Red Stone Priest Guide

Red Stone Priest Guide by Fire_Supporter

A priest is meant for battle, but I will make a guide for supporter priest, which is the most common type of priest.

Some of the most important things for a priest, that pretty much make a priest a priest,is its gear.


Armor: Hp% or Dp%
Shield: +3 skill level
Weapon: Eternal Weapon for your level
Belt: 1/3 health or high hp%
Gloves: 30%+ attack speed or +1 skill level
Neck: +3/4 skill level or cp%
Head: +3/4 skill level or hp%
Cape: Holy stroll or hp%
Shoes: Dp%
Rings: Leather rings with dp%, hp% rings, and cp% rings.
***If you use t-sets, then use the t-set, but then get the gear listed above for the other spots***


Stat time :D Stats are simple, but important.

Alacirty: Not needed
Luck: Not needed
Knowledge: Not needed
Power: Keep your power the same as your level until level 305.
Wisdom: Get 60 wisdom by lvl 100. Then you wont need anymore until level 330+ for Leather Ring Dx’s, you will need around 350 wisdom for them.(They are very good).
Health: All other stats, on health.
Charisma: You get 1 charisma each level automatically.


Skills, one of the most confusing things. You need so many but there aren’t enough skill points to get them all :(.

First, get Revival level 1 right away, this will also give you a healing skill to get started with.
Second, get Arch of Divinity level 10 after that, this will give you a basic bless and ward.
Next, get level 10 Party Heal.
After that, get bless level 50.
Then, get freedom level 25.
Then, get mass level 10.
Then, get Arch of Divinity level 50.
Then, get freedom level 50.
Then , get party heal level 20.
Then, get revival lvl 25.
Then, get ward level 50.
Then, get mass level 50.
Then, get Elemental Gaurdian level 50.
Then, get total recovery level 50.
Then, get Party heal level 50.
Then, after that, you have all the main skills you will need, then you can get whatever you would like.
You can also get call on the Fallen Angle skill set, to make stuff easier.
After you get all this stuff, you will be level 400+.

Your priest is complete. Go tank some stuff.

Fire_Supporter, Level 480+ Priest

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