Red Stone Monk and Thieft Build Guide

Red Stone Monk and Thief Build Guide by lordodoom

MONK (max these in order)
Lv 50 dropping Punch
Lv 50 three step kick
Lv 50 Illusions (Needed, Very helpful to have)
Lv 50 avoidance
Lv 50 Side step ( even if you dont do gvg/Sw’s)
Lv 50 backwards kick (its like an Aoe u can hit multiple enemies)
Lv 50 stand (optional but it helps sometimes)
Lv 50 Seize (optional but Great against archer/thieves)
Lv 50 Herbal (id suggest Only if u run out of stuff to max)


Thief (max these in order too)
Lv 50 Double throw
Lv 50 intuition
Lv 50 Dart Fever
Lv 50 First aid (optional but i would suggest it)
Lv 30+ ankle trap (Optional but can be useful for T set bosses)
Lv 30+ Superior Detection (Good for chest hunting)
Lv 30+ Chest open
Lv 25~30+ Door open

Now For stats
There are Several builds you can do:
100+ health Fix
100+ charisma Fix
2 Power 1 ala 1 luck

another build:
2 power 2 ala
Requires 100+ health and charisma fix

3 Power 1 ala, 100 + health and charisma fix
With the right gear this can work, is known as a Power build

Luck build (i highly suggest to hunt as a thief With Darting fever, lure a large amount of mobs and fever them, works the best, and if your a luck build, you will have enough avoidance to go red/viability and Live)

1 power 1 ala 2 luck Till power is 400 then do 2 ala 2 luck 100+ health fix ring (health wont matter as you will have wicked avoidance) 100+ charisma fix ring

Or the stats needed for 330 monk t set which really is a good set up 300 health and 350 wisdom Which Is nice because it gives you Some Dp and Some Resistance against magic damage.

Lv 270 monk t set Needs 30-60 wisdom

Lv 270 Thief t set needs 180 ish ala Minimal wisdom (you should have the ala requirement)

Lv 330 monk t set 300 health (For the ring) 350 wisdom (for the neck) Lv 330 thief t set 333 wisdom

Lv 425 monk t set 424 wisdom (for the ring) 300 Health is no longer Required But nice to have Lv 425 thief 350~360 Wisdom

470 Thief 360 wisdom

535 monk t set 424 wisdom and 235 Charisma

580 monk t set T set Bonus:
25% magic res 380% damage 2% absorb damage 16% target capability +400 Hp Req to wear: 424 wisdom 275 charisma

580 Thief t set T set bonus:
10% fatal blow 30% attack speed +400 Cp +200% damage Req’s To Wear: 480 wisdom

710 monk t set bonus:
+450 hp, 18% avoidance, 1% absorb, 25% magic res. 400% damage
Req: 275 charisma, 424 wis

710 thief t set bonus:
35% atk speed, 10% decisive blow, 220% damage, 25% magic res, 175 darkness damage
Req: 360 wis

Hybrid Build Guide by RoyZabimaru

Double Throwing: 50
Intuition: 50
Superior Detection: 50
Poison Neutralization: 1 (Can max later)

3 Step Round Kick: 3
Dropping punch: 50
Sweeping Kick: 50
Illusion: 50
Side Step: 50
Herbal remedy: 50
Shout: 50

Optional skills
thief shadow
1st aid
poison dart (good to remove monk illusion)
Sieze = pro vs archer and thief but stops u from moving if get piled… not recommended unless u pro like mi heuehueh

additional information
monk = sucks for killing unless ur super high lvl with pro luck and does mega ultra lost of crits >_> THIEF BETTER OK?
monk = defensive and support (kinda lol)
thief = offensive and support (kinda^_^)

when u turn into thief for gvg u must always have illusion ok that will be ur pro defense spam double throw till nab die

for siege u can use monk ok? advante of 3step lvl 3 is = less cp to use more 3 step!
and droppin punch = pro cp charger so when u go monk and u no want to die u go pro side step droppin punch 3 step on emblem! and u can also tank aslong as u have sumthing to use droppin punch on lol for cp charging
this build is not made for lvling but for gvg

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