Loong Online Girl’s Puzzle Guide

Loong Online Girl’s Puzzle Guide by Eiry

Puzzle 1

This is probably the most time consuming/frustrating quest to do. Obtained from the NPC ‘Ouyang Qianning’ from ‘Dragon Castle’ you are given a poem which represents four different locations found somewhere in the whole ‘Heavenly Dragon Castle’ area and it is your job to locate these places. To prevent other players from wasting their time running around the whole area for hours finding these four places I’ll show you the locations on the image below:

There’s a little beacon that you’ll need to stand nearby for the quest to update.

Big thanks to my friend Elve for finding three of the four places!

Puzzle 2 Guide by animecrazed333

Since it was still untranslated and hard to look for i decided to post the same as the guide that helped me on girl puzzle 1

circled spots are the places

in courtesy of rerosku he gave us the exact coordinates:

1. [852,1916]
2. [1959,3241]
3. [2484,1195]
4. [1150,904]

Puzzle 3 Guide by Nebi

1: 2964, 2942
2: 1591,1495
3: 1082,973
4: 2848,774

Puzzle 4 Guide by Zerb

1. 2452, 576
2. 984, 1521
3. 1865, 2306
4. 1713, 700

Girl Puzzle 5 Guide by Nebi

1: 680,457
3: 2729,1532
4: 1985,1190

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