SWTOR Tips You Wish You Knew

SWTOR Tips You Wish You Knew by Grissol and Others

I figured it would be a good idea to put tips here that we didnt realize and figured out later. Perhaps all of us will learn something new. This is kinda coming off the back of the Bonehead things we have done thread.

1. At the speeder/taxi posts, you have to click on the terminal to get it as a destination point AND click on the taxi guy to open up the taxi point. I didnt realize this until level 14.

2. Untrack your Heroic quests while rolling solo. BUT recheck the tracking on them when you actually group up to do them. This caused me all sorts of grief.

3. Orange weapons can be upgraded. Dont replace an orange item with a green and sell that orange item. I still miss my first light saber…*sob.

4. The max number of quests you can have in your log is 25. I could not figure out why quest givers were telling me I could not do their quest at this time…

5. Relics have to be clicked to use their extra ability. I didnt read it fully and thought it was a passive ability. Figured this out after having them for 10 levels….

6. Best to pick commendations as your quest reward unless you are offered an item modification. Forget the green items.

7. Click on every ‘Lore Object’ you come across. They’re usually a glowy blue color and give you the little hand symbol on mouseover. They give a nice little amount of XP and also give you a fun-filled codex entry!

8. Emergency Fleet Pass : teleports you back to the fleet once a day, check your ablities under general

9. Companion Equipment Compare! When you hover over an item it’ll compare it to your companions armor as well. Didn’t learn this until about 17 and then realized I had seriously neglected Khem… Located somewhere in the preferences.

10. The Dark Side / Light Side indicator next to the choices you make during the conversations. Located somewhere in the preferences.

11. You can have your crafting mats in your cargohold and not in your bags. I did not know this intill lvl 23. I was allways full and yelled for a drop of bigger bags. Oh oh oh I did not know that you can buy bigger bag space untill lvl 23,1.

12. Fleet pass comes in handy when you get a quest that blocks you from leaving a planet and you want to go get your space dailies in or even make a trip to the AH.

13. As a smuggler and as soon as you get Corso Riggs click the + on the small 4 panel companion bar and then right click on Harpoon Shot to turn that off.

14. When channeling a skill, do not click another power to cue it, you will cancel the cue and lower the damage potential. Unless you need to cancel the enemy’s next charging skill.

15. default key combo is control+1 to send your companion charging head first into your currently selected mob. Useful for those squishy players and their tank pets or for letting your companion take care of that one straggler out of aoe range.

16. If you have bioanalysis you can harvest non droid non human strong class and higher for crafting materials.

17. If you have scavenging you can harvest strong level droids and higher for crafting materials.

18. If playing Republic side and you see someone’s name in green, be careful about buffing them. They are flagged for PvP and it will flag you as well. I don’t remember the color difference Imperial side.

19. Pick up daily quests for pvp or pve from mission boxes on the fleet. Especially at 50.

20. I just realized yesterday that my companion had learned new skills but he was not using them.
Expand your companion hotbar and rightclik on the skills to make the small green indicator box glow.

21. In pvp use your cc break only once your resolve bar has filled. Use it too early and you’ll just get cc’ed again for the full duration.

22. Pick biochem/bioanalysis/diplomacy as your starting crafts. Will save you alot of grief down the road

23. Anytime you log in or have to resummon your companions, always make sure their passive stance is activated. This ability can sometimes randomly deactivate and seriously cripple you in solo combat

24. You can talk to players of the opposing faction through /say, you cannot send them a /whisper though.

25. At least one mission per planet gives you a Techblade as reward. Unless you know someone who can make them always take this option over any other if you are a Jedi Consular. You cannot find any better quality Techblades anywhere else except weapon vendors and they’re not much better than the one from mission rewards.

26. Check your companions’ hotbars from time to time, they get new abilities every few levels which appear on the hotbar and some hit multiple targets and are switched off by default.

27. Using /stuck while in combat kills you.

28. If you need to do a death run to get to a destination strip off all items with durability, they will not be damaged if in your inventory when you die.

29. Orange items from vendors which are buyable with credits are the same ones that drop in flashpoints.

28. Check your General tab in your list of spells after reaching the fleet for the first time, there’s an Emergency Fleet Pass there with an 18 hour cooldown which you can use to get to the fleet almost instantly if you need to get there in a hurry.

29. After activating your advanced class make sure when you talk to class trainers you select both your main class and your advanced class tabs to learn new spells.

30. Visit every crew skill trainer at least once, you earn xp by discovering them and the codex entry tells you which crew skill pairs best with which discoveries.

31. Passive prevents your companion from attacking which can be useful at times. Like if you need to out run a mob, otherwise they will stand and die while you run.

32. AOE looting, have to stop and tell people when I see them loot each corpse individually.

33. adding a security key to your account unlocks a vendor which you can but a slutty outfit for females, as well as a fleet passes, which cost 1K and has a 1 hour cooldown, (since the 18 hour cooldown is forever)

34. always have you extra companions out crafting/gathering,
if you want craftables out of you cargohold, canceling the crafted item puts the raw mats into your bag.

35. the fastest way to heal your companion is to activate your speeder then hop off. then dismiss/summon companion.

36. Respec costs reset to zero on a Weekly basis.

37. Modification stations are no longer needed, don’t waste your time looking for them, just right click on the mod/armour/enhancement you want to remove.

38. Remember to randomly slaughter some of the beasts around the worlds. They may just be one of the numerous codex beasts giving you some extra exp.

39. If you like ship missions have an alt (or a friend) with cybertech craft you ship upgrades. Or buy them off the GTN if your server market is good.

40. There are 2 different trade networks. There is your faction only via fleet and your capital. And there is a neutral hutt cartel trade network for both factions on Nar Shadda. Lower promenade. This way you can sell other faction schematics to them. (Both networks are completely separate)

41. You should log off in the Cantina’s or your ship because you will get rest xp.

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