Thirst of Night Quick Start Guide

Thirst of Night Quick Start Guide by Quantum_Magician

Following this guide will help you learn the gameplay for Thirst of Night and will give you a jump in power during your first day. It will also set you up for the research and building upgrades you need to start training Snipers, Trucks, Nemesis Bats, and Armored Trucks.

*Note: Make sure you complete the first few introductory quests in order to create your character name and collect a few goodies. Afterward, check your items to use some resource gifts. It will help a lot during building and researching at the beginning.


  1. Go into your Downtown and increase your tax rate to 40% – 50%
    — This will give you a high platinum rate that is good for building and researching at the expense of decreasing your idle population.
    — Idle population is only used for training troops. So don’t worry about that right now, since you won’t be training troops yet.
  2. Build 3 Level 1 Steelworks and Crystal Pits, Build 2 additional Level 1 Blood Labs and 2 Level 1 Concrete Plants (*Note: You should already have a Level 2 Blood Lab from the intro quests)
  3. Build 5 additional Level 1 Homes (6 if you choose NOT to build a Night Club)
    — Homes increase your total and idle population.
    — *Note: You will already have one built from the intro quests.
  4. Research Level 1 Vein Mining
    — Vein Mining will increase your steel production rate.
    — Steel is used a lot during building and training troops.
  5. Build a Bell Tower
    — The Bell Tower will increase the training time of bat troops.
    — A Level 5 Bell Tower is needed to train Nemesis Bats.
  6. Build a Furnace
    — A higher level Furnace allows you to research a higher level of Twilight Warfare.
    — A Level 5 Furnace is needed to train Nemesis Bats.
  7. Build a Night Club (Optional) and Research Level 1 Crystallography
    — Night Clubs allow you to increase the tax rate a certain amount without decreasing the city’s morale.
    — Crystallography will increase your crystal production rate.
  8. Build a Barracks
    — Barracks are where you will train troops.
    — A higher level Barracks allows you to train a better type of troop and will decrease the training time of troops. Also, more Barracks will decrease the training of troops.
    — A Level 5 Barracks is needed to train Snipers, and Level 7 is needed to train Nemesis Bats.
  9. Build a Watchtower and Research Level 1 Blood Chemistry
    — The Watchtower will warn you and give you detailed information of a spy or an attack.
    — A higher level Watchtower gives you more detailed information about who spied or attacked you.
    — Blood Chemistry will increase your blood production rate.
  10. Build an Arsenal and Research Level 1 Concrete Blends
    — *Note: The Arsenal says you need to upgrade it in order to upgrade your walls and research Spectral Vision, but this isn’t true. This inconsistency might be fixed in the future, but for now don’t worry about it.
    — A Level 3 Arsenal is needed to train Armored Trucks.
    — Concrete Blends will increase your concrete production rate.
  11. Build a Warehouse
    — The Warehouse will protect a certain amount of your resources from attack.
    — A higher level Warehouse will protect more resources.
  12. Upgrade Research Center to Level 2 (Use a 15-minute speed-up – Optional)
  13. Research Level 2 Blood Chemistry, Level 2 Vein Mining, Level 2 Crystallography, and Level 2 Concrete Blends
  14. Upgrade each Home to Level 4 and Resource Plant to Level 4
  15. Now might be a good time to use the production rate increases in your items bag that you got in the beginning.
    — They DO stack if you want to go ahead and use all of them at once.
    — *Note: They stack by time, not production rate.
  16. Upgrade Downtown to Level 2
    — A higher level Downtown will allow you to build more resource plants and conquer more wildernesses.
    — Wilds are found on the Map screen and consist of Chasms, Lakes, Hills, Mountains, and Prairies.
  17. Build a Crystal Pit, Steelworks, and Blood Lab and Upgrade each to Level 4
  18. Upgrade Research Center to Level 3, then Research Level 3 Vein Mining
  19. Upgrade Bell Tower and Furnace to Level 3
  20. Upgrade a Barracks to Level 3 and Research Level 3 Crystallography
  21. Upgrade the Gargoyle Perch to Level 2
    — A higher level Gargoyle Perch will strengthen your Gargoyle.
    — Gargoyle armor can be found in Level 5 Redblood Camps and higher.
    — In order to use your Gargoyle in battle, you must have all 4 pieces of Gargoyle Armor along with a Level 8 Gargoyle Perch.
  22. Research Selective Breeding to Level 3
    — Selective Breeding increases the speed of bat troops.
    — Level 3 Selective Breeding is needed to train Nemesis Bats.
  23. Upgrade Warehouse, Arsenal, Assembly Point, General’s Crypt, Watchtower, and Night Club to Level 2
    — A higher level General’s Crypt allows you to recruit more Generals.
  24. Research Level 1 Shapeshifting
    — A higher level Shapeshifting will give you more detailed spy reports.
    — Level 1 Shapeshifting is needed to train Flickerforms (spies).

This is about as far as you’ll be able to go on the first day considering that most people should run out of resources by now if you haven’t already, especially metal, concrete, and platinum. By now, you should have a power of at least 1280, which is a good start. It’s best to just let your city sit and replenish so you can have plenty of resources for the next day.

— *Note: Before you log off, make sure you use the resource rate increases in your item bag if you haven’t already. This will give you even more resources for the next few days.


  1. Upgrade the Research Center to Level 4 (Use a 1-hr speed-up – Optional)
  2. Upgrade each resource plant to Level 5 and Research Level 4 Vein Mining
  3. Upgrade a Barracks to Level 4 and Research Level 5 Vein Mining
  4. Research Level 1 Spectral Vision
    — Spectral Vision increases the reach of ranged weapons.
    — Level 1 Spectral Vision is needed to train Snipers.
  5. Build 12 Level 1 Barracks in the remaining building slots in your city
    — This will greatly decrease the train time of your troops.
    — When this is done, you can start training Snipers and Trucks if you want. However, training Snipers at this point will deplete your resources. You can start training now or wait until the next day.
    — For now, train no more than 100 Snipers; This is enough to attack level 4 Wilds and level 1 Redblood Camps with no losses. Trucks don’t cost a lot, so train as many as you think you need.
    — *Note: When training troops, drop your tax rate to 0% for the max amount of idle population. Idle population will allow you to train more troops. Once you have queued the troops you want to train, set your tax rate back. Your tax rate does NOT have to stay at 0% while your troops are training, only when they are being queued.
  6. Upgrade Bell Tower and Furnace to Level 5 and Research Level 5 Crystallography
  7. Upgrade a Barracks to Level 7 and Research Level 5 Endurance
    — This will take awhile but be patient; the rewards are great.
    — Once this is done, you will be able to train Nemesis Bats which are fast and strong.
    — Once you start training these troops, your power should start increasing fairly steadily.
  8. Upgrade Downtown to Level 4
    — *Note: Do not do this until your Countdown Chest has disappeared in your city. Otherwise, you lose any chances to open it that you have left.
  9. Build 2 Level 1 Concrete Plants, 2 Level 1 Blood Labs, 3 Level 1 Steelworks, and 3 Level 1 Crystal Pits
    — *Note: Don’t worry about having a lot of Blood Labs. Blood can be easily farmed from Redblood Camps.
  10. Upgrade Arsenal to Level 3 and Research Architecture Level 3
    — Architecture will decrease your build time.
    — Level 3 Architecture is needed to train Armored Trucks.

At this point, you should be fairly familiar with the gameplay. You should also have a decent power for the beginning week of play and have the ability to train powerful troops.

From now on, just continue building, researching, training, and attacking wilds and redblood camps.

Welcome to Thirst of Night!

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