Super MNC Combat Girl Offensive Guide

Super MNC Combat Girl Offensive Guide by Zanarias

Okay so I’m going to tell you how to play Combat Girl with an offensive build focusing on leveling Combat Laser first, while still keeping you highly competitive with other skills throughout the match. It’s not tough, but you sacrifice a lot of health for it, so if you can’t play a pro without the defense skill then this guide and build probably isn’t for you. Likewise, if you can’t fire lasers, there’s also not a point to play this way.

II.-Skill Order
IV.-Skill Usage and Information
VI.-What to Do at Each Stage of the Game
a). Early Game (Levels 1-5)
b). Mid Game (Levels 5-12)
c). Late Game (Levels 12-15)
VII.-Additional Notes


I. Overview
Combat Girl is a Defender, who can better be categorized as a high utility Ganker and Finisher. She excels at halting escapes and dealing instantaneous burst damage through means of Fortify’s slow, her grapple, and the Combat Laser. Her combat effectiveness can really catch people off guard, and her damage output can really screw people up both mid and late game. She is essentially the old MNC Support in terms of playstyle, and this is probably one of the reasons I’ve taken such a liking to her. If you’re into “glass cannon” style gameplay, she’s a great choice for a pro.

II. Skill Order
Simple list of skill order for an offensive build, focusing on skills. The number to the right of it will show you what level the skill is at once you buy it at the specific Pro level.

Level 1:Combat Laser (2)
Level 2:Combat Kittens (2)
Level 3:Fortify (2)
Level 4:Combat Laser (3)
Level 5:Offense (2)
Level 6:Combat Kittens (3)
Level 7:Fortify (3)
Level 8:Combat Laser (4)
Level 9:Fortify/Combat Kittens (4)
Level 10:Offense (3)
Level 11:Fortify/Combat Kittens (4)
Level 12:Defense (2)
Level 13:Offense (4)
Level 14:Defense (3)
Level 15:Defense (4)

III. Endorsements
Haven’t worked too far into endorsements yet like most of the beta population. Theory crafting says that a useful build may look like:

Skill Recovery 1 x 12
ROF 1 x 12
Sprintz 1 x 1

Higher tier endorsements aren’t displayed properly yet but the drawbacks from negatives probably mean that tier 1 endorsements will be frighteningly useful compared to others.

IV. Skill Usage and Information
Combat Laser Information: Amazing finishing move and high damaging nuke. Can easily take out 7/10ths of a sharpshooter’s health at max level, and can take out 1/3rd the health of almost any other class excluding enforcers. It has a relatively long channel time, which means that being able to predict your enemy’s movement in comparison to the channel time is ridiculously important. If you don’t have the capacity to judge the time it will take to fire at the rate your opponent is moving, you shouldn’t be using this guide exactly since lasers are what this thing is about. It is important to note that this move isn’t the most powerful until level 3.

Combat Laser Usage: Use to finish opponents at any range as long as you have LOS on them. Use against EVERY opponent that is at 2/3rds to half health to either execute or weaken them for someone else to slaughter (if they’re far away). Use against sharpshooters all the time. Use against commandos if you have the skills to anticipate.

Combat Kittens Information: The Combat Girl’s form of the Support’s firebase. Low cooldown skill with moderate damage before fortify. A nest of four of these can still be damaging to enemy Pros without fortifying them, and they will be focused on pretty quickly. CKs are a third of the Combat Girl’s ganking capability, but a core component. Without them you cannot pull off a successful gank.

Combat Kittens Usage: Deploy them everywhere all the time. Always deploy them in annihilator fights, preferably ahead of time. Try and scatter them so that they are in useful positions, but close enough to fortify them all on activation. To gank with them, throw them in fortify range (doesn’t necessarily have to be base range) of a target. More on this later.

Fortify Information: Fortify provides massive buffs to all surrounding firebases (both forms) and base turrets. Range and firerate are both buffed in an AOE activation radius. It is an important step of the ganking process.

