Loong Online Pet Upgrade Guide

Loong Online Pet Upgrade Guide by Sikyu

How to Upgrade your Pet

Here is a quick step by step guide on how to upgrade your pet. Upgrading is an important feature of the Pet system in Loong. It allows your pet to have more stamina and more potential, not to mention that certain skills require your pets to be a certain stage to use.

IMPORTANT: The Pet you wish to upgrade needs to be Summoned for the upgrading to work.

First, make sure your are looking at your pet, and not your mount.

Second, notice the level of your pet.

Third, find the Fruit needed to upgrade your pet. If this is the first time you will upgrade your pet, make sure you use a STAGE 1 fruit of the appropriate level. In the case of the above example, we will use a LEVEL 10 fruit for a STAGE 1 Spirit Beast.

Fourth, before you can use a fruit, you will need to POUR or FEED your pet in order to give it experience.

Fifth, when you have given your pet enough experience, its experience bar will look like this:

Note: Each Stage has 9 levels. So the exp bar will fill up, then start again at 0, and fill up again 9 times!

Sixth, you can now feed your pet the appropriate Fruit.

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to a current Localization issue, you cannot see which Stage your pet currently has. This problem will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

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