Default Loadout:
Stealth Spinfusor
Sticky grenades
Close Combat

All are maxed
Dont see a point in using the prism mines until I get more prism mines on my belt. [at least 3 hirez] However they are more useful for defensive infiltrator.

I have my melee bound to middle mouse button, my E button is Use (getting repair tool). Obviously this is based on preference. Whatever you can quickly get at.

Infiltrator is NOT only just for gen destruction.

-Wait at enemy flag stand, kill enemy capper when he comes in and when hes not expecting a welcome party. First strike.

-[Favorite] Give capper a heart attack by standing in their skiing path and melee him as he collides with you.

-Gen destruction

-Flag stand harrassement. IF there is heavy D on flag, rain down stickies. clear that flag stand quick.

-E-Grab! The most ez class to e-grab with is the infiltrator. If you want to really do a good job with E-grabbing, get egocentric for DJ’s. Some maps you dont really need that. (bella)

-Sniper killing. Just melee them. Doesnt matter where, its an insta kill.

-Killing a turtle. I love doing this. Sneak in base where everyone is surrounding the FC. if its a medium or light, a good melee = death. If heavy, backstab, spam all ur grenades. Hopefully killing him and some of his buddies. If not, they will at least be wounded for your teammates to take them out.

-Tank Destruction. If its low HP drop 2 stickies if its full HP drop 2 stickies and run. The most awesome thing you can do is sneak up on a tank driver while he repairs the tank. Hijack his tank, and kill him. Than you can ROFL, LOL, OMG, and so on….to your hearts content. You can also get behind him and drop a tactical strike on his head.

-Vehicle Hijack (have done this before a couple of times). When an enemy purchases a vehicle, you have a limited time between after the purchase and when he gets teleported into the vehicle. If you can backstab him (bc its the quickest way to kill him) you can take that vehicle and wreak havoc. =D

Fights in Gen Room. [Since thats the biggest topic I c when it comes to infiltrators]

Expect motion detectors, make sure u have full energy b4 u destroy one with SN7. Cloak. as tech will spam when he investigates, wait. If he is alone go for the backstab or Direct disc hit. Stabbing is better tho.

Direct spin hit 700 DMG
Melee 900 DMG
Backstab 1350 DMG (with close combat perk)

If you do not have the stealth spin, get that melee.

After you are revealed, turn off your cloaking. You must fight like if your a pathfinder. There is no need to keep your cloaking when he can see you, use that energy to jet around. If your low in HP, its time to retreat. When retreating drop stickies behind. Either he will die, not get hit or severly wounded. If wounded kill him b4 he regens.
2 ppl repairing gen

always do the most damaging thing you can do b4 revealing yourself. if no backstab, use stickies.
What i do – Backstab one, stab the other and hit with spin. Thats usually enough to take them out.
Tech turrets
SN7 First, then melee, You wont get shot.
Practice fighting in the open, pretend INF is a pathfinder and youll be better at killing in the gen room.
If a guy is moving while he’s repairing his gen. Move WITH him and that will help you land your melee a LOT.
Always try to keep that radar down. Your an INF, when you decloak to recharge your energy, they will see you. First thing I do at the beginning of the match, sticky the radar.
If you have stealth spin and enemy is in bottomless pit. Try to hit him in there, works pretty well if they are repairing the gen. (bella, kata)
IF you have a melee opportunity, take it. Sometimes I hit heavies 2x(1800 DMG) with melee during a fight and it really messes them up.
If you have a buddy in the gen room….wait….be patient. during the fight, step in when you can def. finish them off/low in HP.
When using stealth spin, don’t be afraid to whip out ur SN7 to finish someone off. I do this often when out in the open and unable to catch up to enemy.
Attacking while they are repairing the gen, or standing still for whatever reason, is THE best time to attack
Vs. Heavies

For me I backstab and then hit with stealth spin until dead.
sticky vs heavy 1200 DMG
backstab heavy 1350 DMG (close combat perk)
Know that ur enemy can hear your footsteps. Move a bit and ski. They can still hear u ski but its a little harder.
Guerrila tactics (hit and run) – wins battles
When the enemy knos you are there. uncloak and save ur energy for jetting.
If everyone and their mom is in the gen room. Dont keep attacking the gen solo. Either wait for a distraction (teammates) or hit the flagstand. The gen ppl will get bored and leave if no one is attacking. Than attack the gen again. The more ppl you have protecting their gen, the less ppl there are on flag D and O. Which makes capping a lot easier for your team.
Base Turrets – Dont mess with them unless you have stealth spinfusor and can disc snipe them. Trying to sticky them is too awkward and if you really want them dead, just get raider, put on scrambler pack, do your thing, and switch back to infiltrator. If you try to sticky you’ll end up getting shot by it or someone else.

