Red Stone Power Lancer Build Guide

Red Stone Power Lancer Build Guide by Auxli

As many of you know, I disappeared from RS about a year ago, alots happened since then(I went to Navy Bootcamp, went through A-School + 2 C-Schools… I got Married to the woman some of you may know as Falala from the old RS, and now I’m living on a ship.) So dont be too hard on me if I get any of this wrong, ok? I’m a bit rusty at this but i can sorta remember my old build…

Note: This build has kinda slow growth, but it proved to be quite useful the last time i used it.

Alternates between the following two every level untill lvl 200.

lvl 200-300

Lvl 300-999

The advantage lancers have is that they automatically gain alacrity, thus removing the need to add any yourself.

CP Charge:
Max out the Archers Concentration(during combat the Rapid Sting will bring up CP, you want this skill maxed in case you go negative and need to restore it fast.)

Rapid Sting- Focus on maxing this first. It really helps, trust me. ^^
Circling Stab-Good against cornered foes when you add turning stand and have high attack speed/haste.
Wheel Running-Good for cornering bosses(doesnt need to be a high lvl skill, mine was only lvl 1 and it worked just fine.)
Entrapment Piercing-Works well when you want to kill something fast.

Breaking Point-Good way to keep from dieing would be to max this(It’s not that high a priority, but it can prove to be very useful.)
Side Step-Good against magic based foes or fast attacking enemies.
Turning Stand-Great Knockback effect, also works well when paired with Circling Stab. You only need this at lvl 20(? cant remember exactly, been awhile since I played…) unless you want to use i as a secondary CP gainer.
Distraction-Works great when you need to escape(NOTE: No need to max it, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe lvl 20 was the highest you would need.)

Any extra skill points you may obtain can be spent on whatever you so desire(Though I would reccomend greatly that you get the Eternal Projector skill, ITS AWESOME!!! =D Quickshot is also a great skill to have. =3)

Have Fun, Be Safe, Play Fair.-Auxli: Lancer- lvl 2XX(Eye of the Tiger! >=D)
-Burnsheep: Thief- lvl 1XX

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