Mythos Global Runegates Basic Guide

Mythos Global Runegates Basic Guide by raserei

I’m new to the game but I will attempt to explain runegates!

There is a runegate merchant in Stonehil Market where you can purchase items to enter different runegates. The level scales to your level and it says on the item what level range that runegate is. To enter the runegate, take the item you bought to the designated runegate color. Blue for blue, green for green, etc…

Inside the runegate, there are no quests, BUT monsters drop rare crafting material (Like grave dust) and also RECIPES for crafting. You can also buy crafting recipes from the vendor and I’m not sure if dropped recipes are unique or not. They might be.

Runegates are a great way to get away from questing and work on XPing, crafting, and grouping. Grouping up gives you 10% xp bonus per member but make sure your parties levels arent too spread apart. **** Make sure the highest level in the party enters the instance first so the monsters scale to him, if not the monsters scale lower and XP is low. ****

Crafting seems to be expensive so I would wait until 15+ to start. At 15+ you will start to get more money by finding purple+ drops, identifying them, and then selling them to a vendor OR players.  (At level 20, I have made 40g by just vendoring purple+ items)

To level up crafting, first decide what you want to craft, you can see what each craft tree can build. Then to level up, you must actually craft items, which is easy. You can buy materials from the vendor and spam recipes. Make sure that recipe is giving you XP because at some point, they stop giving XP.

There are perks for crafting, I just haven’t found it yet. I have heard many things such as, very good luck potions, +stamina armors, high luck items…. I would level it up and see for yourself.

Have fun!

Comment by scotland 

id like to add some small info about the runegates.

If For any reason your team mates cant enter after you have, they need to leaeve the party then they should
click on Dungeon Reset Button, Re Join the team and they should be able to enter.
One more thing its basically the same.
If your team mate trys to enter and he is teleported  to another location use the same trick as mentioned above.

Rune gates are a great way to level up fast, and if your in a party its a great way to get some early Mutant items.
Good luck have fun, more people should use the party system and get to the grind in rune gates.

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