Super MNC Endorsements Suggestions

Super MNC Endorsements Suggestions by Awpteamoose

I’ll try to light up most useful endorsement builds for various pros in this thread. I’m imagining you’ll have unlimited money. If you don’t, in my personal opinion you should stick to this (or this if you’re tight on money but already have all slots) for all pros until you amass around 80k CC, there’s nothing better that you can get this cheap.

It will be assorted for a while, then I’ll put everything into fancy categories.

Karl/Megabeththis. Karl will get a massive dps boost (24%) for bouncing buddies while his handler is still accurate enough for CQC. Beth gets plain 17% dps boost without really messing up your rocket aim anyway.

Chestonthis. 10% dps boost, almost max skill recovery. Health recovery penalty shouldn’t worry too much since for health you should rely on healers, roar, and churros. Accuracy loss is miniscule and won’t affect anything. Some crit damage is always cool.

Sniperthis. 16% DPS boost for rifle, extra bullet, extra 2 bullets for SMG. Accuracy is still okay for CQC, but you’ll be sticking to your sniper rifle for 95% of the time anyway.

Karl alt buildthis. Less DPS and slowed down health recovery, but faster cooldowns and less accuracy loss. A matter of preference.

Support/Leo/Assassin/Spark/Wascotthis. Shotgun is only useful for grapples while health recovery is mainly done through hurtbeam anyway. Leo relies on frequent skill usage and frequent heals, his weapon is too accurate for its effective range anyway while ballestra is only useful for grapples anyway. Commandoes rely on effective skill usage and have limited encounter frequency due to cooldowns, they don’t suffer from accuracy loss and get pure 10% dps increase with rate of fire since melee weapons don’t reload.

Assaultthis. Assault is simillar to commandoes in a way that he needs skills for engagements, though this build will exchange some health recovery and reload speed in turn for minor 5% DPS boost, but mainly extra 6 bullets in clip that will help for burst damage. Some accuracy is always nice though.

Gunnerthis. Gunner massively suffers because of his long reload and poor spread, this build kind of compensates those drawbacks in return for slightly smaller mag size and slightly slower health regen. I doubt that having 180/270 bullets will ever doom you, though reloading in 4.4 seconds instead of 5.9 just might save you.

Gunslingerthis. Massive loss of accuracy is undesired and gunslinger is also limited to be effective only when her skills are up, unlike sniper. Extra fire rate and extra bullet make TH even more effective without any significant drawbacks.

Combatgirl/Veteranthis. CG doesn’t really benefit much from anything but skill regen, the only thing is that her hurtgun is kind of crap so slightly higher health regen for some extra CC is definitely helpful. Veteran doesn’t even have a hurtgun and he doesn’t benefit from anything else but skill regen at all.

CG alt buildthis. Some accuracy never hurts.

Vet alt buildthis or this. For all you fatassin lovers out there, first one gives you max skill regen and almost max firerate (which results in pure 9.6% dps boost with a stool) and second one will give you an extra eagle and missing 0.4% rof at the cost of 3% skill regen.

Tankthis or this. First one is a more combative build, second one is more supportive one. Tank benefits from RoF since his jetgun reloads really fast and has big enoug clip size to account for no reload DPS, more skill regen means more product grenades bot murder, more shields and charges for surivival.

Endorsement caps, as of update 32B
Crit. Chance Min/Max = -2.00%/+2.00%
Crit. Damage Min/Max = -25.00%/+25.00%
Fire Rate Min/Max = -10.00%/+10.00%
Health Min/Max = -100.00/+100.00
Health Recovery Min/Max = -25.00%/+25.00%
Magazine Size Min/Max = -25.00%/+25.00%
Reload Speed Min/Max = -25.00%/+25.00%
Skill Recovery Min/Max = -15.00%/+15.00%
Speed Min/Max = -50.00/+50.00
Accuracy Min/Max = -25.00%/+25.00%

To get all endorsements for all those sets, you’ll need slightly over 250 000 CC. With an approximate gain of 100 CC / 20 minutes with 50% w/l ratio, you’ll need a bit over 1000 hours of playtime to get CCs.

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  1. jblack says:

    been doing endocrafting myself, Ive come up with these builds:

    alt Combat Girl: I feel like the loss of 2.25% regen is worth the 5.25% increase in reload.

    Gunner Build Exact same bonuses as yours, but 9% more health regen for 3% less magazine size.

    late game Megabeth build + health is much more useful in low levels than in late levels. This build gives up the health and magazine size bonuses (does +12.75% give her 5 rockets?) For maxed out fir rate, near maxed reload speed, and half the accuracy negative of your build. + Health is only helpful early game, and even then 39 health isnt super helpful.

    My Cheston Build


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