Red Stone Champion Guide

Red Stone Champion Guide by Bomina

The Champion class.
Is the transformation of the spiritualist class, champion is a female class and specializes in physical damage single target or area of effect. The champions damage comes mostly from critical hits and fatal blows, meaning you have to take luck to do much damage. But that means you will get avoidance and lots of item drops at the same time. Champions have ranged and melee attacks.

Critical Hit = 200% normal damage
Fatal Blow = 300% normal damage

Extremely high amount of damage
Luck based (item drops and avoidance)
Side-step and passive abilities
Can disable a target fairly easy
Champions get 5 ability points each level

Costly (need costly items to be good)
Very hard to learn
Need dark pets for max potential
Not very useful in GvG

Useful Tips


The best way to grind with a champion is to lure a bunch of mobs (10) use Posession Puma and spam Last Bullet all the time, this way Possession Puma will regenerate all ur charge points and Last Bullet will just annihilate everything.

The most efficient way to grind with a champion is to do the same as the one above and lure (10) mobs and use Posession Puma and spam Happy Blossom and also use Last Bullet when it nots on cooldown. But again, this is built on charge points so dark pets would be a must.

If you are going to kill one big mob, the best way to kill it would be to get Hit End, but from others view, people will soon start to hate you because you push the mob away all the time, in Lich people just stand there auto attacking and don’t want to run towards the mob all the time. So a good way to prevent this is to get Aura Explosion and use Dark pets, and just shoot from a distance.

If you’re just gonna use your champion to power level, I suggest you get Dark Pets and use aura explosion. You will be able to power level fast enough at lvl 200-300 if you have good items.


In GvG you should use Possession Puma all the time, then use Puma Acceleration and spam Hit End or Aura Explosion, also use Last Bullet when it’s not on cooldown.

Snake illusion is also a good skill to use in GvG, read the description down below for more information.


Power is needed to do damage, without power, the crits will do low damage.
Alacrity is needed for avoidance and hit chance, without alacrity you wont hit the target and you wont dodge the attacks.
Health is needed for survivability, without health your defense points will be low and your health wont be high enough.
Luck is the main stat of champions, without it, you wont do any damage at all, champions damage comes from crits, and crits become fatal blows with luck.
Wisdom is needed for t-sets, I don’t use t-sets on my champion, but if you want to use t-sets then you need to add wisdom too 365 is enough to use all t-sets.
Knowledge is not needed by champions, they dont have any knowledge based skills at all.

1# (Normal stat build with surivivability)
Power – 1 each level
Alacrity – 1 each level until 401 (then luck)
Health – 1 each level until 200 (then power)
Luck – 2 each level

2# (Extreme damage)
Power – 2 each level
Alacrity – 1 each level until 401 (then power)
Health – Use 100-120 health fix ring
Luck – 2 each level until 801 (then power)

3# (Roling on floor laughing damage) (not a serious build) DO NOT USE!
Power – 1 each level
Alacrity – Use 100-120 alacrity fix item
Health – Use 100-120 health fix ring
Luck – 4 each level until 801 (then power)


Possession Puma

  • Puma makes you critical hit chance 35% fixed, this means you can’t change this number with items or alacrity. This is the champions main posession, this is where professional champions get their damage from. Possession Puma also gains 50 charge points at max level.

Possession Bear

  • Bear makes all your skills gain more charge points, for an example: Last Bullet consumes 235 charge points at max level, and gains 135, that means you will lose 100 charge points each time you use it, if you have Posession Bear activated, Last Bullet will consume 74 charge points instead. Possession Bear also gains 47 charge points at max level.

Possession Bull

  • Bear makes all your skills do 510 more damage, this skill is great at low level, if you wish to use this, remember that it dosent work in GvG and it’s not very useful at higher level. Possession Bull also gains 16 charge points at max level.

Possession Snake

  • Snake reduces the cooldown of all newly casted skills by 30%, I haven’t found any usefulness with this skill yet, but sure it might be useful if you’re using Maximum Break, but I have never used this skill for anything and I do not recommend it. Possession Snake also gains 21 charge points at max level.

Possession Hawk

  • Hawk increases the number of attacks of some skills, I saw someone else using this skill and he thought it was good, and he used it with Bear Plow and Hawk Dissorter, I havent tested this myself but me myself, I do not recommend it. Possession Hawk also gains 15 charge points at max level.
    Does not work with Hit End, Puma Acceleration, Last Bullet or Aura Explosion.

Hit End

  • Hit End is the main single target damage skill for champions, this attacks 10* times with 400% weapon speed on a single target. Hit End also consumes 65 charge points. This skill is very annoying sometimes but it’s still the main damage of the champion (pushes target back).

