TERA Online PvP System Guide

TERA Online PvP System Guide by Ryan

Please note this is the best information we have available at this time. This article is based on information located on the German fansite tera.onlinewelten.com. My comments are in red.


Introduction to the Tera PvP (Player Vs. Player) system.

The PvP system

It is important to note that the player who pk’s is penalized.

The whole penalty system is, and will vary from implementation of server to server and region to region within a server. ( Very vague and we need additional details ).

The PvP system will also play a very important role in the political system.

Guild Wars & Battle Grounds

You can declare war on other guilds and compete against them in PvP.

Of course there’ll be some issues as well as rewards, but these vary.

In case you do not feel like the usual PvP, then perhaps you will find fun in a Battle Ground.

The battlefields offer up to 15vs15 combat.

There will be two groups and each with a commander who signs the respective group.

The commanders may set up special combat skills.

PvP in Korea

In the Korean version of TERA, there are many PvP features.

Individual duels to an epic 15vs15 group battle are possible.

Another battleground is the 10vs10 where two groups compete against each.

In this case, the team commanders special skills, they can use to give his team an advantage.

The commanders of a team may choose between these 4 skills:

  1. Opponents visible – for about 10 seconds, the opponent team is made visible on the map
  2. Meteorite shower – for about 10 seconds meteorite pieces fall from the sky at a selected location.
  3. Further recovery – using this skill activates a certain regeneration area in which members of the team that HP is restored.
  4. Instant relaxation – at the time of activation team members in a certain range are cured of any ailments.

The PvP system also offer weapons, armor, and accessories to buy with improved stats. ( We need more details on the gear. Is it comparable to crafted gear? Raid boss drops? Any special bonuses? )

There is armor, weapons and accessories for the following levels: 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60

In addition to the battlefields in TERA, there are also groups Duel PvP.

Here you can play with up to 10vs10 and this feature can be enjoyed without limit.

You can gamble gold with your opponent on the outcome of the match.

The team which has killed all the enemies first, wins.

There is a time limit of 6 minutes. After that time a count of how many players of each team is taken and the team with the most still standing wins.

5v5 Group Duels on Tera Korea server

This team wins then the amount of gold, which was gambled before the fight.

In the Korean version, there is still a PvP system that 1vs1.

Here you fight against a player and you win only when the opponent is down or gives up.

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