Super MNC Veteran’s Mindset and Gimmicks Guide

Super MNC Veteran’s Mindset and Gimmicks Guide by bighappy

The Mindset of The Veteran.

The most important thing above all else to simply to not respect your opposition, but what does that entail?

Lets take a look at competitive fighting games and RTS for a quick minute.

In Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 not respecting your opponent would be thinking he will throw a risky or random uppercut because it is dumb. It is dumb play to throw random uppercuts, but if you respect the player you are fighting you assume they won’t throw random uppercuts because if it fails they will get heavily punished.

In Starcraft 2 “Cheesing” is pretty popular. If you respect a player you assume they won’t cheese you simply because it’s high risk high reward play. If you know it will happen it fails and you win. If you allow it to happen you will lose.

In DotA/HoN/LoL to a lesser extint a character exists with a “Hook”. It is one of the most powerful abilities in the game bar none. It is accompanied with high damage, high mana cost, long range, and a medium cool down time.

The best way to land a hook is to predict your opponet, but how do you do that?

You take the current situation and position your hook to be in the place they will be when the hook reaches the destination. There is a massive hole in the information you must take in every time you want to throw and land a hook and that is.

The enemy player.

The worst thing you can do when you throw a hook is out think yourself. If you think he knows you’re in the position to hook him it causes a massive variable to enter into the equation.

“Where does he think I am going to throw the hook?”

This is an important question only if it is true and if it is you have an answer. Think dumb. Throw the hook where it would make no sense to dodge, or throw it where it would make the best sense to dodge. Depending on the players you fight during the match you will know which answer is the correct one.

However this is a really meta decision so it will be heavily varied. Also keep in mind. If the enemy doesn’t know you are there. He isn’t going to be dodging you. He might be dodging your teammates however.

Back to the mindset of The Veteran. Now that you hopefully understand what I mean by not respecting your opposition you can take that a bit further. Be a bully. Be the guy that no one wants to be near and make them get near you.

If they focus on you not letting them hook them you’ve put your team in a better position. Don’t let them farm. Don’t let them rest. Keep them busy with your antics and let your team do the rest of the work. Also try not to take kills or pick ups as a Veteran you don’t need money or levels.

A Veteran doesn’t need to even been on the score board to do his job correctly.

The Gimmicks of The Veteran.

You have quite the arsenal of abilities and tricks to keep your opponents guessing. Every new trick you unveil will result in an advantage if successful. Here’s a few gimmicks and descriptions.

Lunge/Charge Jumping.
PvE Lock Down.
Air Tackling.
Beat Down Grapples.
Slam Snares.
Kara Throwing.
Fountain Fishing.
The Pilgrimage.
Ring-Out Hooks.
Knockback Ignorance.

Lunge/Charge Jumping. After Lunging/Charging hitting jump in a specific timing will cause you to carry the momentum until you land or hit something. Charging off of a ledge and using your jump jets will drain all your fuel. Lunging will not. The Charge Jump also applies to The Tank.

PvE Lock Down. The Flying Falcon’s altfire will stun bots and turrets for a few seconds. During this time you can empty your clip of falcons and re-stun the turret and or bots during the reload time. You can also stun switch weapons swing your melee and switch back and re-stun the turret and or bots.

Air Tackling. The Freight Train is a decent grapple and mobility tool. However using it in the air will push players and deal the full damage. Using some jumppads and hook locations you can Air Tackle players into the void with ease. Also a good annilator fighting tool on Locomoco.

Beat Down Grapples. If you swing your melee weapon right before grappling someone. You will hit them with both melee swings during the grapple. Again not exclusive to The Veteran.

Slam Snares. Hitting enemy players with The Flying Falcon Slam will disable their ability to walk. Only Movement abilities can be used to get away.

Kara Throwing. A fighting game term. You utilize the range and hitbox of another move to increase your throw range. In SMNC you can cancel charges and lunges into a grapple. Not just a Veteran trick.

Fountain Fishing. You can hook players out of spawn. It’s a DotA term.

The Pilgrimage. It’s not really a trick just the name of a kill that is caused by baiting someone over to a ledge from a long distance away then ringing them out.

Ring-out Hooks. There are a number of spots on most of the maps where if you land a hook the enemy getting hooked will very likely be pulled into the void.

Knockback Ignorance. A trick not exclusive to The Veteran. By using a slam you can deny most if not all knockback effects. Including The Veteran’s Hook.

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