Last Bullet

  • Last Bullet is the main area of effect skill for champions, this attacks 7-8* times with 40% weapon damage to 10 targets around 2m of you. Last Bullet also consumes 100 charge points. This skill is just totally riddiculus, it just annihilates everything in it’s path. If I combine all the damage I can do with this, lure 10 mobs and use Possession Puma, have them debuffed with Puma Acceleration, this skill can probably do over 1 million damage (level 340 with eternal level 5 and pro items (lvl 7 badge). (A great combination is to take Happy Blossom and spam it while Last Bullet is on cooldown.)

Puma Acceleration

  • Puma Acceleration is a target debuff that attacks the target for 7* times and reduces their defense by 30%. Puma acceleration also consumes 75 charge points. (from what i’ve seen, this skill is bugged and reduces the targets defense by 100%) (on monsters, havent tested in gvg).

Lethal Weapon

  • Lethal Weapon hits the target up in the air and makes all your attacks fatal blows for 3 seconds. This skill has a 1 minute cooldown and consumes 200 charge points. Havent done much research in this but all I know is that it consumes too much charge points.

Bull’s Rush

  • Bull’s Rush makes you jump into the air and attacks the target of your arrow and have a chance to paralyze the target. Bull’s Rush gains 30 charge points at max level. This skill is only used for GvG to run away from people.

Bear Plow

  • Bear plow attacks your target for a high amount of damage and have a 150% chance to knockback monsters and 35% chance to knockback players. Also slows movement speed of the target by 35%. Bear plow gains 20 charge points at max level. I heard someone said that this can be comined with Posession Hawk for a big knockback, but I tried it and it was false information :(

Snake Illusion

  • This skill is quite interessting, it sends a ball to attack the target, when the ball damaged the target, a percentage (21%) of the damage is attacked once again for 10 times. 21×10=210% of the damage from the ball. Snake Illusion also consumes 35 charge points.

Happy Blossom

  • Happy Blossom makes a cool circle of damage that damages all enemies for a high amount of damage around you and sends them up in the air, this skill does not work in GvG or against boss monsters. Happy Blossom also consumes 165 charge points. This skill is a great combination with Last Bullet to make use of the 5 seconds cooldown.

Aura Explosion

  • Aura Explosion sends out 10 balls to attack the target from gigantic range with incredible speed, I haven’t really tested this skill very much but I saw Tique use it in GvG before, combined with Hawk’s Eye this skill will all over the map. Aura Explosion also consumes 120 charge points. This skill is pro for power leveling, but be careful, this skill consumes ALOT of charge points if you dont have Dark Pets.

Hawk Dissect

  • Hawk Dissect attacks the target and reduces their movement speed by 50% and also reduces their resistances by 30%. Hawk Dissect consumes 35 charge points at max level. Hawk Dissect can disable a target very easy with the movement speed debuff.

Change Crisis

  • This skills is also interesting, the description is bugged in game, which makes people not use this skill. This is basicly the side-step ability from magic archer which has a 35% chance to dodge an attack and consume tons of charge points in the process. But it also increases your movement speed by 70% for 3 seconds after use. Change crisis also consumes 30 charge points at max level.


  • Concentration increases your accuracy by 9%. This skill is has an activation button. This is very useful in GvG and against mobs with high avoidance (familiars).

Maximum Break

  • Maximum break increases your damage, defense, accuracy, crit and speed for 30 seconds with a huge cooldown. Takes 0,1 seconds to cast and consumes roughly 250 charge points.
    This skill is not worth the long cooldown, but can be comboed with Spiritualists Free for amazing damage output.


  • Reflection have a 35% chance to reduce the damage of that attack by 30% and increase your damage by 25% for 3 seconds. Reflection consumes 13 charge points at max level.
    I had this skill on my first build, but I reskilled it because I didn’t feel any difference at all, but I guess that’s just me (needs research).

Shield Breaking

  • Shield Breaking have a 40% chance to ignore the targets blocking capability you need to have a small amount of charge points for this to be active. This skill is very useful against blocking mobs (guardians) or in GvG against priests and squires.

Snake’s Skin

  • Snake’s Skin increases your status disorder resistance by 60% at max level. This skill is somewhat useful if you ask me. With a normal build this will already be included.

Fatal Blow

  • Fatal blow increases your chances of getting a fatal blow attack (300% damage) by 6% at max level. This passive is the best one and most used of the passive abilities, this skill is a must for almost all champions to get, atleast after lvl 250.

Hawk’s Eye

  • Hawk eyes increases the range of some of your skills by 16m (thats huge).
    This skill can be combined with tons of skills to make them have huge range, very useful but I havent done much research in this skill so I don’t know which skills it works with. All I know is that it works with Aura Explosion.

Bull’s Heart

  • Bull’s Heart increases your health points by 1350. This passive is a MUST to have on all champion builds. (remember that this is totally countered by spiritualists Slash Sound ability)

Puma’s Step

  • Puma’s Step increases your concentration by 60%. *warning* this skills description is fake, it does not decrease charge points consumption. (Concentration makes your charge points not decrease when you walk.)
Recommended Build

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