Super MNC Wascot Guide

Super MNC Wascot Guide by InteNse

Table of contents


  • Introduction:
    • Wascot
    • Difficulty
    • Strengths & Weaknesses
    • Cost
  • Numbers & Mechanics
    • Stats
    • Weapons
      • The Heart Breaker
      • Coin Launcher


    • Skills
      • Crook Hook
      • Party Pooper
      • Shifty Shuffle


    • Gameplay
      • Skill build
      • Endorsements
      • Skill usage
      • Game progression
        • Early game
        • Mid game
        • Late game


      • Misc tips & tricks
      • Videos



Wascot is a Commando introduced in Patch 13 to SMNC. He has a hook for movement, can debuff enemies and can activate a buff that counters grapples and gives life steal for short times. He is good at harrassing Sharpshooters and other Commandos but can be a bit lackluster in destroying turrets as well as in fighting against enforcers.

Currently rated at max difficutly together with all the other commandos. With low hp he can be easy to die with and might not be suited for you if you are very new to the game. Don’t be afraid to try him out though.

600 Uber Points or 9000 Combat Credits.


  • Early / Mid game.
  • Good against Sharpshooters other Commandos
  • Good at killing pros
  • High mobility


  • Late game
  • Bad at destroying turrets/firebases/kittens
  • Weak against enforcers

Data & Mechanics

This part contains the numbers and mechanics for Wascot, his skills and his weapons.

Base speed: 600
Base HP: 840

All damages given are base damage before any multipliers are included.

Heart Breaker
Primary fire:
Type: Melee
Range: 160 units
Damage: 55 damage per swing.
Rate of fire: 1.33 swings per second.


  • One attack command causes two swings.
  • Pressing the reload button will make you lunge 1024 units (thanks Moose). The lunge takes 0.5 sec and has a cooldown of 1.5 sec.

Secondary fire:
Type: Grapple

A normal grapple that does not throw away the enemy in the end. No damage difference if it is done from behind or the front.

Coin Launcher:
Magazine size: 4
Reload time 1.5 sec
Accuracy: 0.16

Primary fire:
Rate of fire: 1 shot / sec
Damage: 20 per coin
Type: Projectile
Projectile speed: 3000 units / sec
Ammo cost: 1

Fires 4 coins that explodes after 3 seconds and do damage in a 256 unit radius.

Secondary fire:
Type: Projectile
Rate of fire: 1 / sec
Damage: 1
Ammo cost: 1

Fires one tofu bacon wich causes any enemy pro that passes in a 128 unit radius of the bacon move 50% slower and reduce fire rate for 50 % for 1 second. The tofu bacon lasts 3 seconds.

If data is given in the format x/y/z/w it means that the value x,y,z,w is associated with rank 1,2,3,4 of the skill respectively.

Crook Hook
Cooldown: 20/14/10/7.5 sec
Damage: 1

Shoots a hook that travels at a speed of 6000 units / sec a maximum distance of ??????? that attaches to surfaces/bots/enemy pros and sets the velocity to be in the direction of the hook. If enemy pros are hit with the hook they will get stunned for 1 second.


  • You can control yourself while you are in the air.
  • If you get grappled while your hook is in the air you will fly away from the grapple (possibly a bug)

Party Pooper:
Cooldown: 40/26.5/20/15 sec

Applies a debuff to enemeies in front of you within a range of 2048 units that makes them do 50 % damage and have their aim reduced by 50/50/50/66 percent for 3 seconds.

Shifty Shuffle
Cooldown: 40/26.5/20/15 sec

Gives you a buff lasting 5 seconds that will counter enemy grapples and do damage back to them (how much and how does it scale?). It also gives you 2.5/5/10/12.5 percent lifesteal. Lifesteal means that you heal yourself when you do damage.


  • If two Wascots in opposite teams both have Shifty Shuffle activated and one tries to grapple the other the one that initiated the grapple will do the damage.


