Mythos Global Things to Do at Level 51

Mythos Global Things to Do at Level 51 by scotland

1. Relic dungeons
2. Relic Quests
3. Relic Set Gear
4  Skill Gems
5. Crafting
6. PvP
7. Luck Set
8. Reputation Quests
9. Gem Hutning
10 Dungeon Master
11. Achievments
12. Job Quests
13 Test new Skills
14. Create New
15. Help Guild mates
16. Smelting 

1. Relic Dungeons
These Dungeons are dotted all over mythos and are marked with “48-51” above the dungeon portal, when you reach
48+ you should test your self solo 1st to see if you can complete these dungeons after all you have gone through the
whole game with the mind set that YOU OWN, these dungeons sort the men from the boys.

2. Relic Quests
There are Relic Quests that will apear normally out side the dungeon in the same area, you will know its a relic quest
because they offer NO exp and only a small ammount of silver. DO NOT let what looks like the quest reward put you
off from trying these quests as most of them are linked quests to beter Quest rewards (relic quest sets).

3. Relic Set Gear
Every Relic dungeon has a relic boss (duh) all these bosses have a small chance to drop Set Gear, Skill Recipes
and Relic Gems. There is Relic Jewlery, Relic shirts, armour and weapons ( even wands). It is suggested that you are
in a party to have a beter chance for the boss to drop set gear (luck helps).
When the boss drops a set item it will Apear Yellow in colour on the floor they are Bind on Equip (BoE)

You no longer have to Roll on items bosses drop.
(Relic bosses also drop Tier 10 Materials make sure you DONT discard them for junk some are of high value)

4. Skill Gems
Skill Gems are special gems that increase you skills beyond MAX level. They can also add skills to your Tree even
if you have not spent any points in that skill. The max ammount any skill can be upgraded is 5 times (5 gems).
To obtain these gems you need to collect all those rune stone pieces, runecrests etc etc and Xmute them in the
Mysticube. The very last form is “magical runestone crest” You need 4 magic crests + 1 skill Recipe add it to the mysticube
and it will Create a skill Gem. You can get skill recipes from Monsters and bosses after a certain level ill provide a link
with detail information showing what each skill Recipe Creates. Link here
Parchment = BloodLetter
Old Skill Recipe = Pyro
BluePrint = Gadget

5. Crafting
Crafting is something that should be well avoided untill your max level it will only slow you down, and besides after
you hit max level if you have been collecting all the materials you will have a suffice ammount to get you started on your
way to becoming a master crafter. Crafting in Mythos right now (or ever) has no real purpose. Most of the Looted
items will have far greater stats that any item you can craft (this needs changed its BS).
Crafting should be considereda small hobby of experimentation. I will only cover Heraldys as most people dont seem to know what they are you.
Heraldys are like Gems for crafted armour (simple eh) they have timers or hit counters when the timer or hit count value reaches 0 heraldy will be disapear.
The timers will not go down if you dont Equip the gear with the heraldy, Weapons with heraldys should be put to 2ndry weapon set to stop the timer
(default button X).

6. PvP
With the lamento system in place it gives PvP players the chance to save up for PvP gear from the lamento vender.
Lamento can only be started after you reach level 50, There is some very very nice items in the lamento shops make
sure you check all the pages there are  more than just one page with items (some pets). There is a lamento Battle Arena
That players can enter to win points to spend on the lamento shop, These items should offer bonus stats for PvP.

7. Luck Set
This is an easy one its something every one should try, Collect a whole set of looted gear with Luck values,
it wont matter what the rest of the stats are (unless your ocd about stats) as long as you keep replacing the last piece
of equip for the one with highest ammount of luck. Go take a whole team to relic area or Farm and see how much you profit.

8. Reputation Quests
Rep Quests are marked with Green indicators and offer a certain ammount of reputation on completetion,
you can check the status of your Reputation by pushing C and clicking on the small tab called reputation,.
There is Reputation Venders  in a few areas of mythos, the items on the vender cost gold + rep required.
DO NOT waste your stamina on reputation quests, how ever wait till your out of stamina then start rep grinding.

9. Gem Hunting
Most of the high levels will know that gems are basically worthless when you reach a certain level how ever, there is
some gems that pose high value and should be collected even farmed for your very own purpose these gems are as follows.
Lapis = Critical chance %
Quikness = movement speed
Citrine = Luck
Threse gems mentioned above are the most popular with players and should either be Collected for your self or to sell.
Relic bosses also Drop special gems as mentioned in the upper section of this guide here is an example one one below.
25% critical bonus +7 wisdom (when placed in jewlery they can stack).

10. Dungeon Master (DM)
This is something that can be done no matter what level you are but it should be taken up almost as a small hobby
You not only have to reach the end of a map in certain time (debatable) and get the best possible SCORE to become the DM.
When you have a record on the dungeon you will Recieve +130 luck on that dungeon and so will any party member that
enters after you. People who have SLOW PC have to make sure and tell every one to wait untill you are inside or the DM
Luck buff wont activate.
There are some builds on Each class that will helps dominate in the DM mode, if you have any other hobbys like crafting can i
suggest you craft a whole set of armour then add Speed movement heradlys.
My best time on RF in europe was 1.37 i had a full set of crafted gear with quikness heraldys (also used this armour for clover leaf)

11. Achievments
This is one of my personal Favs, I love achievments and its something every one should work towards getting.
There are achievments spread all over mythos to be found at your enjoyment, whether its killing a boss staying AFK for
a very long period of time, or just in general killin mass ammounts of monsters. I will only cover one achievment type
as the list is far to long to discuss and my post is big enough.
Kill any boss 50 times = achievment
this inclueds all newbie bosses and relic bosses, Perosnal Fav ” Kill Elite Crat 50 times”

12. Job Quests
So your a bad ass mofu now you hit lvl cap whats the point in questing, well there are certain quests that offer items such as
Attribute Reset = Reset Attributes
Skill potion = Adds 2 skill points
Skill Reset = resets all of your skills for free ( you wont lose the 2 from the skill potion)
Now for any reason you dont want to keep questing yet would like to know how to get these, then the quests are marked
with the Title [JoB].

13. Test New Skills
Your at the end of the game and you have basically done it all using either one or two skills… why not try diffrent builds test
new skills even switch to a wisdom build (depends on your class). With the [job] quests it gives players the chance
to change any mistakes they made getting to 51 for FREE.

14. Create New
This one is pretty dam obvious, if your getting that bored and still have nothing to do with a passion for this game
then make a new character and Please try not to pick the same one you did last time, Unlike most games IMO All
of mythos’s class Trees in some way are very fun to play unlike most MMO Genres.

15. Help Guild Mates
This one is pretty straight forward, reached the cap then you should help your guild mates level up after all you
have stamina to waste, even if you want to save yer stamina for Relics then just help them when your on 0.

16. Smelting
Smelting Weapons will increase the max dmg your weapon can do, and smelting Equips like Gloves or boots will raise the armour value.
If you are a pyro it is not necessary to Smelt wands (yes it helps rifles).
Im sure there is a cap on the ammount of times you can smelt gear, it may be 15 (needs confirmed).
(this is one of those “something to aim for” tasks it will consume vasts ammounts of gold so it is best your higher level)

If any one can add to this list please post bellow

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