Mythos Global Dungeon Master Guide

Mythos Global Dungeon Master Guide by Vlandros

Alright so since there is quite a bit of confusion on how Dungeon Master works, I’ll tell you all the basics and tips on how to be successful at being a Dungeon Master.

What is Dungeon Master?

Dungeon Master is a mode of a dungeon where the dungeon is timed and killing monsters awards points. Accumulating points by killing monsters, and finishing the dungeon with a low time, will increase your overall score at the end of the dungeon.

How do I enter Dungeon Master?

You may enter dungeon master difficulties just by selecting any dungeon and clicking the button to the left of “Travel” (The normal mode of the dungeon) called “DM Mode.”

What are the benefits of doing Dungeon Master?

There are quite a few benefits to doing DM Mode of dungeons. It will cost you a small fee to enter DM Mode each time, but honestly if you pick up all the purples/oranges/yellows, Identify them and sell them after the dungeon is over, you’ll make atleast a gold back. I say this because when you enter DM Mode you have a HUGE increase in luck, therefore rare items will be a common occurrence.

If you are lucky enough to have gotten 1st place by accumulating the most points after the dungeon is finished, you will be rewarded with money/items VIA mail after the weekly maintenance, but with this being said, you have to hold the rank of 1st until maintenance happens, so if you got 1st Place right after maintenance, there’s a good chance someone will beat you throughout the week.

Alright, so I know what Dungeon Master is, how do I do it properly?

Here’s the thing, when I said “If you are lucky enough to have gotten 1st place,” I meant it because a good portion of getting a good score in Dungeon Master is mainly due to luck. Not the stat Luck, but actual luck of the draw.

Having a good map where the monsters aren’t spread out and the entrances to the next floor aren’t across the map from each other, will give you a MASSIVE upper-hand. Also having a surplus spawn of “rare” monsters does wonders as well. This is because the rarer the monster you kill, the more points you’re awarded.

Normal monsters award 1 Point.

Yellow > Orange > Purple > Blue > Green > Normal

*Note: I only put them in order without specific point values because the point values vary WAY too much.

I’ve had times where the first floor gave me 400 points cause I had a handful of yellow monsters spawn, which in turn gave me 1st at the end surpassing the previous owner of 1st, by like 200 points.

And other times where ALL the floors were filled with only normal monsters (aside from the yellow final boss)

Also, to advance to the next floor PROPERLY, there is a tab at the left side of your screen that has the # of floors, and your monster kill count for that floor. You DO NOT have to get 100% kills to advance, but with that said, any monsters killed after you’ve gotten the “CLEAR” status for that floor, will not count towards your points.

How does time play a factor?

The time you finish a dungeon in, acts as a multiplier to your points, the faster you finish a dungeon, the higher the multiplier = the higher the points at the end. I’m not sure the exact numbers for multipliers, but you just really need to stick to rule of thumb here.

Faster = Better.

Since you know so much, got any tips?

Yes I do, I will probably add more to this section but for now, here’s what I got.

-You’re going to want to bring and ample amount of pots and bag space, because if you choose not to pick up rare items and resell them after identifying, you’ll be losing quite a bit of profit (I normally dont even have enough bag space to fit the amount of drops I want to pick up)


-Try to enter full rooms head on first, instead of inching your way in. Do this because you want to kill any rare monsters first, and they are normally in the middle/end of a room. You want to kill rarer monsters first because if you kill enough to get the clear status before you’ve killed a rare monster, the points that rare monster would of awarded, does not count towards your points :(

– ^ Do this with boss rooms first, I have had a few times where I cleared the last floor, because I had killed all the normal mobs first before the boss died. Therefore about 100 points he would of awarded, went to waste.

-Use your Anchorstone wisely! If the entrance to the next floor is close to the entrance of the very first floor, using your Anchorstone after exploring the dungeon to get “clear” status will make a quick way to get to the next floor. NOTE: Do not use this for anything but first floor, otherwise you’ll ruin your run!

A majority of how you do in DM Mode is luck, so don’t get down on yourself if you don’t beat 1st place of a DM mode after a few tries, they could’ve been super lucky and you, not so much!

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