SWTOR Primal Destroyer Location, Loot, Strategy Guide

SWTOR Primal Destroyer Location, Loot, Strategy Guide

Location: Belsavis
Coordinates: X: -450, Y: -3450

item icon Advanced Commando Barrel 22
item icon Schematic: Advanced Magenta Resonating Crystal


Located -450, -3450 in the middle of the lake, Primal Destroyer is a level 50 world boss has a 2 hour respawn timer and is know to drop the schematic for crafting the magenta colored crystal.

Two tanks are needed for the encounter. The OT will pick up all three adds and tank them away from the Primal Destroyer. One add will regenerate health, the second will reduce the healing of the raid, and the third will produce AoE damage. This fight is a DPS race so focus on the boss first, then kill the adds later. Have a dedicated healer to the OT and one for the MT.

Post 1.1 update:

Group consisted of 3 tanks, 3 healers, 6 dps. Ensure at least one of your dps’ers is a Shadow/Assassin that’s not afraid to take a few hits.

Tanking assignments:
Best tank = main mob
Best geared off-tank to the left side (Unnatural Grubling, the big blue spikey looking one)
Ranged tank is best, but any tank should suffice for the middle add (Drooling Grubling)
Shadow/Assassin = kiting on the right side (Primal Grubling) Be in your Tank stance! Abuse your burst run as much as you can, but never kite him out of the water as the event may reset

Phase 1 – Engage him where he stands. Off-tanks get into their position. When the main mob is at 90% HP…
Phase 2 – Three adds spawn from the West, South, and East of the main mob. Your off-tanks need to grab their assignments ASAP. Do NOT kill the adds! All DPS should be on the main mob until he falls.

Keep the main tank up and keep an eye on the West and East off-tanks. As the fight progresses the West tank (Unnatural Grubling, the blue one) applies an armor debuff to the tank and will start hitting very hard. Also the kiting tank to the East may take a few shots and AE’s while kiting, so throw some green numbers their way from time to time.

Clean up the adds once the main mob is down.

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