Thirst of Night Quick Tips

Thirst of Night Quick Tips by morningHELELstar

4-5 Bloodlabs.
Farm RedBloodCamps for Blood.
[Refer to another thread for the “no troop loss” thingy.]
More space for Steelworks, Cristal Pits, and if you want Concrete Plants, then it’ll help.
(By the way, don’t make too many Concrete Plants. Steel and Crystal is the most needed for troop training)

5-6 Houses
(Most top players have that amount of houses and like 11-13 Barracks. Because time is gold, no, diamond on this game. If you play DOA you should understand.) [By the way I don’t play DOA]

50% Tax.
(The Tax rate will lower your Population Morale. A Tax rate of 100% means NO population at all, so no Platinum income there. And a 0% Tax rate means no income at all. So which is in the middle of those? That’s right! optimal 50% You guys are geniuses…)

When in need of Idle Population for training more troops, just put Tax back to 0%.
After you set those Troops to Train, set Tax to 50% once again.

Do not put up a NightClub, unless you put 8 houses. (Which is a no-no for impatient players.)

Personal Tip:
Don’t fight against a player that outdoes your power. Or is in a strong alliance. Some are usually jerks who like to bully… *cough* Top*cough* allncz*chokes* JK
If you grow fast, let the other players grow as well, you were once like them. Well, not that one should care lulz

If you know of some tips for my fellow newbies, please share your almighty knowledge. Thank you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    have a lot of troops

  2. Anonymous says:

    save speedups for attacks later

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