TERA Online Mount Quest Guide

TERA Online Mount Quest Guide by Ryan

This guide is from the Korean server, and the translation isn’t great, but there are plenty of images and it’s the best information I could find. We will surely update this info asap.


After doing the quests of the elites, the ring, stone, kill the imps and all that we went to the southern part of the map (see picture):

After making all the necessary quests in the area below we have to enter the famous instance of defending the village:

The quest to sent us Velika:

And we see a cinematic with this ceremony:

After the ceremony, there are new quests in Velika:

Homunculus quest and that of the horse (in the same room):

We have to go to the famous stable, we need to go through the southern exit of Velika

You can catch the teleport, where it says “Green Street Stalls” and it leads directly to the correct location:

Once in the barn, talk to the npc who asks us to collect some plants that are in the area:

We talked to the NPC who gives the horse:

We click on the card and learn the skill of riding:

As a skill, we can drag the bar below to launch skills:

And presto, we have the horse:

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