Super MNC Spunky Downtown Map Guide

Super MNC Spunky Downtown Map Guide by Awpteamoose

2 details make this map unique: lanes are strongly separated, jungle is under the ground thus above ground level doesn’t exist

Me and some of the MOUSE 1 guys found a tactic that I’m yet to see a way to beat.

1. From spawn everyone goes left, whoever with vertical mobility goes on the ring in the middle of the map (I’ll just call it ring later on), one guy with best vertical mobility (usually commando) goes jungle to get the first gremlin, then goes back.

2. Everyone just rushes bot kills, first to get $100 buys the jumppad below the ring.

3. Everyone goes on the ring and tries to murder enemy players. Whoever gets damaged, jumps back down and gets healed by a healer/buys regenitol/runs to base. It’s pretty impossible to die since your team has regenitol access, height advantage and safe cover. Enemy team is forced to go back on the ramp, where you can still be spammed, which eventually makes you go back to base.

4. Everyone focuses down the lvl 2 LB. Once that’s done, another jumppad is bought. Classes with long range weaponry/tools (vet, sniper, strikers, spark, gunner) go on the ledge in front of the ring, others go on the ramp to the left. At this point it’s important not to let fuji on the left lane to do a lot of damage to your own LB and get the annihilator afterwards. I’m yet to see a single annihilator fight to happen if you go by this tactic, but most of the fighting should be done from top since you’re pretty much unkillable up there and have enough damage to focus down anyone who might dare to take it.

5. Once second turret is unshielded, long range pros on the ledge start shooting in. The only threats at this point are sniper headshots and veteran pulls, to avoid you can hug corner of the building to the right. Once second LB goes down, the game is 80% won.
If the enemy team decides to massively push left – you can go back and try to fight them once they reach middle or simply keep doing what you’re doing. Being in the offence you should be able to kill everything and drop their shields faster.

6. You occupy bot spawner and pin down enemy pros with constant bot stream. They are forced to stay in chokepoint between moneyball area and the building next to the spawner so you can spam the hell out of them. If you have enemy pros out of the game, your long range dps pros can shoot the rocket turret while standing on the ledge in front of the ring. Nothing should be able to endanger them except a sudden gank from the right passage, but friendly pros are just down there so a simple jump down will get you to safety.

The only real fight in this match is the fight for control over the ring, given that both teams go the same tactic. Past first lvl 2 LB it’s nearly an unstoppable steamroll with next to no chance of comeback.

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