Super MNC Combat Sniper Offensive Guide

Super MNC Combat Sniper Offensive Guide by Awpteamoose

1- Offense
2- Traps
3- Defense
4- Offense
5- Defense
6- Traps
7- /-/
8- Offense, Defense
9- Flak
10- Flak
11- Flak
12- Traps
13- Grapple
14- Grapple
15- Grapple

Why to play it?: good aim.
Why not to play it?: bad aim.

Early game (level 1-8):
Flak slims, shoot shadys 5 seconds before they die. No need to kill bots before they get close into the lane. From level 2, toss traps into the enemy pros, click heads. Click some more heads.
During anni fight, try to throw traps and click heads.

Mid game (level 8-12):
Stay back, trap flanks, flak bots, click heads.

Late game (level 12 – endgame):
Stay with everone, click heads. Click heads. Toss traps, toss flak, click heads. Click some more heads.

Best buddies:
Supports/CG’s – cats and firebases will keep you safe, heals will make sure you’re not weak.
Sparks/Assassins – will finish off your leftovers.
Enforcers – will take damage for you.

Worst villians:
Chestons – have stupid heads, can set you on fire, stupidly mobile for enforcers, can’t hit heads while they’re rampaging.
Veterans – will pull you and kill you. Too stupid to have a head. Autoaim no-faloff projectiles and a ton of hp.
Assaults/Commandoes – will come from behind and kill you while your team is unaware. Will quickly escape if shot.
Wascots – worst heads in the universe, can’t grapple them to throw away.

Your prey:

– Toss trap, toss flak. Flak will obscure a trap and instantly set it off.
– Memorise grapple animations. Click heads.
– Catch bunnyhoppers. Almost no aircontrol, people midair travel very slowly and predictably, learn to hit them on peak of the jump.
– Don’t use juice for offence. Always (always, yeah, you understand the word always?) save juice for defensive maneuvers.
– Try not to go alone to jungle. Bots will mess you up, enemy pros will finish the job.
– If forced to fight close quarters, don’t switch to smg unless enemy can die in about one clip or he’s a commando. Quickscope.
– Pray to Hentai before going to bed. Play osu! Move to Canada, take private lessons.
– Pray to Awpteamoose after waking up. Eat healthy food. Move to Ukraine, take private lessons.
– Click heads.

tl;dr don’t die, shoot heads, click heads, ding heads, ding ding, heads, dings, click dings heads.

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