*******Defensive Infiltrator*********

-stay cloaked with super heavy perk on the flag stand for lulz. It’s best that the flagstand is completely naked, if the capper sees mines, they will pop off a disc and make your life more difficult.

-llama destroyer, chill on your own flag stand, you see a llama coming in, rain down dmg, he didnt kno you were there and thought he could get away with no dmg leaving the stand.

-defensive gen – stay cloaked and wait for the opportune time to engage in the fight. I like to get behind the enemy while hes fighting a teammate and give him a nice backstab or melee him at all. if i miss, i uncloak and shoot with my primary.

Prism mine fun
only 2 good situations to use prism mines.

1. in high speed areas
2. in retreats
3. tight corridors where u can hide the mine but the laser goes across the entrance. (drydock interior)

Drop a prism mine where ppl ski into the gen entrance for example.

Or when in the enemy base u can set up a prism mine behind you. You shoot the enemy and run away hopefully he will hit the mine and get 700 DMG.

The enemy gets 700 DMG no matter where they hit the laser. so try to put the actual mine behind an object so they dont c a green-rotating-gem in the middle of the room. keeping the actual mine out of sight and only have the laser cross the area, it will greatly increase ur chances of a hit.
(in drydock gen room, put a prism mine in the room with the gen but behind the wall so only the laser passes through the opening)

derito wrote:
Did you try safety third with stickies ? Since the devs removed the randomness you can quite easily stick them on unsuspecting targets. It also allow you to destroy a lvl4 gen extremly fast. And it makes your stickies’ explosions even bigger !
I find them much more reliable than melee since you can kill any medium repairing the gen with a single stickie and a disk. It is also much easier to deal with groups of people repairing together.
The only downside is the very limited number of bombs you carry.

DrEuthanasia wrote:
– Due to the detonation time of sticky grenades, it’s possible to stick a heavy, backstab him, and then fly away fast enough to survive the stick’s blast radius. You won’t even take damage if the heavy is walking forwards, although if you try to escape in the same direction he’s moving, it’s likely that you’ll die. This combo will kill all but fully upgraded heavies, and one SN7 shot or disk will finish off the rest. Egocentric isn’t really worth replacing Survivalist but it will allow you to survive the combo indoors, guaranteed.

– Due to the graphical effect that becomes an Infiltrator’s silhouette when cloaked, it’s easier to see them when they are standing between you and a source of bright light (as it splits up the R/G/B components of that light and as such, more intense light means denser rainbows). What this means for Infiltrator players is obvious – try to avoid standing in front of lights, and get out of the Conduit in Bella Omega’s basement as quickly as possible.

– Melee hit registration becomes less consistent the more the attacker is moving. Against targets moving in complex patterns, it’s far better for you to be stationary than running around. Regardless of how fast your target is moving, it becomes a simple matter of prediction so long as you are standing to the side of where they will be, and there’s no easier way to get backstabs on Techs running to enter their bases. Don’t wait for them to stand still, just do it yourself and you won’t have to put up with the next three minutes of Thumper spam.

Video Guide by Vypur

Derito brings up a good suggestion for those who have issues with melee. I prefer melee bc it ensures me a kill when stickies do 1200 DMG but the safetythird perk do give belt items a boost.

Euthanasia brings up the old sticky + melee combo, I used to do this prepatch with egocentric on and it was a guaranteed kill on a heavy. I’ll personally try this soon bc of the nerf on heavy movement. I didnt want to use egocentric again and I was afraid they would just suicide on mean bc of the increase radius post-patch. Only do this tactic when there are no turrets or no one else around. if there are, Guerrila tactics. For myself I have no real issue with having melee’s connect, I feel no real difference if i move with my target or not. Practice this yourselves, my ping in game are below 20 most of the time. So you may want to go by what Euthanasia says and melee while you stay still.

Vypur makes an excellent video that is a must watch. Shows good Defensive Infiltrator which is what i mainly took from the video.

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