Fortify Usage: Use it as an escape mechanism. With no other form of CC, Combat Girl is left in a bad spot if she does not have a Kitten and Fortify available. The slow is invaluable. Use Fortify on LazerBlazers, especially early when the first fuji bot comes down lane, in order to clear the wave faster. Make sure to drop a kitten as well. As part of the ganking equation, this is the second step in the process.

V. Ganking
Ganking is one of Combat Girl’s greatest points. She is an exceptional ganker, which you may at first find strange since she doesn’t actually have a closing move or an escape move. However, her Combat Kittens + Fortify + Grapple covers the issue. If you know how to position yourself and know when it’s safe, GANK. It’s easy, just do this:

-Throw Combat Kitten
-Fortify Combat Kitten
-Grapple Opponent
-Shoot Opponent when grapple ends, throwing more kittens if capable
-Combat Laser if the opponent only has one way out

As the word ganking implies, this only really works if the opponent isn’t expecting it. Running into their face and then doing this will get you killed really fast.

VI. What to Do at Each Stage of the Game

a). Early Game (Levels 1-5)
You -NEED- to secure a level advantage in the first 5 or 6 levels in order to be of any use late game. What this means is that CG’s early game consists of lots of bot killing, and lots of risky drop pickups. Tagging every bot you can is important, and managing this along with keeping yourself alive is impossible for some players for god knows why. Point is, you need to do it to stay competitive and get laser before everyone else gets their skills and health/damage buffs. Make sure to get the first annihilator as well. A good CG makes this job a whole lot easier.

b). Mid Game (Levels 5-12)
Maintain bot kills and pickup collection. Towards the latter levels, from 8 and beyond, it is relatively safe for you to start picking gank targets, and you should be doing the best you can to secure these kinds of kills. At 8, laser everything as often as you can. Snipe things with it, clear bot waves, whatever. Just keep it on cooldown as frequently as you can. Save it if you think there’s someone you can finish off. Stay away from heavier classes at this point, specifically Tank and Cheston, if you do not have a teammate around to help.

c). Late Game (Levels 12-15)
At this point, you can lay off the bot kills slightly. If you were doing what I told you to do, you may have a level advantage anywhere from 1 to 2 levels, which is awesome. If you have this level advantage, I bet you’re good enough to figure out that you’re supposed to kill things with it. Do that.

VII. Additional Notes
-Being an offensive CG relies solely on how well you can maximize your Laser damage potential. Half of your kills will come from this if you play Offensively, which means if you can’t aim it, you’re missing out on double the kills you would have gotten otherwise. That’s a LOT.

-Kitten nests hurt. Make them all the time. Wall nests are really annoying.

-The nail gun is powerful if you can keep it focused on an enemy at moderate range. On weaker enemies the damage is quite noticeable, especially mid to late game.

-This guide is mainly about being offensive. You can do everything listed and still be a bad CG if you’re not playing with the team in mind. You don’t have to leash people with the heal gun all day, but make damn sure that your team is stable and at least above half health. Their natural regeneration should take them from there.

-If you have downtime, overheal friendlies. It makes it so you don’t have to heal them as much later, which is vital so you can do your own thing.

-Drain 3-5 bots to recover health at a stable rapid rate. It’s important to survive.

-PICKUP DROPS ALL DAY. I cannot stress this enough. It’s important for EVERY pro, but even moreso on the Combat Girl! You can easily sustain off of Churros and Armor pickups from destroyed bots. Do it!

-A nest of Fortified Kittens will annihilate every class, assuming they can acquire and fire for even a full second.

-You are imperative to annihilator control, especially on SMNC2fort. BE THERE WHEN **** GOES DOWN. Set up a Kitten nest earlier rather than later.

-You’re not the greatest at taking out turrets, but a laser goes a long way. Throw one out if you get the chance.

Do these things to be the best. Have fun!

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