Red Stone Low Level Power Archer Guide

Red Stone Low Level Power Archer Guide by SouthernCross7


Archer’s auto stat is alacrity, and more often than not this 1 per lvl is enough for equips and decent hit rate. This is further supported by the most common main skill for power archer, CA never missing(and always critting, canceling out the need for that).

For the low levels, you may want to build health and charisma up a bit but don’t take to too far.

If you’re planning on using QS, I recommend 2 pow 1 health 1 wis until 65 wis, than go 3 pow 1 health until ~100 health. After that, switch to
3 pow 1 char to bring CP up a bit for CA later on.

If you’re starting with CA, you may want to replace that health with a charisma.

Later on, you can either go pure power, power with some health, or power with luck(UNTESTED: can CA double crit? If not, disregard the luck).


There are two main paths you could go from the start. If having relatively low solo capabilities isn’t a problem(or if you’re being….plvled Sad), you can start with CA.

CA 50 –> Chaser 40(40 after adding +skill) –> From here, you have three routes. For defense, you can get and level Misty Mirror. If you want to focus on GVG, Glider works. I’ve been told Interval Shooter is also good at this period, I personally don’t like it but you could always try.

If you need to solo, or don’t mind using a reskill later on you can always go QS first.

Quick Shots 50–> CA 50–>Chaser 40(after +skill) –>See above for the branches here.


Bow- You’ll want as high base OP as you can get, with damage % if possible. I don’t recommend using T set bows, as their high damage % still doesn’t make up for the incredibly low base OP. Some good bows can be found from NPC vendors(try Vaultish, BiTOTALLY FREAKIN’ AWESOMEe and Strasserad). The 150 weapon quest bow is great as well.

Arrow- If using QS, I’d recommend fire arrows. Else, go with high OP. Repros aren’t all that necessary until later, but reloading arrows is a major annoyance.

Neck- Once you get it, the 65 T set neck. It gives 20% attack speed, 10% damage, and +1 skill. But this is where the wisdom comes into play. You need 65 wisdom to wear both the 65 and 120 T necks(they’re identical in terms of enchantments).

Head- T set. Gives decent +HP, and more importantly the bonus.

Earring- Not too important at low levels. Shoot for +damage%, +HP% or +CP%.

Shoes- If you can get something handy like def cap on them, all the better. Otherwise, I’d just go with high base def boots.

Belt- Same as shoes.

Armor- T set armor. Gives very nice HP boost, and as always the bonus.

Hands- Ideally, you could use a Screw Flyer. But of course it’s not that simple. If you don’t have that, just aim for +dmg% or +attack speed%.

Us to look out for:

Ranger’s Gear- Decent, but only thing it has over the 150 bow is attack speed. The OPs tend to balance eachother out(ranger’s has higher max, 150 higher min).

Gorespout- One of the few ways an archer can get HP absorb.

Screw Flyer- Probably the best thing you could put in your hands slot.

Most U Arrows.

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