Super MNC Commando Newbie’s Guide

Super MNC Commando Newbie’s Guide by grilleds

Alright, this is the biggest issue with new players I am noticing. They don’t seem to understand the role that Commando’s play in SMNC, and as such, they tend to get like 15 deaths each match and score maybe 1 or 2 kills total. Now I’m not exactly a very good Commando player myself, above average maybe, but not knock your socks off amazing. However I have seen what works and what doesn’t and figure I might as well make a post here in the hopes that SOMEONE benefits from it and becomes more of an asset for their team.

Let me start off by saying that you shouldn’t play any Commando for your first 5 games or so. You really need to have a basic understanding of map layout, and a good general idea of how the game plays before you pick a Commando. Its also pretty beneficial to get at least a general idea of how much damage everything in the game does and how much health each pro has, so you can be a better judge of when to try to gank people or not.

Alright, lets start off by pointing out a Commando’s actual role in SMNC. All Commandos have some ability that lets them get to the second level of the map (the jungle) from the start of the game. Why would you do this? Couple reasons. One, so you can kill the bots that spawn there since they drop more money than normal bots. Two, so you can spot players on the other team with low health that you can easily finish off. Three, so you can keep an eye on the Annihilator and let your team know when it is about to go active.

The basic idea of playing a Commando is to quickly kill a pro, and then get the hell out before the other pros get some revenge on you for killing their buddy. All 3 Commandos are rather fast and have some sort of escape skill in order to make this easy. Ideally, a decent Commando player has a lower likelyhood of dying than players of equal skill in the other roles, simply because they can easily escape bad situations. A Commando is a hit and run character, so you can’t really play them as if they were just a really fast melee version of an Enforcer.

All three Commandos have their own variations on the playstyle, but still generally play the same way. Assassin has cloak to help her chase down players near bots or turrets. Captain Spark can teleport through walls and easily achieve ring outs. Wascot can debuff enemies, and with Shifty Shuffle active he can realistically expect to win a straight fight with a non-Enforcer pro.

To sum this up in 3 steps:
1.Get to the Jungle and watch for players to be weakened so you can finish them off
2.Avoid direct fights unless you have a clear advantage
3.Don’t forget the “run” part of hit-and-run

I know this seems obvious to a lot of regular posters here, but to a lot of newer players, apparently it isn’t.

I’m not going to go into more detail than that for how to play each of the 3 Commando’s individually, because better players offer better tips for them in other topics on this section. This is just meant to be a very very broad explanation as to what role a Commando plays in SMNC.

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