Skill build:
Max Offense, Shifty Shuffle, Defense, Party Pooper, Hook in that order. You could throw in one extra rank of hook at earlier levels. None of your skills do any damage so we want to focus on Offense to be able to actually do damage. Shifty Shuffle is such a useful skill that it just has to be taken as second. The extra life steal from it can also very well give you more effective hp in a fight than the extra hp we would have gotten from Defense. I seldom need to hook much more often than every 20 second so I usually go with it last but if you play differently consider leveling it before Party Pooper.

This looks very strong. Credits to lennardf1989 for making the endorsement calculator and Zanarias for the endorsement build. I have not played around with that exact build myself so at this point it is just theory crafting.

Skill usage:

Crook Hook:
Your mobility skill. Use it to catch up enemies with low HP to finish them off, to escape from getting ganked and to get to the jungle at level 1. You can also use it
to prevent a ring out if you are charged or ejected outside the arena.

Party Pooper:
Use it to reduce incoming damage on yourself or a team mate. Since the duration is low, try time it for when the maximum burst of of the damage will hit. Using Party Pooper while you are still hitting someone in the back is useless.

Shifty Shuffle
The trademark skill of Wascot. Try not to use it prematurely. There is no need to waste the precious 5 second duration when you opponent has not even realized you are there.
You can also use it to regain hp from hitting bots especially at higher ranks of it when the cooldown is lower and the life steal percentage higher. There are interesting mind games that can be played with it were you don’t activate it for some time to bait your opponent into grappling you. Activating it just before your opponent goes in for the grapple is very satisfying.

Game progression:

Early game:
I define early game to be the time between game start and when the first annihilator has been pushed. Start off going to the jungle. If you are alone use your coin launcher to kill off the first gremlin (going melee with it at level 1 will almost kill you). If you are against another Commando it can be hard to get the last hit on the gremlin since the Coin Launcher does mediocre unreliable damage. You generally have an advantage in a 1v1 fight at this stage so try harass the other jungler so he/she have to retreat giving you free reign to the first gremlin. After that try to harass the enemy team from above with the Coin Launcher as well as looking for potential ganks. Pop between jungle and ground level trying to tag ALL the shady bots and get the slims as well. Of course try to pick up everything both from your bots and the enemy bots. Aim for level 6 at 5 minute mark. At the annihilator fight try to pick off enemies that got to low hp. Pop in and out of the fighting. With Shifty Shuffle active you can be more aggressive.

Mid game:
The mid game is the game period after first annih to about min 20 where people start to get level 13. This is the time to shine. Wascot’s usefulness declines as the game moves into late so you need to do damage and create an advantage at this point of the game or your Wascot pick was bad. Your goal is to annoy sharpshooters and other commandos. Sharpshooters can completely shut down your team if they are allowed to aim freely. You don’t have to kill them. Hurt them and make them have to reposition and retreat. Other commandos will try to do the same towards your sharpshooters. Protect them, you generally have an advantage versus them in fights. I want to emphasize that this is the best time for Wascot!

Late game:
The period in the game where everyone is lvl 13-15. This is a hard time for you. The damage from grapples are no longer significant and you die fast from basically everything. Assault’s can fly kite you endlessly, enforcers will never die etc. At this point hope that you have given your team a significant advantage by playing good mid game. Try to push lanes and use your mobility to get ejectors and “backdoor” bot lanes.

Misc tips & tricks:

  • Enemy Wascot’s can easily get overconfident with Shifty Shuffle activated. Use it yourself and grapple them.
  • Juice + Shifty Shuffle makes you a monster. Incredible lifesteal and lots of damage. You can be very aggressive with those activated.
  • Exploit his mobility. When you are moving around lunge constantly. Come from unexpected places to surprise your enemies.

Videos: A 4v5 we manage to win:
Part 1:
Part 2:


Stroll up to an enemy team, put on your anti-grapple grease and hold down M1, while walking in the general direction of an enemy pro.

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