SD Gundam Online Beginner Leveling Guide

SD Gundam Online Beginner Leveling Guide by sum100

There are two type of leveling in this game: 1st Rank leveling, 2nd Unit leveling. When you level up your rank you will be able to obtain more quests and you also gain a Rank up Gift from the system. When you level up your unit, your unit will gain Special, Skills, Custom Point and etc.

Rank Up leveling

This Rank is where you start. After the tutorial, play the Very Easy Mode Co-op mission in Training Channel will give you the fastest experience.

Private (PVT)
This rank required 400 exp. At this Rank you are able to set Battle Support and obtain Battle Support License. (Go to My room, right click your unit to select Battle Support)

Battle Support gives you Faster auto lock and Showing-enemy Rader in mini-map. You can ONLY set one unit to have Battle Support. Once you give Battle Support to one unit, you can use this unit to complete battle support license quest to obtain the Battle support license. After obtain this license, you are now able to switch your battle support to another unit. (Every time you want to switch your battle support to another unit, you need to complete the battle support license quest with the unit that is currently having the battle support on).

Keep play the Very Easy Mode Co-op mission in Training Channel will give you the fastest experience. The fastest mission I suggest is Mission 01: Destroy the Psycho Gundam for very easy mode.

Private First Class (PFT)
This rank required 1000 exp. At this rank you will get quest on Easy and Normal Co-op mission in Beginner Channel. Easy and Normal mission are much harder than Very Easy. You only play these mode by complete the quest. To get fast and easy experience, stay in the Training Channel and play Very Easy Co-op mission. You will also start to get pvp quest from this rank on.

A quest to complete Mission 07 in normal mode will reward you a Psycho Gundam. This is one of the best pve Gundam in the game. You should to get this one as soon as possible and start level it up.

Petty Officer Third Class (P03)
This rank required 3000 exp. You will start to get daily quest from this rank on. Daily quest required you to use the unit that has Battle Support to complete it. Stay in Training Channel and play Very Easy Co-op mission for fastest experience.

Petty Officer Second Class (PO2)
This rank required 10200 exp. Stay in Training Channel and play Very Easy Co-op mission for fastest experience.

Petty Officer Second Class (PO1)
This rank required 25700 exp. Once you reach this rank, co-op mission no longer reward you will Rank experience. You can only get experience from pvp. From this rank on you are no longer a beginner. And it is time to practice your pvp skills. When you are in pvp, your performance will determine how much is your exp reward.

Unit Leveling

Unit gain experience when you play them, with enough experience they gain unit level. You start with Rookie Level; At solder level you gain Special Attack, At Veteran level you gain Skill 1, At Ace level you Gain Skill 2, At Custom level you Gain Custom point. Remember all units made from blueprint you are able to have three custom level while unit you obtained from shop or quest you only have two custom level. Therefore, make unit from blueprint is always better!!!! After reach your max custom level, You can go for Over Custom (OC). At OC Level you also gain OC point. Now you have a chance of Fail when you level up. When you fail you will loss your level to OC1, or you can use level protector to stay in the same level. After OC6 you gain EX which is a extra skill you can choose for your unit. Custom point and OC point can be used to upgrade your unit stats. There are six stats in total:

Attack: The damage of your weapon 1,2,3 to other unit
Agility: The rate of attack, and the speed of your attack weapon 1,2,3
Unit HP: You life point
Defense: The defense of your unit against other unit’s Weapon 1,2,3 (doesn’t affect special)
Special Attack: The damage of your special attack, you unit gain special attack at solder level, ignore defence.
Speed: Unit moving speed, also speed when you boosting.

Rookie to Solder:
C Rank required 200 exp
B Rank required 400 exp
A Rank required 1400 exp
S Rank required 2400 exp

Solder to Veteran
C Rank required 1000 exp; CS/CR Rank required 1200 exp
B Rank required 1800 exp; BS/BR Rank required 2200 exp
A Rank required 2200 exp; AS/AR Rank required 3200 exp
S Rank required 3800 exp; SS Rank required 6000 exp

Veteran to Ace
C Rank required 1400 exp; CS/CR Rank required 1600 exp
B Rank required 2200 exp; BS/BR Rank required 2600 exp
A Rank required 3600 exp; AS/AR Rank required 4400 exp
S Rank required 6400 exp; SS Rank required 8000 exp

Ace to Custom
C Rank required 800 exp
B Rank required 1600 exp
A Rank required 2600 exp
S Rank required 3400 exp

Custom 1 to Custom 2 to Custom 3
C Rank required 600 exp
B Rank required 1000 exp
A Rank required 2000 exp
S Rank required 2800 exp

Unit Leveling Strategy

Before you rank reach PO1, The simple and easiest leveling is to stay in Training Channel and run Mission  in Very Easy mode. I suggest the Mission 1 Destroy the Psycho Gundam. After you reach PO1, Very Easy mode will not give enough experience. Now you need to level your unit in Beginner Channel or Pvp. The fastest and easiest way is to run Mission 7 Battleship of Gunfire in Easy Mode in Beginner Channel. This mission is good experience for all units. You can bring in any unit you want. However, you may be able to complete other mission faster if you bring specific unit. But this mission 7 is good for all.

In addition, everyday you can have 15 times bonus experience and coin reward from Faith. This will be enable once you select your operator. It is suggest that you use this on playing Single Mission Easy mode. You can definitely use it on pvp or co-op mission, but single mission will give you the best bonus reward.

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