Red Stone Spiritualist Guide

Red Stone Spiritualist Guide by Jboys

Guide Includes Power Spiritualist and a support Spiritualist. Enjoy, I put alot of work into this.


Sweeping Slash
Lv1 Skill
Basic Attack

Weak Spots
Lv2 Skill
Every hit is a critical hit. But, has a low chance to hit.

Windmill Turning
Lv3 Skill
Pulls enemies towards you using a wind based knowledge attack.

Mill Hammering
Lv4 Skill
Hit multiple times with your scythe at a very rapid speed. Cp Usage is pretty low, so it is spammable.

Giant Slalom
Lv5 Skill
Spinning attack that hits multiple times. At low lvs, it loses 410 cp. As it lvs however, the cp usage doesnt change but the cp gained does.

Slash Leg
Lv 1 Skill
When used, it decrease the opponents Dodge Rate. As it lvs, Dodge Rate decrease increases.

Slash Arm
Lv2 Skill
When used, Decreases oppenents damage.

Slash Body
Lv3 Skill
When used, decreases opponents defense.

Slash Soul
Lv4 Skill
When used, reduces opponents abnormal, reduction, and curse resistance.

Slash Sound
Lv5 Skill
When used, it creates a bubble. All enemies inside the bubble can only used lv 1 skills. The only downside ive seen, is the duration. It has a very short duration, on top of a larger cooldown time.

Collecting Souls
Lv1 Skill
Cp charging skill. Doesnt attack however, but it is needed for some spiritualist skills

Lv2 Skill
When used, it increases your stats for a certain amount of time. Must use Collecting Souls first to activate.

Lv3 Skill
Heals yourself for a certain amount of hp. Amount of hp increases as the lv of Rest increases. Must use Collecting Souls first.

Lv4 skill
Create a indestructible barrier around yourself. You cannot take any damage, but you can only walk. Must use Collecting Souls first.

Lv5 skill
Increases attack and movement speed, but at the same time decreases Dodge Rate and Defense. Must use Collecting Souls first.

Resonance of Soul
Lv5 Skill
Increases Critical Hit Rate andd Critical Damage for you and your party members. But, it consumes CP every second.

Lamentating Soul
Lv1 Skill
Increases Damage for you and your party members. But, it consumes cp every second.

Wandering Soul
Lv2 Skill
Increases Dodge Rate for you and your party members. But, it consumes cp every second.

Lv4 Skill
Makes you and your party invisible to enemies. But, it consumes cp every second.

Souls Anger
Lv3 Skill
Makes you and your party members inflict fire damage on enemies. But, it consumes CP every second.

Soul Snatcher
Lv1 Skill
Steal CP from your enemy and gives it to you. You cannot steal cp if the enemy doesnt have any. Great CP gainer for spiritualist. Also has a set attack speed of 1.0.

Spirit Expelling
Lv 3 Skill
Makes enemies flee in fear. Any enemy effected by this skill cannot do anything until attacked.

Connection Sickle
Lv2 Skill
Rushes enemies with your scythe an attacks them.

Lv4 Skill
When used, changes healing skills to damaging ones.

Mind Disease
Lv5 Skill
Inflict damage on the enemy using the spirit of fire. All magic cast will disappear once the Spirit fire goes out.

Description of Spiritualist:

Out of the dark corner of Prandel, a woman stands ready for the battle ahead for the Redstone. She carries a large Sickle, used to cut down enemies in her path. When more than on enemy is on her, she will spin around in a circle for massive Damage against all. She is also, if im not mistaken, the only character class that has to be in a certain state to use certain skills. In this state, she can make it so she takes no damage, heal herself, increase her stats, and more. She stands ready to take on the demons of the underworld, but will she do whats right for prandel when she possesses to Redstone? Or will she turn over the Redstone to the Red Devil? Only time will tell. (Hey, thats pretty good on the fly lol)

Spiritualist can be played many different ways. 2 in particular I like, I will cover.

Power Spiritualist: Basically, you want the most bang for your buck. You will be dealing massive Damage, but will not be using other skills till later.

Power: Add 3 every lv. once you get it to 100 power, you can switch to 2 power.

Alacrity: Add 1 every lv.

Health: Add 1 every lv.

Luck: Dont need

Knowledge: Spiritualist doesnt have very many knowledge attacks, so this isnt really needed.

wisdom: Dont need it till Higher lvs.

Charisma: Forget this, until your power is 100. Once your power is 100, then you can start adding that 1 point to here.


Tset Basically. HP or CP% earring. Find yourself a good belt, possibly a Defense Capability.


In order:

Soul Snatcher- get this to 25-30.

Next you can go 2 different ways. If your tight on money, get Collecting Souls to 10 and Rest to 10. If you go this route, after you get Rest to 10, finish Maxing Soul Snatcher. If you have plenty of money,
Finish Maxing Soul Snatcher.

After Soul Snatcher, Max Mill Hammering.

After maxing Mill Hammering, Max Rest and Collect Souls.

The Max Free for your stats.

After you have all this, Max Giant Slalom.

After Giant Slalom, Max Slash Sound.

Pros: Huge Damage. Can take major lures. Also, very useful in a Seige War.

Takes a while to max all skills needed. Major CP consumption is an issue at lower lvs with certain skills.

Support Spiritualist: This Spiritualist will support her party. She wont do very much damage, but she will make other do massive amounts. Not recommended for a main game, only because of the severe lack of parties. More of a supporter, only used for GVG/SW.


Power: Only add to this when you need it for equipment. You can add some extra for a little power for your Soul Snatcher.

Alacrity: Like the power spiritualist, get 1 per lv. Will explain in skills

Health: Add 2 per lv.

Knowledge: Dont need

Wisdom: Add when needed for equips.

Charisma: Add 2 per lv.


Weapon doesnt matter as you gonna be using Soul Snatcher and Collecting Souls to gain CP. Everything else, try to get CP% and Defense Capabilty. The Support Spiritualist will use alot of CP.


Max Soul Snatcher.

After Soul Snatcher is maxed, get Collecting Soul to 25

After this, Decide what 2 Buffs you wanna give your party. If you wanna give you Party More Damage and Higher Crits, Max Lamentating Souls
and Resonance of Soul. Your gonna wanna max all these eventually, but for now choose 2 and stick to them

After you decided on 2 and have maxed them, Max collecting Soul.

After Collect Souls is maxed, get Slash Sound Maxed.

After Slash Sound is Maxed, you can Max the other boosting skills you have.

Pros: People will love you. Your gonna buff the entire party without pressing a button. You will be a SW/GVG monster. SW especially.

Cons: Not at all a Damager. Will severely lack in this server, since no one pts. Biggest con of them all right there. Your damage will suck. But, that not what your there for.

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