Pit of War New Player’s Guide

Pit of War New Player’s Guide by crow

I am just giving new players a one stop place for getting going here. Other veteran mangers are welcome to add comments.

First welcome to the sands newbie time to send your fresh new slave to the arena, hopefully he makes it out alive. If he does not the temple healers will cut you a break until your boy gets to about level 8 or so.

First things first… What specialty to choose? This is going to completely up to you?

Do you want someone who swings first and asks questions later, and tries to hack apart there opponent in a blind fury. Then Rage is for you. This comes with drawbacks such as very weak armor and a tendency to get stunned or can not defend for a round or 3 at a time.

Or would you rather have skilled craftsman that takes his time with his work, then War might be what the doctor ordered. He can wear the heaviest armor, which provides the most protection but at a cost in getting his swings in last alot of times.

Maybe your a showboat and enjoy savoring your ass kicking a little more, then be a theatrics. These glads can wear a medium level of armor and don’t hit as hard, but they have many ways of putting their opponent 6 feet under.

Now after you have chosen your type, time for skill building. Myself and many other veteran managers agree that building up your weapon skill is a must. Used to be, get your fighter to a skill of 5 or 6 then start on his other skills was the way to go, because you will start running into the better fighters quickly. But now with so many fighters now and many of them not so good of fighters, in my humble opinion- it is best to get your fighters weapon skill all the way up to a 9 or even a 10 before you start working on other skills. My reasoning is simple, there are alot of crappy fighters in the lower divisions now and someone wielding a very high weapon skill and nothing else should be fairly successful. And when your fighters starts to reach higher divisions against fighters with better armor, he will need that extra punch to get through and put a hurt on the better warriors.

Now that your warrior has gotten his skill to where he needs it. Then it is time to start building up his other skills. To me this is critical, the best advise I can give here is spend a trophy or 2 and scout a few of the top gladiators. Take a look at how they are built and base your build after their build, but with your added touches of course. I would highly recommend that you specialize your fighter. Being a jack of all trades with a bunch of level 3,4,5,and 6 sixes scattered all over the place is a recipe for an ass whipping in the upper divisions. Figure out 4-6 places that you would like to get your warrior up to level 10 (note-this will take a very long time, so enjoy the ride). And remember there are many different types of builds :

Defensive War: uses a parry tactic as a main tactic, but will strike when his opponent is out of position, or when his strategy dictates

War Tank:
Will try to exhaust most his opponents, An easy winning build early in a career. They tend to have trouble in the upper divisions, but no one says you can’t a change a fighters style later in his career.

Offensive War: Takes his challenge head on, banking on his armor to help ease the pain and hoping that he can dish more out than his opponent. Because of the heavy armor, they have a tendency to wear out quickly. Good to boost up the stamina for these boys.

Rage – Sword wielding or (Byrd of prey type) Named after the famous Tier 2 boss from the arena challenges, that has terrorized every singe one of us. He is quick and unrelenting, but with low armor value and low damage per hit can be beaten by exhaustion or just a couple of big blows.

Rage- single hand bashing weapon.
He uses hammers, hatchets, axes, clubs, whatever it takes to get the job done. He can bring alot of damage per hit. Again low armor value is a drawback, but he will normally get the first hit per round in a fight.

Rage- 2-handed weapon style- One of the most popular builds, easy to win early in the career. But no one has yet to master this warrior. Never to have sat on the throne, because of his lack of speed and poor armor. Every once in a while one will move into the top ten of the game only to get knocked back. If someone can figure this build out then with his MASSIVE damage per hit, he will be extremely tough to beat.

Theatrics- speed build- A build that has appearing frequently at the top levels of the game. These warriors rely on extremely high agility and smaller, quicker weapons to maximize there damage. They bank on either winning because of accumulated high damage or because his opponent is bleeding at a very high rate. Most of the time it is a combination of both. Because they rely on a many hits to win, if they are getting blocked or absorbed by armor, then they are vunerable to getting blasted by warriors with high damage per hit weapons. Defensive warriors can also give them fits.

Theatrics – Defensive build- They are counter strikers, that wait for there opponents to get out of position then strike. Because of theatrics normal low damage per hit, they can be in trouble when an opponent lands a can not defend for a few rounds or if there hits can not get past a war’s armor, and if a rage fighter gets on a roll.

These are just of few of the builds you will see along the way, of course there a many different variations to builds, pick one that suits you.

Stable strategy:

When you start out you have one fighter. My advice would be to save up your money and buy a 2nd fighter. This of course will require an upgrade to your barracks, but is worth it. A stable can have a max of 5 fighters which means alot of money coming in per day for the arena fights.

When buying new fighters determine what stats are important to you for your fighter that you want to build. Because every fighter, now matter a high a value will have an attribute or 2 that are weak. And don’t use high gold value as your only measure, I have found a couple of great warriors for only 900 gold, they just happened to have the attributes I was looking for.

Most of the time you will eventually sell your first glad, because they are usually fairly weak in attributes. Buying and selling glads is also a good way to boost money for your stable and get a few extra trophies along the way.

Stable upgrades:
Undertaker- helps a ton if your fighter has been killed recently, a level 2 undertaker completely takes away the death sickness.

Stable guards: increases your chances of not having to pay “Protection money” I personally HATE!!! this part of the game, mainly because they take 10% of your money and you only get around 100 gold from them. I have lost 21K in one shot because of this, but it is what it is.

Armory: If you plan on eventually getting blues and purples from the blacksmith, then this is a must. The cost of repairs for blue and purple gear is astronomical without it and will quickly break your budget.

Scribe: Don’t have and don’t know many that do- if someone has it please feel free to interject.
Doctor : Makes a big difference in your operating budget, constantly healing your fighters can get extremely costly.

Training Yard, Spa, Trainer : Have not been implemented yet and are down on Nate’s list of things to do, this might be awhile.

Trophies :

This always is a huge debate. Trophies is best said this way Time vs Money spent. If you are smart and patient you can get the trophies you need to buy the gear you want, without ever having to buy trophies. But if someone chooses to buy some along the way that is THEIR business not yours, plus it is helping keeping this game going. Nate has to pay the bills people. If somebody decides to upgrade a new glad all the way up in skill and attributes before he even hits the sands, then good for them. Remember 1000$ is not the same for everyone, for one person it is alot of money, for someone else it can be a drop in the bucket. Anyhow my best example is a glad named Eternal, he without the aid of blues or purples made his way to the highest part of the game and has been successful. A good build and good strategy are the biggest keys to the game.

Fight Strategy:

You set this up by the type of fighter you want to have, but take note. match the attack with the weapon type. And just a tip, if your fighter is stumbling and missing with his attacks alot, his activity or his blood lust is set to high, or both. missed attacks are a killer in this game. Find the combo that works best for your fighter, and remember no fighter is the same.

Tavern jobs: Use this wisely, this is where you fine tune your fighter because he is wearing the gear he is going to the arena with. Don’t just blindly mow through it without studying the results. This is where you can make adjustments to your strategy.

Hope this starter guide is helpful, it of course does not answer every single question that can be asked but it is just to get you going. The rest needs to be discovered for yourself, if you are stumped just ask on the forum, one of us vets might give you a helping hand.

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