Red Stone Leveling Guide

Red Stone Leveling Guide by lordodoom

1~5 (map left of Brune) Kobolds and decayed humans

5~20 Telet Tunnel (first Floor is good)

20~50 Vampires at the Crypt (map North of Agusta)

50~80 Strassard Chickens


1~80 Bee farm

1~60 Metal Golems (2 lv 60 golems) are in the plain of baheel

80~130 AM b9 (colossus)

130~155 Donut

155~190 MM (magic Grave of mercenaries b2)

190~220 Nameless F1~F4

220~280 Lich

280~330 Swep F11

OR (for the grinders out there)

190~340 nameless F1~b4 (b1 is lv 300+)

200~460 Swep 1f-b13 (B1 is lv 300+)

450~490 Spine Hall 1-7

500~535 Minza b1-b2

535~550 minza room of gem

550~580 Golden Swamp B1~B3

580~630 Big Mouse Dungeon

600~635 Middle trum

630~650 Molinar 5th and 6th floors

650~710 Forest in time
A. 650~680 slugs and eye’s and elfs
b. 680~710 turtles

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