SWTOR Eternity Vault Ancient Pylons Guide

SWTOR Eternity Vault Ancient Pylons Guide by Roofie and Petrus

Normal Mode HP:
Regular NPC: 5430
Elite NPC: 34055
Hardmode Mode HP:
Regular NPC: ?
Elite NPC: ?
Nightmare Mode HP:
Regular NPC: 5973
Elite NPC: 37461

Boss Description:
This is the famed Puzzle fight of Eternity Vault. Players must “solve” the puzzle of the Ancient pylons by splitting into two groups using the terminals below each pylon. Once used, the terminal becomes locked for a certain period before it can be used again. Throughout the fight, groups of elite and normal mobs will spawn, and both groups must fight them off while attempting to solve the puzzle. The raid should split up into two groups of four/eight, one at each Pylon. Adds show up during the course of the encounter, and the goal is to hold them off long enough for both sides to finish the puzzle.

Fight Information:
The Operation group should split into two groups with a tank and healer in each group. As soon as it’s unlocked, one member of the group needs to activate the terminal by each Pylon, which will take them out of the fight for a few seconds.

Each time the terminal is used, the Ancient pylon activates, and the lowest ring that isn’t solved moves. Once the bottom ring matches up to the two sides, the terminal will then start on the next lowest, etc. Once both sides have completed each Pylon, the fight is over.

The adds spawn pretty quickly, and will aggro whoever they’re closest too. Staying close to the tank seems to be the best idea. The elites also hit very hard, so getting CC on them quickly is likely to be key in this fight. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of down time for healers to regenerate resources, so reducing the amount of damage taken is the name of the game.

Enemies from the other group’s Pylon can, and sometimes do, travel to the opposite pylon. Each group should be aware of this, prevent it if possible, and call it out if they can’t prevent it, as an unplanned for elite could mean a wipe.


Additional Information:
“Solving” the pylons seems to just involve clicking the terminal and hoping the colors match up. With this in mind, this fight isn’t really a puzzle fight as much as it is an endurance fight. There aren’t many surprises, but groups of four/eight have to survive constantly fighting elites for as long as it takes for both teams to activate their pylons.

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