Super MNC Support Guide

Super MNC Support Guide by Hobo-With-A-Shotgun


What does Support do?

Gives armour at the start of a match.
Emergency healings when a clone’s about to meet their maker.
Lock down areas with the Firebase.
Spam airstrikes into bot lanes and bases while laughing continuously.
Supports the Jetski.

What doesn’t Support do?

Spend half the match healing people when they’re already above 50% health.
Sit on his lazy ass, not pushing.

Why play Support?

Because you can happily ignore your team 95% of the time. The other
5% is when you go for the annihilator. This is good, because a lot
of players are bad at the moment.

What’s a good skill order?

1 – Overclock
2 – Airstrikes
3 – Firebase
4 – Defence
5 – Offence

Overclock massively increases your skill regen for a short time, while also
giving you a quick shot of speed. Use it to spam Airstrikes and to quickly
setup a new Firebase position. Also useful for quick escapes.

Airstrikes are useless until you get it to lvl3. Before then, use it only
to clear bots. At lvl3/4, the radius is incredibly useful for damage and
forcing pros to retreat.

Firebase is for setting up ambushes and denying areas. You only really
need it at lvl2, as the its hp and damage is perfectly fine at that point.

Defence keeps you alive for longer… natch.

Offence is the last thing you should be levelling. Your damage should be
focused almost entirely on Firebase and Airstrikes. Your hurt gun is great
even at lvl1 and forces your Firebase to instantly target whatever your
beam is locked onto (assuming the target is in range of it).
Damage on the shotgun is fine, but you should focus on using the grapple
whenever possible, due to its good damage, as well as letting your Firebase
wail on them for a good few seconds.



When your first Fuji bot spawns, accompany it to the turret. If there
isn’t too much resistance, plop down a Firebase when you both get
close to their turret. While the Fuji is taking damage, heal it
constantly. Chuck airstrikes onto the bots and anyone trying to defend
the turret. Assuming you’re healing constantly, it will take forever
for the turret to actually kill off the Fuji, while the Firebase covers
you from enemy guys. Half the time, you’ll actually down the turret solo
before the first Annihilator. Very least, you’ll get everyone’s attention
into that lane and do some nice damage.

Your juice can be used for some nice crit shotty booms, but I prefer to
use it for crit hurt beams. Something I like to do is leash an enemy
when I’m at low health. Chances are they will go nuts trying to grab
a kill. Soon as they commit, switch on juice and hurt beam them. You’ll
be healing far faster than whatever damage they can pull off. Your
Firebase and Airstrikes can also be used as ambush tools or as ways
to finish them off when they try to run.

You can solo push a jackbot at Overtime. Get juice and follow it until
you meet some resistance. Plop down a Firebase where it can do some damage.
Soon as the jackbot is looking smashed up, switch on juice and heal it. You’ll
get it to full within a few seconds. If anyone focuses you, crit hurt gun them
to force them to back off. Throw down airstrikes as needed to get people away
from the both of you until Jack downs their base.
It’s also a good idea to use juice to keep a fuji alive during a push.
You should be getting juice often from hurt-gunning bots, so use it.

Loco Moco

At around 4:30, plop a Firebase down near the other teams jumppad exit.
Anyone trying to get up this
way will either take good damage getting through, or waste time trying
to get to the jungle via another route. Throw airstrikes onto the
annihilator pad constantly.

Gun Mountain

If the enemy team has already set up on the Annihilator before your team,
go to their side of the base and use the jump-pad there. Put a Firebase
down behind the wall. When it’s ready, spam airstrikes onto the button.
People will try to kill you off, which is where the Firebase comes in.
If they retreat back to the button, they’ll continue to take damage from
airstrikes and from your team (hopefully). If they go back down, then
you’ve helped your team clear the button and forced their players to buy

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