Super MNC Karl Guide

Super MNC Karl Guide by TheWilder

Skill order
Prop_hop>Offense>Defese>Offense>Defense>Stun>Junior>Offense>Defense>Junior>Junior>Stun>Stun>Prop hop>Prop hop

Purpose and stuff like that:
In my opinion Karl is the guy that should make sure jungle is clear, help to chase down guys that are low on HP by stunning them/finishing them with junior, destroy turrents with bouncing buddies by outranging them. Karl is also very useful to take down important players, using the fact you are usualy being unnoticed while in the jungle, so you can stun them if they want to retreat from battle – use junior to finish them, if the guy is still alive and it is really important to kill him you can always jump down, finish him and prop hop back to safety.

Handler: Double the damage of Assault rifle, half the clip, slower fire rate. Not much to say.
Handler’s ALT fire: Deals around 3.20 damage per shot while eating 5 shots, it is also ignoring damage fall-off

Bouncing buddies: Great weapon, dealing huge ammount of damage especialy at the beggining of the game.It’s also really great for destroying turrets/to kill waves of bots easily.
Grapple: Nothing to say, great ringout grapple.

Junior: More damage output, instant damage, useful for finishing weakened players, using together with stun etc. You can also “block” some path with it. Works on turrets and bots as well, great for destroying larger bots/turrets at later levels.

Stun: Really great ability, it can be used in so many ways. It can be a life saver, when you see tank/juiced player/problematic gunner etc. you can pretty much stun that player and run to safety or use grapple to throw them down from jungle. Stun players to make sure that you are going to ringout them. Stun running players that are trying to retreat. Also great for stunning enemy turrents to deal them some damage etc. This guide would be way too long if I should describe all the ways to use this ability.
Also don’t forget that stun cancels annihilator animation!!

Prop Hop: Another great ability, allows you to get to jungle anytime, not many players will follow you up there, so it is a life saver. In case you are fighting someone it is very useful to disorient them, they get pushed, you are in the air, they have no idea what’s going on. Once upgraded, this ability can clear bunch of slimbots, since it deals some damage as well.

Juice: I prefer to use my juice to push lanes/destroy turrets with bouncing buddies (works great), to block annihilator. Not that Karl’s juice would be bad at PvP, but his damage output is really about his abilities (Stun, Junior), so juicing on someone who will get stunned and junior killed feels…cheap and as a wasted juice, because you could deal him some high damage anyway, so I do that only on very important targets.

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