Red Stone Archer Guide

Red Stone Archer Guide by Chrissy

Hallo everyone this is Chrissy making a mini guide for some of the power skills! . This is just what I recommend! You of course can do it anyway you would like!
First off…every archer has to start off with something right!


Careful Aim(more reccomended than quickshots xD)

Careful aim hits double your normal attack, but much slower. D:

Quickshots hits HALF of your normal attack (50% less damage! D:), but super faster!


*The speed on Quickshots will ALWAYS STAY THE SAME. THIS IS NOT CHANGEABLE. Not even with +% attack speed!!!!
*The speed on Careful Aim IS CHANGEABLE!! It can go faster ^-^, but it will not shoot RIGHT AWAY, it takes time to start off the first shot.
* At some point in level 36 (Thanks Nexteta ) in quickshots you will start gaining CP.
* Careful Aim is a recommended CP booster!!
* another tip on careful aim is that it doesn”t miss none moving targets while qs reduces accuracy, by 10% which is very important – Thanks Tranquility@

Skill Combos! (and fun skills to use!)

Quickshots + Interval shooter:I reccomend only to use Interval shooter ONLY ONCE at the beginning of each attack. The repeating of interval shooter during a quickshots attack is less than the damage inflicted with quickshots alone.

Careful Aim + Chaser: omg love love love this! At level 50 careful aim with level ONLY NEEDED level 23 chaser you will hit so much faster than quickshots and more damage as well! Recommended for higher levels though XD, around 150 .
it”s 25% less of the previous, not the original.

So with a CA+chaser with 12 arrows:

CA damage = 1000 (hypothetical)
1st chaser = 75% of original, 750, total 1750
2nd chaser = 75% of previous, 750 x 0.75 = 563, total 2313
3rd chaser = 75% of previous, 563 x 0.75 = 421, total 2734
4th chaser = 75% of previous, 421 x 0.75 = 316, total 3050
5th chaser = 75% of previous, 316 x 0.75 = 237, total 3287


So chaser damage after the 5th arrow is not 0%. If it is, the last 7 arrows of a maxed chaser would show all 0s, and that would look kind of funny. However, after the 5th arrow it is still significantly less than the first few. As you can see, with 4 arrows it multiplies the damage by approx 300%. When you get it to 12 arrows, it multiplies by 400%. The activation rate will double (if you can manage the cp), so it”s kind of give and take.
thanks Reidmar ! I believe the HIGHER the level of chaser the more chances of it activating. Yes, chaser is a skill with a % chance of activation. So it doesn”t really shoot ALL the time. Untill level 50 xD.

Glider: LOVE THIS SKILL! I believe it is better to combo this with Careful Aim because careful aim gains more cp than quickshots. Glider uses a lot of CP (around 110 cp wasted when it is maxxed!) If you are going to get glider, make sure you have enough skill points to get it at level 50 for x8 arrows in one shot it would be awesome!

Explosive Chain: THIS SKILL IS AWESOME! For AOE wanna-be (xD) Power archers. It does not hit as high as you would hope but it stuns and is awesome for more than 1 target attacks!

okay this is a really hard one….
everyone asks me what stat points they should add to.
Well, this is really your choice!
here are some specific combos
+3 Power +1 Health (<- This is what”s reccomended for starters lv1-100.)
+2 Power, +1 Alacrity +1 Health (<- what I use)
+4 Power (<- if i feel my health and alacrity is at a good level, i raise this all the way!)
+1 Power +1 Alacrity +2 Health (<- not really reccomended but i use it sometimes)

This is the only skill that is used as a defence for archers. (Optional)
Here is an essential “guide” to the skill:

Skill level
1 2 3 10 20 30 40 50 60
Used CP
125 130 135 170 220 270 320 370 420
Blocking probability (%)
15.6 16.2 16.8 21 27 33 39 45 51
Duration (second)
128 136 144 200 280 360 440 520 600

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